ARK: Survival Evolved – Let’s Play, Part 4

Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] is the survival game du jour, and not without cause. While others have tried to create games that combine dinosaurs and the crafting, progression, and violent encounters typical of the genre, ARK’s early access release seems to come the closest to pulling it off. To explore it a little more, we asked Andro Dars to make a video playthrough to show what works and what doesn’t. Part three is below.

In part four: taming George Osborne, getting turtle revenge on a murderous Carno, and physics glitching raptors.

You can find part one elsewhere or that and any other episode by manipulating the playlist in the YouTube embed above.

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Don’t like videos at all? We’ve got words about ARK too, such as the tale of Brendan Caldwell’s encounter with an unusually friendly bunch of players.

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  1. whexican says:

    Is there a RPS tribe for this game?

  2. nofare says:

    Those have got to be the funniest pet names ever. But the dodo’s too cute to be called “DC”.

    Anyway, congrats on being funny and cool.

  3. Aankhen says:

    That poop drop in the mortar & pestle house was just too perfectly timed for words. And I have to say, I knew you were dead the moment I saw that Carno. Hilariously thrilling. I’m getting so attached to this series.

  4. lurkalisk says:

    “Carno” is short for Carnotaurus. Which, in my mind, is notable for only two things. It’s name is basically “meat bull” in latin, and it has the single silliest example of “arms” in earth’s known history.