Watch Rise Of The Tomb Raider’s No-Kill Video


Crystal Dynamics have released an alternate playthrough of Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s [official site] ‘Advancing Storm’ demo to showcase Lara’s stealth possibilities. This is probably because even though they said stealth was entirely possible that bit got lost when the main message of the original video turned into “GUNS and then THROAT SLITTING and then EXPLODING BARRELS and then SHOTGUN YOU IN THE FACE”.

Or perhaps the stealth message went astray during the bit where they explained [at 3.13 in this video] that you could set up a poison bomb in someone’s corpse and the beeping would lure an AI over and then the poisonbombcorpse would explode. Who knows.

As per Crystal Dynamics:

“After GamesCom, some fans asked whether it was possible to play ‘Advancing Storm’ with less enemy engagement. Rise of the Tomb Raider’s expanded combat system centers on player choice, and provides Lara with even more skills, for a spectrum of strategies ranging from stealth to aggression. This alternate playthrough demonstrates a completely non-lethal approach.”

Maybe I’ve been playing too much League of Legends but I feel like the guards would have more luck defending against Lara if they warded the brush properly. I also think that if they paid more attention to the “NYARGH!” and “UNGH” noises she makes when moving about they could better pinpoint her movements.

I would also like to know how much use stealth operatives in real life make of glass bottles. Is there a bottle training course? Do you have a supply of your own bottles in a pocket in case the enemy is teetotal or uses plastic? Could you use a plastic bottle instead or would that not be suspicious enough? I mean those fall over all the time when they’re empty and you’ve left them on the table in your half-collapsed shack when there’s a howling gale. So many questions.

Oh, and as a final fact, I mistook the official site for a personal website when I misread Tomb Raider Dot Com as Tom Braider Dot Com. Mondays are hard.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will be out in 2016 on PC after a timed Xbone exclusive.


  1. RQH says:

    I hope that the areas where the combat is unavoidable and the areas that are stealth-able are clearly signposted or distinguished in some way, so that I don’t try to stealth through an area only to find out partway through that it’s impossible and combat is unavoidable.

    As someone who found the previous game entirely too bloody and violent, I was really put off by the throat-slitting in the previous video, so I’m glad that kind of lethality isn’t a necessary part of stealth. It’s a little unfortunate to be reading all the Metal Gear Solid hype today and then to compare this … quainter … implementation of infiltration to the bombast of MGS, though. (I realize that’s not the point of Tomb Raider–but then, enemy outposts in general were never the point of Tomb Raider for me.)

    • Bladderfish says:

      Here, here to this. I found the first game ridiculous in it’s portrayal of violence, not because the protagonist was female, but because the creators went for this whole “realistic” vibe based around fear and the unknown and a young person out on their own in the world … and then, after one forced murder, the whole game turns into “BOOM! Headshot!”

      I would have much preferred a stealth approach to the whole game, with violence coming only when necessary.

  2. aliksy says:

    This mildly increases my interest. I thought the last tomb raider game was too much murder sim for my taste.

  3. Pich says:

    good, now pleas show us some Tomb to Raid.

  4. pepperfez says:

    It’s sad that the two options available for AAA games seem to be shooty murder or stealthy somewhat-less-murder. When I think of the resources that could have been put to actual raidable tombs…

  5. SuicideKing says:

    Haha, really enjoyed Pip’s commentary in this one.

    What even happens around 4:00? She just passes right IN FRONT of those two guards, and then the last one SEES THE BOTTLE IN FLIGHT, and instead of looking to the right, looks at a smashed bottle.

    I also think that if they paid more attention to the “NYARGH!” and “UNGH” noises she makes when moving about they could better pinpoint her movements.
    Classic Tomb Raider, but my word, if they can hear those inaudible cans from outside that shack in a thunderstorm, they must have pretty selective hearing…

  6. silentdan says:

    Tomb Raider has kind of devolved into Splinter Cell Except With a Lady This Time. Not that there’s anything wrong with Splinter Cell, but this just isn’t the Lara Croft I remember from the old days.

    • Vandelay says:

      Definitely looks to be true from these videos. I did reasonable enjoy the previous game, but when it was done I just hoped Crystal Dynamic would get back to making a proper Tomb Raider game again, something that their sort of trilogy of Legends, Anniversary and Underworld achieved fantastically.

      It is sad to see that they are just going to keep continuing down this path.

  7. Holderist says:

    Guarding 101: Investigate all the bottles.

