Left 4 Dead Invades Zombie Army Trilogy

Louis, Francis, Bill, and Zoey, and Ellis, Rochelle, Coach, and Nick have returned, though probably not in the way you’d hope for. The Left 4 Dead survivors have found themselves transported back to Nazi Germany to tackle those dreadful Nazi zombies in Zombie Army Trilogy. A free update last night added the eight survivors to Zombie Army’s character lineup for your undead-redeading enjoyment.

To celebrate this merging of zombworlds, the game’s on sale on Steam this weekend.

Zombie Army Trilogy, if you haven’t seen it before, combines the two co-op-oriented spin-offs from Rebellion’s straight-faced Sniper Elite WW2 FPS series, along with a new third chapter. It revamped the first two games a little, and the third added – of course – a burning demonic zombie Hitler.

Until Monday, a 66% discount makes Zombie Army Trilogy £10.19 on Steam or £30.59 for four copies so you can play with your pals.

Rebellion have also come up with a comic explaining how this lot ended up in another silly situation, though you’ll need to install their 2000 AD mobile app to do that. A shame they wouldn’t just dunk it on the web like Valve do, but hey, it’s important to remember your #brandsynergy.


  1. Henke says:

    So has anyone played these Zombie Army games? Any good? I liked Sniper Elite 2 and 3 well enough. They were decent stealthy/snipey goodtimes, and I’m considering picking this up. Is it still as focused on sniping and stealth? And is the slo-mo xray cam still in the co-op mode?

    • ramirezfm says:

      IMO it’s a little bit worse than the Sniper Elite series. If you like zombies and slo-mo of exploding heads/chests/whatever then it might be fun for a while. It’s a bit better in co-op, as everything, and a little bit bland in single. I’ve enjoyed 1 and 2 for a while, but I like zombie games in general.

    • Fellhuhn says:

      I doesn’t have any stealth components anymore. It relies of face on combat and jump scares.
      The first game is quite difficult and the second I just finished some weeks ago solo. It really is fun if you like some silly sniping. The only thing they improved over the basic games is that the coop mode supports more players.

    • cakeisalie says:

      Co-op can be a lot of fun with friends or some decent randoms, but solo is a bit of a bore. It’s quite fast paced/manic at times and there is no stealth whatsoever, but the focus is still on sniping. There are some siege defense set pieces that allow for some tactics (eg placement of traps and explosives). Not a huge fan of the boss fights.

      I’d also say that there’s only a limited amount of replayability as the action is too repetitive and there’s not enough variation in the maps.

      • Henke says:

        Ah, thanks for the info, guys. I’ll see if any of my Steam buddies are playing it, and perhaps pick it up.

  2. JFS says:

    Okay… so… videogames, ladies and gentlemen? Videogames!

  3. FunktionJCB says:

    A correction: you don’t need to install any app to read the comic.
    It says so on the page you linked to:
    «To download your copy of Zombie Army Trilogy: Wrong Place, Wrong Time, please go to the Rebellion Account Portal».

    You simply are asked to log-in, or create an account, and download the comic.