4X Argy-Bargy: Run A Thieves Guild In Antihero

Sorry for the weird cropping!

Space war, fantasy war, and history war – those are your three standard settings for a 4X game. You can fight aliens, fight elves, or fight Kaiser Wilhelm II. Pssh.

Treat your exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating eyes to another peek at Antihero [official site], an upcoming 4X strategy game about running a thieves guild in Dickensian Notlondon (I’d forgotten it exists, so maybe you did too). Before I pulled the thistle crown of RPS Senior Scottish Correspondent from Cara’s QUITTER fingers, I served as RPS East End Guvnah, and I can confirm it’s awfully accurate to a life of dodging, weaving, ducking, and diving.

Tim Conkling’s apples and pears ’em up will have you trying to take over a city of places like Goodge Street, Bitter End, and Bumford (can confirm: all real places) by building up a thieves guild. You can recruit units like urchins, spies, master thieves, thugs, and assassins as you try to rob, strong-arm, blackmail, infiltrate, and generally deal with people. In typical 4X way, you can go violent or play polite, as you please.

Along with a single-player campaign, Antihero will have asynchronous multiplayer supporting cross-platform play with the pocket telephone versions. On PC, it’s coming to Windows and Mac in “early 2016”. Here, peep this:


  1. trn says:

    I don’t want to sound too cynical, but – on the basis of the trailer at least – this looks to be stretching the concept of ‘4x’ a little. Looks more like a variation on the boardgame Jack with some collectibles.

    • Aetylus says:

      I’d tend to agree… but seeing as how recent PC board games are rolling out some interesting new mechanics whereas the poor old 4X’s are just reskinning tweaks on game mechanics from 1991, I’m okay with it being a board game.

  2. Tundra says:

    Can I bagsie the Salty Nonce as a name for my new pub in Westminster?

  3. Proteus454 says:

    Hmm…Elves vs Alien Kaiser Wilhelm II?
    Aliens vs Elven Kaiser Wilhelm II?

    …you don’t often see GERMAN Elves, they’re usually associated with other cultural stereotypes. Hmmm…

    • Bugamn says:

      Have you tried Spelljammer? I heard it had Space German Elves.

  4. Nasarius says:

    I got really worried when I saw this on Greenlight a few months ago, because I’m also working on a game with a “thieves’ guild” theme. But I quickly realized that it’s basically a competitive board game, whereas I’m working on more of a Football Manager-y simulation. And I’m borrowing from Fritz Leiber rather than Charles Dickens.

    So in the end, I’m quite happy that others are exploring similar game settings.

    • Cvnk says:

      Oh man. Do you have some sort of project page I can follow? What you just described is EXACTLY the game I think of when I think of making a game (but I know I never will). I think I was reading Discworld when the idea occurred to me but since Ankh Morpork was very much inspired by Lankmhar I think we’re on the same page.