Woodland Therapy (Friendship Is Tragic)

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I’ve just started picking through the latest Ludum Dare game jam results. Entries are based around the theme “You are the monster” and I’m currently rather taken with Woodland Therapy by Team-Tiger [Ludum Dare page]. I think that might say more about the day and the headache I am currently having than anything else.

Set in a cutesy forest, Woodland Therapy involves animals appearing in trees and from behind bushes. To select them you just press the letter key above their head then press space to, as the game puts it, “make friends”.*

If you spot several animals of the same species and colour press all the relevant keys at the same time then hit space for a combo. At first I was a bit reluctant to wait because you get points deducted if an animal escapes but the timings are pretty generous so I was able to just get a triple, uh, “combo”.

I downloaded it solely because it was eye-catchingly cute, but I rather liked how it tied into the Ludum Dare theme.

*If you are a parent and have decided to share this game with your small child off the back of that description I would say play it on your own first.**

**No, really.


  1. Sarfrin says:

    From the description I thought it was going to be some sort of nefarious woodland cross-species breeding experiment.

  2. demicanadian says:

    “I’ve just started picking through the latest Ludum Dare game jam results.”
    Should be “jam submissions”. Results will be available three weeks from now. And guess who’s going to be second from the last? :)

  3. LTK says:

    I’d love to find out just how horrible this game is but sadly it doesn’t register any of my letter keys.

    • YogSo says:

      I thought the same was happening to me, until I realized you have to press and hold the letter/s and then press SPACE.

      • Sarfrin says:

        While still holding the letters. I made that mistake as well.

      • KDR_11k says:

        Yeah and if you’re unlucky you get keys that your keyboard won’t register together…

  4. Day0ne says:

    I do woodland therapy with peeps as sort of a job. but that screenshot gives Me anxiety! cold dead eyes.. *wanders off to a teddybears picknick*