Stand By: Rainbow Six Siege Delayed To December

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege [official site] was due to abseil through windows, smash through doors, and blow up ceilings on October 13th, but it’s better to be safe than sorry with such showy plans. After reviewing feedback the game’s had from playtesting, the closed alpha, showings at shows, and so on, Ubisoft have decided it’s not quite ready for release and have delayed it.

Rainbow Siege Siege is now due on December 1st.

Ubisoft explain in the blog post announcing this delay:

“This wasn’t an easy decision, but based on the feedback we’ve received, and based on our own internal tests, we felt there are adjustments and improvements we can make, including improving the co-op experience across all game modes, weapon and gadget balancing, as well as menu and interface navigation. We’re taking a little more time to make these changes, and we think it’s the right call.”

If you’re planning to give the closed beta a go – signups are over here (I trust you wouldn’t pre-order for beta access, especially given how Ubi scrapped Anno 2205’s promised beta) – then rest assured that it’s still going ahead on September 24th.

Here’s what Pip and Graham made of their short time with the closed alpha version. If you’ve had a bash yourself, what did you think?


  1. Wisq says:

    Call me cynical, but I wonder how much of that “feedback” was actually just marketing saying “hey, we should release this right before Christmas”.

    • BananaMan3000 says:

      Actually thanksgiving is the major deadline in the gaming calendar, the majority of the big games I’ve worked on have been scheduled for release then and companies are absolutely loathe to miss it. Also release dates are planned literally years in advance, marketing budgets are organised and planned etc. There’s no way they changed the date right at the last minute because someone had the sudden bright idea games sell well at Christmas.

      • Silent_Thunder says:

        Yeah Christmas is considered a graveyard if you aren’t a Call of Duty level juggernaut.

    • ninnyjams says:

      Well, for what it’s worth, I was in the alpha and they have multiple surveys, one of which took upwards of thirty minutes to complete it was so in depth. They wanted a TON of information from the community on this one, probably because it’s a game that will survive only if the community is active beyond release.

  2. Freud says:

    Gotta balance the healing gun properly.

    • WALLS says:

      they’re probably just finishing off the rail gun from eraser

  3. Thurgret says:

    There is an unclosed parenthesis up there. This is relevant link to

  4. Havalynii says:

    Hopefully they’ll use the time to make it a Rainbow Six game.

  5. SpakAttack says:

    Has there ever been a Ubisoft game that hasn’t been delayed?

  6. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    I would love it if Due Process could beat it to the punch.

    Probably won’t, but god it’s going to be terrible when it comes out afterwards and Steam reviewers call it a “rip off” of Siege.