ARK: Survival Evolved – Let’s Play, Part 3

Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] is the survival game du jour, and not without cause. While others have tried to create games that combine dinosaurs and the crafting, progression, and violent encounters typical of the genre, ARK’s early access release seems to come the closest to pulling it off. To explore it a little more, we asked Andro Dars to make a video playthrough to show what works and what doesn’t. Part three is below.

In part three: waking up without any clothes, taming a dodo named David Cameron, and breaking into houses to steal the… person inside .

You can find part one elsewhere or by manipulating the playlist in the YouTube embed above.

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Don’t like videos at all? We’ve got words about ARK too, such as the tale of Brendan Caldwell’s encounter with an unusually friendly bunch of players.

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  1. padger says:

    My God, I wish I had time to play this. I haven’t had more than a couple of minutes to rub together in the past couple of years, and I feel like I am missing out when it comes to MP games. They’re always more like one-off events where lots of people are playing (esp RPS people) whereas single player games can wait.

    What I am saying is: my story is very sad.

    • OmNomNom says:

      So dump that bitch, sell those kids into slavery and play games! You know you want to, otherwise why are you here?

    • MollyThomas says:

      My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do…

  2. ButteringSundays says:

    So to tame the animals you gave to beat them up and drug them?


    • Incanus says:

      My thought exactly. If the way animals (which are sensibles creatures) are treated in most video games was systematically applied to humans, i wonder what would be the reactions. Of course, GTA style games aside^^.

      • AlphaJ620 says:

        The developers have said they will be adding non harmful ways to tame most of the dinos

  3. Howard says:

    I love the look and idea of a game, but the fact that you can be griefed while you are offline is the single daftest design decision I can even conceive of. Will be avoiding like the plague.

    • Howard says:

      Of “this” game, not “a” game. Stupid fat fingers and lack of edit…

    • fish99 says:

      It may seem obvious to make you and your dinos/base invulnerable while you’re offline, but it’s not that simple with tribes. For tribes to work, everything has to belong to the tribe not individuals, so you don’t need one particular player to be online to remove a wall or open a locked door, or to use his dinos, so what percentage of the tribe has to be online before you make their buildings and dinos vulnerable? And whatever system you come up with could potentially be exploited.

      Also the turrets are supposed to be good enough to defend while you’re offline now.

      And if you don’t care about tribes, you can always just play PVE or single player.

  4. Aankhen says:

    No time to play this, but I’ve been eagerly following the series. Keep ’em coming! (Videogamesareart videogamesareart videogamesareart)

  5. dangrak says:

    Found it frustrating that the video man didn’t try the four digit health amount (the only four digit number around) as the PIN for the door, and also that he spent so much time hacking away at the floor when it was pretty clearly not going to let him under that small gap. But I suppose it was worth it when he dragged that man up a hill and took his slingshot.