A Steal: Payday 2 Free To Play All Weekend

Crime doesn't pay, so don't pay for crime.

Crime doesn’t pay, They say, so why should you pay for crime? This weekend, you can explore both sides of that as the full version of heisting FPS Payday 2 [official site] is once again free for everyone to try. Until 1pm PST (9pm UK time) on Sunday, y’all can join your pals to rob banks, malls, warehouses, night clubs, and other places money likes to hang out if you head on over to Steam.

The game’s on sale all weekend too, with a hearty 75% discount.

It’s the usual free weekend dealio: you can play as much as you please until the trial expires, and then you have a little longer to buy it on sale if it turns out you’re into it.

Payday 2 is £3.74 until Monday, or four for £11.24. The Game of the Year Edition with most (but not all) of its DLC is £7.49. Most of its DLC is on sale separately too, with 75% discounts on all but the most recent few, which are half-price.

Speaking of DLC, developers Overkill Software have announced the next pack. Coming next Thursday, August 27th, the Yakuza Character Pack will bring a new playable character in the form of former mob man Jiro, new Katana and Micro Uzi weapons, and the Yakuza perk deck. Here, meet Jiro, who’s played by the fine actor Togo Igawa:


  1. Arthur ASCII says:

    Togo Igawa? Haha! Thanks for the sword, Mr Yamamoto. In return, have a huge pair of Doc Martens boots with extremely thick and heavy soles (as worn by Chris Morris). Brilliant actor, nice to see (hear) him again! About the game though… I really, really wanted to like it. On the surface it’s a great premise, great style, soundtrack and atmosphere but arrgh! As much as we try a stealthy and tactical approach it *always* ends in a massacre. Yet another mind-numbing fantasy FPS that may as well be a mod for Call of Duty. Why?? Aside from GTA, are there any *other* heist videogames where you don’t have to shoot hundreds and thousands of police in one mission? You know, something a little more realistic? If the devs of Hitman are reading this (Io Interactive?), I’m thinking you guys could do something in this area… a Hitman style heist game, what do you think?

    • Cross says:

      Most of the heists are very saitsfying to stealth, but i find the actions very satisfying as well, in a “Turn off disbelief” sort of way. As unrealistic and bonkers as it is, it’s nonetheless challenging and demanding of teamwork.

    • KDR_11k says:

      Most missions can be stealthed, it’s just very difficult. Experienced players use stealth as a quick way to do high difficulty missions after going infamous (resetting your levels) and regain XP quickly. The unlockable skills matter surprisingly little for that but you will want to get some concealable weapons to drive your detection rating down, I think the defaults aren’t too good for that.

      The biggest obstacle compared to other stealth games is that you can’t just kill guards. Every guard you neutralize (whether by brute force or intimidation) triggers a pager that you have to answer to avoid an alarm, that can only be done four times per mission before the alarm goes off anyway. Oh and guards are alerted if they see a broken surveillance camera.

      Especially later-made missions throw a lot of additional obstacles at stealthers because people were complaining that it’s too easy. Be it extra keycards, various laser barriers, phonecalls from outside, etc. And especially reasons why your ECM devices interfere with your objectives.

      It’s tough and probably requires a good crew to play with online (unless you’re going for something easy like taking the whole H&T bank hostage, I’ve done that with pubs) but it’s possible.

      • Fellhuhn says:

        The problem with stealth is that the netcode is the worst I encountered this decade in any “professional” game. Guards detect the clients depending on their positions on the server so that never matches the positions of how the clients see them. Completely broken for stealth. Even the corpses are lying on different positions… So solo stealthing is way better. But some missions can’t be stealthed solo on Deathwish (like the Diamond) which is a shame. Also the ridiculous low amount of cable ties and body bags limit the solo experience somewhat. Meh. The game just doesn’t offer enough content.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Sounds to me like you’re just frustrated over the difficulty in the stealth approach to missions. And it is very difficult on some of them, I recommend having at least one friend/regular on your team for stealthing and NO randoms. Stealth missions generally work best with two people (any extra and it’s either more people to potentially make a mistake or they’re redundant and basically sit there doing nothing), generally one spotting and one carrying out objectives. A third/fourth player generally comes into play when things go wrong, having that extra person to dash in to remove the extra body bag or quickly take out the unexpected guard while you’re stuck answering a pager.

      There’s still a good deal of trial and error involved in figuring out exactly what you can get away with in each heist, but they’re all perfectly possible. In fact even a couple of heists that aren’t listed as being stealthable can in fact be done that way.

    • Bull0 says:

      Stealth takes practise therefore the game is a call of duty mod? What exactly are you smoking?

    • Quiffle says:

      Funny, my personal crew of four regularly stealths the Harvest and Go bank. Working on Golden Grin and polishing up our procedure for Big Bank. To say it invariably turns in to a massacre is just flat out wrong.

  2. Jabberslops says:

    I wish I could like this game, but the gun “play” is kind of wonky. Also, the last time I tried one of the free weekends, there was not enough people playing the base game to actually play missions. People would also bail on the first sign of anyone being noob or messing anything up.

    • KDR_11k says:

      Gunplay isn’t wonky but the starting weapons suck and if the accuracy rating of a weapon is too low it will not hit exactly where you aim. That does of course lead to a feeling of “these guns do nothing” at first but once you have some decent weapons it stops feeling strange.

  3. Don Reba says:

    Impeccable portrayal of those newspaper vending machines, I must say. Brings back memories.