School’s Out: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Released

The Final Fantasy game I’m eager to see is about a rough, tough, and royal anime boyband saving their kingdom (come on, FFXV!), but the schoolchildren saving their land in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD [official site] look pretty stylin’ too. You can now don the swish capes and shiny pauldrons of Class Zero at the magical military academy Vermillion Peristylium to defend your kingdom from the usual Final Fantasy business (it’s part of FFXIII and XV’s Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries, if you must know).

Square Enix launched the PC port of Type-0 HD last night for your roleplaying pleasure.

As you might expect from the PC port of an HDified console port of a handheld game from PlayStation Portable, Type-0 HD has a few problems – going by Steam User Reviews. Folks often get a little over-excited about port quality, but bad keyboard controls and limited resolution options might be a problem for you. Still, I imagine that you, as a reasonable person who doesn’t enter a screaming fury when a game plays better on a controller, may well have one at hand. Some folks have more complaints, so do check ’em out before you buy.

The PC port does bring a new things, mind. Square Enix say, “New to this version are upgraded graphics resolutions, an improved in-game battle camera, scalable motion blur settings, character speed boost, a dynamic screen shot mode, and more!” Also the usual Steam collectible gubbins.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is out on Windows from Steam for £19.99.


  1. epmode says:

    Hard coding 720p and 1080p as the only available screen resolutions is a silly thing to do for a 3D game and it ensures I’ll never buy it. Non-native screen resolutions look pretty bad at 1440p.

    I hope that wan’t a screaming fury.

    • Dawngreeter says:

      Every time I see something like that, I can’t help but wonder why. Surely it can’t be that big a deal accounting for multiple standard resolutions? I mean, they already have two, how difficult would it be to add five more?

      • Det. Bullock says:

        There probably is some coding gobbedlygook they use on consoles that makes multi-res options potentially buggy on PC so they lock to a few options to avoid having to test too much.
        But sincerely it’s not that dramatic from my point of view, after playing Batman: Arkham Asylum at 640×480 on a 1280×1024 LCD (I had a ten years old PC at the time) I doubt having to play on an LCD with a slightly different resolution from native would faze me.

    • Tritagonist says:

      Can’t your monitor handle 1:1 display at lower than native resolutions? You’ll get some black borders, but the – indeed rather unwelcome – stretching won’t be an issue.

  2. trn says:

    Quick scan of Steam reviews reveals a few recurring criticisms:

    – Fullscreen mode doesn’t work properly;
    – Keyboard and mouse controls don’t work;
    – No key-rebinding;
    – Locked at 30fps (bound to game logic);
    – Can only render in either 720p or 1080p…

    Sounds like a doozy!

    • Eight Rooks says:

      Full-screen mode works fine for me. Can’t comment on M&K as I don’t use them. Locked at 30FPS is a non-issue for me. 720 or 1080, nothing else is certainly weird, but given full-screen works fine, it isn’t a problem. It’s a PSP port. 4K isn’t going to stop anyone noticing that.

      It isn’t the best port it could possibly be, no argument there, but a lot of the criticism seems like the usual PC Master Race bitching to me. I’ve played a couple of hours with no problems whatsoever.

      • epmode says:

        The thing is, this game is actually rendering at 4K internally when you choose the highest antialasing option. It then downsamples to 1080p. There really isn’t a good reason that all 16×9 resolutions between 720p and 4K aren’t supported.

        This sort of thing is a telltale sign of developers unfamiliar with even the most basic PC standards. It’s too bad that the rest of Square doesn’t know about the incredible FF14 and The Last Remnant ports.

        • pepperfez says:

          Well obviously with obscure titles like those you can’t expect a mainstream company like SE to pay attention to them.

  3. killias2 says:

    As a once huge fan of the Final Fantasy series, it’s sort of absurd how little I care about this.

    • Barchester says:

      As a once huge fan of Final Fantasy, I trudged through all the main entries since FFX and did not enjoy much. X was sub-par, XII was pretty good but too different and XIII is just weird and not very good.

      Type-0, however, is actually pretty good! It’s the first game since FFX that really feels like Final Fantasy again. Breeding Chocobo’s, micromanaging a team of 14 characters, doing oodles of side quests; it’s fun, and the fact that it’s a PSP port means it’s great to play in small bursts as well. I’d recommend you give it a try if you still love the series for what it once was.

  4. int says:

    I’m rooting for Chaos Knight (at 1:23)

  5. Kitsunin says:

    It’s a great game. Sounds like PC porting is at or below FFXIII on launch level. Which is very bad. I love JRPGs and there aren’t any good ones on PC I haven’t played (AFAIK), so I’d consider it worthwhile if I hadn’t already played it on console while housesitting. But mileage will vary a lot.

  6. Moogie says:

    Nice trailer. Told me absolutely nothing about the game. Really, are Squeenix even trying anymore?…

    Sometimes I wonder if these companies are trying to force a point about PC ports being “not worth the expense”? They seem to do a deliberately bad job of it, in order to claim that there’s no market on PC or that sales will be bad “because piracy”. Meanwhile, over in the land of Rockstar and GTA…

    • Harlander says:

      The weird thing is, Squeenix often uses Nixxes for PC ports of stuff they publish, who produce pretty solid ports, often enhanced with extra PC bits.

  7. JFS says:

    When did RPS start caring about Final Fantasy? What is “Fabula Nova Crystallis”? Have I been in stasis slumber for a century?

    • Robert Post's Child says:

      That’s actually the plot. It’s all very meta.

    • Mokinokaro says:

      They started caring once PC ports came out.

      “Fabula Nova Crystallis” is a weird lore thing Square started with FFXIII. All the FNC games share a bunch of terminology though each is its own universe.

  8. amateurviking says:

    Bought this for PS4 solely to tool around in the FFXV demo. May actually give it a shot at some point. Maybe. But I still feel guilty about not having played any FFs before 7 (especially 6). So maybe not yet.