  8. 2late2die says:

    I don’t know why are you guys complaining. I can tell you from personal experience – whenever I’m guarding an outpost, if I see a bottle fly through the air in front of me and land in a corner, I always make sure to go to that corner and investigate the bottle and the spot it landed in thoroughly. At training they made it very clear, you have to spend a minimum of 30 seconds staring at that bottle, but I usually go for 60 to err on the safe side.

    Also, do keep in mind, those helmets are specifically designed to cut off any peripheral vision – how else would you be able to focus on your target. This is very realistic.


    • w0bbl3r says:

      Wow, thanks for the info, trained henchman #12, that was really helpful.
      Still won’t be buying this sad excuse for an assassins creed version of tomb raider thoguh

  9. Geebs says:

    Man, tough crowd. A bit of forgiving stealth can be great fun to break up a bunch of action and platforming bits without losing the forward momentum they’re going for here.

    And, let’s be honest, although I would love some proper PoP parkour in these games, which Crystal Dynamics have been gradually edging towards, “actual Tomb Raiding” in this game is mean either “operating a stupidly big machine which seems to have been built by masochists determined to make the commute to work stultifyingly difficult” or “being Nathan Drake and breaking everything”. Frankly I’m happier with the nu-Tomb Raider style of “do other fun stuff”.

  10. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Seems to be getting closer and closer to the Assassin’s Creed series.

    That is not a good thing. Really enjoyed the last one, though, so I should probably shut my whining mouth.

    • w0bbl3r says:

      I was actually just about to comment myself that this is assassins creed with boobs.
      A shame they felt the need to “reboot” (I hate that word) this series, instead of building on what made tomb raider great in the first place.
      Oh well, I wouldn’t have been getting it at more than £5 on sale even if it was just the same as the last one, which was kind of ok, but still not tomb raider.

  11. spiche says:

    Wha’wuz’at: The Game

    Seriously, between this sad excuse of stealth mechanics and the cringeworthy brodude conversations you are forced to hear amidst a hurricane… what were they thinking?

  12. Synesthesia says:

    the “noise that give severe tunnel vision to human beings for 15 straight seconds” mechanic is starting to feel incredibly dated.

  13. Ross Angus says:

    Do you get stealth XP? Because the UI didn’t seem to tell you, if you did.

    I will struggle not to collect All Of The XP, and I loves me some stealth.

  14. Relnor says:

    Other criticisms aside, I really don’t see how people can compare this to Assassin’s Creed – have those that said so actually played any of the AC games or just watched a few minutes of climbing on things ?

    AC games are open world sandboxes with tons of (often inane) side activities beyond merely picking up some collectibles. The Tomb Raider reboot and its sequel are largely linear 3rd person shooters with some platforming segments.

    I really don’t see the resemblence. Is it just cause they’re both 3rd person and you climb stuff ? Thats it ? I thought we’ve already been down this path with the “Doom clone” shooters and the “GTA clone” sandbox games, seems we never learn~

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      No, it’s a great way of talking about games. The old tried and tested “oh, it’s just a clone of x”, comment is comforting, like a ratty old blanket, and it requires no imagination so our minds are left open to the beauty of the world. Just like, “it looks like a PS2 game”, “it’s NOT an RPG”, or “fuck Ubisoft”, these are meaningless, effortless expressions that reinforce social bonds with minimal energy expenditure.

      • LennyLeonardo says:

        It’s socialisation techniques like these that have elevated us above the other great apes. Just.

    • FeepingCreature says:

      Well, I’d say to me what makes it Assassin’s Creed-y is two-fold. First, there’s that Ass Creed has a near cultural monopoly on “climbing two-dimensionally on the side of a building”. Tomb Raider, in my faint recollection, used to be jumping puzzles about equally split with climbing; the new one is about 80% climbing instead. That’s approximately the same split that the Creed series games use. Second, the reason that Assassin’s Creed is the reference for this kind of gameplay is simply that Ubisoft have committed to bringing out at least one game in the genre per year, so it dominates culture by sheer volume.

      Personally, I’ve taken to refer to Tomb Raider 13 as “Assassin’s Cry” – the gameplay is Creed climbing, but the story is basically a retread of Far Cry 3. Not that I mind that – I found Far Cry 4 underwhelming in the story department, and Tomb Raider 13 scratches that itch.

  15. Marclev says:

    Say what? I haven’t played anything in the Tomb Raider series for a long time, but didn’t this used to be about exploring mysterious temples and killing fluffy animals?!

    • SuicideKing says:

      Or T-Rexes.

      Though old Tomb Raiders did have quite a lot of people in them to shoot too.

  16. cai says:

    This… actually looks pretty interesting.