Shmup-o-Platformer Velocity 2X Comes To PC


With a mix of vertical scrolling shoot ’em up and side-on shooty platforming (not to mention some natty art), Velocity Ultra picked up a fair few more fans when it came from consoles to PC in 2013. Now creators FuturLab have brought over its sequel, Velocity 2X [official site].

The PC version comes with its console DLC packs and whatnot but look, here’s all you need to know: it now has daily challenges.

I’m still enthralled by daily challenges, those chances every day to shine like a diamond and show the world how brilliant I am. Or to totally cock it up and let all my chum know I’m a chuffing great fool.

Anyway, onto Velocity 2X more specifically. Like before, it has plenty of scrolling shmup action with a teleporting spaceship. Then you dock your deathcapsule and get to run around on foot blasting everything with zapguns. I haven’t played it myself, but have heard good things.

Velocity 2X is £14.99 on Steam. Hey, look, it’s published by Sierra – well, the ‘indie’ arm Activision recently activated under that reanimated name. I welcome them bringing more games like this over.

This here trailer’s from the console launch a year ago:


  1. Don Reba says:

    here’s all you need to know: it now has daily challenges

    I was excited until this sentence. Pass.

    • Catweasel says:

      Daily Challenges are completely uninteresting to me too, but what part of including them ruins the game for you? Aren’t they pretty ignorable?

  2. Da5e says:

    It’s Metroid meets Bangai-O – with hilarious* consequences!

    *not hilarious

  3. SooSiaal says:

    Here’s also something you should need to know,at the moment it doesnt work too well for people on windows 10 with nvidia cards, constant crashing,it is mentioned on the steam page if you scroll down to the system requirements,but really who reads those with these type of games.

  4. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Daily challenges are funny, they’re the only thing that have really got me into let’s plays*. I really liked doing the spelunky daily challenge and then watching how others (mostly the explorer’s club) dealt with the same situations. How did they deal with that nasty tikitrap-boomerangdude situation? Was it worth bombing into that blocked off region? Where the fuck was the black market anyway? Good stuff.

    *Apart from “cinematic” games, I just watched someone else play COD Advanced Warfare because I figured it was exactly the same experience and would save money, for example. Also that Tom Francis bloke is funny.

  5. quietone says:

    I don’t like shooty shooters, I don’t like platformers, I don’t like daily challenges.
    I would by this nonetheless, if the old Sierra logo shows up when you start it.

  6. avtrspirit says:

    Arcade-y goodness! Shiny, speedy, slick. I love playing this on my PS Vita. Not sure how well the controls will translate to the PC but it’s definitely worth checking out. Hopefully Steam will have a demo version (they still do that, right?).

  7. Banks says:

    It’s really great. I love that you can go as fast as you want. It’s a very simple thing but It makes the game really addictive and fun, as you tend to go way faster than you should and It forces you to master the controls.

    The soundtrack is excellent too.

  8. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    Finally, a game where you collect floating gems.

  9. draven says:

    Great game (on PS4 at least). Not your conventional shmup and gem-collecting platformer at all. Both modes have underlying rhythm-like (rhythm-lite?) mechanics, and one of the smoothest, well drawn difficulty curves ever, you start sucking hard and end up being a teleport-god.

  10. fco says:

    if anyone wants velocity ultra, its being included in a nice bundle for $3 with 7 other games on bundlestars:

    link to

  11. GWOP says:

    Lovely artstyle and music.