Adorable Yeti Game Lets You Be The SkiFree Monster


Remember SkiFree? Remember the peeing dogs and the trees that got in the way of everything and the yeti? I loved SkiFree. I think it was the only Windows game I played because I liked it and found it funny rather than because it was a master class in getting you addicted.

A mere two and a half decades later you can now play as the yeti thanks to the adorable Ludum Dare entry, Mr Yeti’s Fast Food [official site]! Look at this cute death monster :D

Controls for the yeti are WASD and the longer you run the more energy you burn so you’ll need to be smart about when to give chase and when to let that jerk escape in favour of trying for an easier kill.

I am completely terrible at the actual game and keep running into trees. My high score is six. SIX. God, that’s awful. The high scores are for people with over a hundred. HOW CAN I EAT THE POPULATION OF THIS SKI RESORT WITH SO MANY TREES IN THE WAY?


  1. DeanLearner says:

    Below I present my shameless attempt to jump on the coat tails of this announcement.

    I present my nowhere near as polished version of the same idea (from a couple of years ago) which also happened to be a Jam entry for LD48 #25

    You Are The Yeti – link to

  2. Ross Angus says:



  3. Merus says:

    Because it always blows someone’s mind: you can hold F in SkiFree to go faster than the yetis.

    • somnolentsurfer says:

      WHAT? For real? My childhood could have looked very different if I’d known that.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      I think if you hit a ramp at the exact same time you are grabbed by the yeti it will “eat” you but you can still keep going. I remember doing this once when I was a kid.

  4. Colthor says:

    To shamelessly jump on the shameless self-promotion coat tails’ coat tails, my (sadly Yeti-less and much less pretty) entry for this Ludum Dare is “Dienasties”:

    link to

    It’s a strategy/puzzle misarable ’em up: conquer the realm, weaken strong enemies’ morale by murdering their families first.
    Apparently it’s not at all obvious if you’ve not spent all weekend staring at it, so there’s a screenshot and comment on the LD page which will hopefully explain how everything works, but basically: left click one of your castles then right click one of theirs to attack it, repeat until victory/defeat.


  5. 1y1e says:

    So many SkiFree-likes in this Ludum Dare, it makes me so happy! I made one myself for the compo there are at least 3 more out there.

    link to

    What Ski Free Lunch lacks in vector animationy polish, it more than makes up for in… pixel “art”? Also includes the feature of being download only for a more nostalgic experience!

  6. SquidgyB says:

    Horace, you’ve changed.

  7. Pantalaimon says:

    Didn’t know I needed these yeti-em-ups but they’re lovely. Thanks devs :)

  8. kalzekdor says:

    Wow, 6? Really? I got 21 on my first try, 56 on my second. Gets a bit boring after a while, but it’s a fun little game.

    Some tips:

    You don’t lose energy standing still. Lie in wait whenever you can, and feel free to let skiers go. There’ll always be more food.

    You’re a big Yeti. It takes a second to stop or change direction, take this into account.

    The time between a meat indicator showing up and a skier going by you is fairly constant. (Slight variations if they have to dodge trees.) Time it right, and they’ll ski right into your mouth.

    You move faster sideways than downhill, at least relative to the skiers. It’s also easier to eat them from the side.

    Trees are deadly. Bumping into them will drain energy immensely. It’s always better to let a skier go than to run into a tree. The loss of energy when running into a tree is proportional to the speed you’re moving at the time (and possibly the size of the tree, not sure). Even if you can’t avoid a tree entirely, slowing down saves some energy.

    When chasing down meat, pay attention when they start to turn, it’ll alert you to trees out of sight.

    • kalzekdor says:

      3rd game – 133. I eventually got bored and bashed my head into a tree repeatedly.

  9. Suits says:

    That thing was just too scary