Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Stopped By Capcom Request

One way or another, Resident Evil 2 is being remade. Three weeks ago, we peeked at Resident Evil 2 Reborn, a fan project that’s been in the works for years and was due to launch this summer. Then, last week, Resident Evil owners Capcom confirmed they have plans for their own official remake. Now, surprise surprise, the fan remake is off.

“Capcom called us up in advance of the announcement and asked us if we would mind stopping the project as they had longer term plans for a Resident Evil 2 Remake,” remakers Invader Games explain in a Facebook post where the Italian team “officialise the end of the works on Resident Evil 2 Reborn.” They’re okay with that.

“Contrary to what might be thought, this is wonderful news for us and, as fans, we’re so happy that Capcom has decided to take the lead of the project and to develop the remake awaited for years by everybody (nobody could bring back to life the masterpiece of 1998 better than the creators themselves).”

Invader note that Capcom “have invited us to a meeting to discuss further ideas.” They later say “we hope to focus soon on the biggest professional chance that we could get.” Perhaps Invader could work with Capcom – whether on a RE2 remake, or something else – or perhaps they have plans for a game of their own.

“We promise that the work done until now will be useful for future projects, we won’t disappoint your and our expectations,” they say. Here’s what could have been:


  1. drinniol says:

    That’s about the nicest possible outcome, really.

    • drucifer says:

      I agree. With recent stories of nightmare conditions at some games companies, this is extremely commendable. Capcom are the good guys.

    • AngusPrune says:

      Well, not really. The Black Mesa/Valve situation is the nicest thing that could possibly come of this sort of ambitious fan remake dealy.

      We tend to forget that companies aren’t obliged to be complete cocks about their old IP just because so many of them are. Giving the project their blessing is a very real possibility from a legal standpoint.

      • Razumen says:

        inb4 someone posts that they’re “forced to defend their IP or lose it” fallacy.

  2. amateurviking says:

    Very impressed with how Capcom have handled this. Much better than the usual Cease and Desist approach.

  3. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    Very nicely handled capcom. I wish more companies would act like this; if this were EA, they’d be banging on the doors with a cease and desist hanging off the end of a flaming pitchfork.

  4. Jokerme says:

    +1 for Capcom.

  5. GernauMorat says:

    How refreshingly civilised. Good on Capcom, and I wish the mod team the best of luck.

  6. Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:

    The resonating message from the RPS sneak peek was that there was a chance it would be shut down when capcom got wind of this. The suggestion that the Invader guys are going to be capcoms new butt buddies seems a bit like Joe pesci getting ‘made’ in goodfellas to me.. Good luck tho – I’d use this as a springboard to seek funding and raise awareness of my new project if I were them..

  7. Enso says:

    I’m actually more worried now they’ve been invited to be involved. Seeing as their project was over the shoulder.

    • Memph says:

      There is no way that would happen. The backlash would be immeasurable.

      • dontnormally says:

        …why would it be bad for modders to receive job offers based on their hard work?

        • Jokerme says:

          “Seeing as their project was over the shoulder.”

        • Premium User Badge

          Phasma Felis says:

          Because their project included one feature he didn’t like, which obviously poisons anything else they might ever do.

    • Razumen says:

      Still tank controls, not a huge loss imho if it does happen.