Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0 Arrives With New Magical Cube

The four-year wait between the announcement of Diablo III [official site] in 2008 and its release felt like an eternity but dang, Blizzard have spent almost that long continuing to work on the game after launch. Last night brought a hefty update, Patch 2.3.0, with new monsters, areas, items, a persistent progression track with goals and rewards, and a magical new cube a bit like Diablo II’s Horadric Cube. With the ability to reforge Legendary items, transmute materials, and extract powers, it sounds quite a treasure.

Come have a peep at all the patch adds in this here viddy vid:

If you prefer your information in patch notes form, those are this-a-way. It’s a big patch all right, adding plenty of new things while reworking and expanding old systems. In the run-up to release, Blizzard also dropped in-depth blog posts looking at changes to Adventure Mode, new and updated item sets, and Kanai’s Cube – the precursor to the Horadric Cube.

Kanai’s Cube is the most interesting bit to me. Once you get your hands on it, you can reroll stats on items, convert set items in random other items from the sets (handy for ditching dupes and completing your look), remove an item’s level requirement for your twinking titillation, gain a Legendary item’s passive powers as an equippable perk, and plenty more.

Anyway, the patch is out now, and should download automatically.


  1. the_r says:

    There is a lot of hate directed at D3. For me it is the best game in terms of $ / (time spent playing * fun) overall. The launch and the first year were a bit underwhelming experience (which is probably the reason the game has the opinion it has), but with the expansion and subsequent patches it only got better and better, fixing all of the nuisances and I find it super fun now.

    • arioch says:

      Thats the best thing about blizzard games – even if they get it wrong on release they listen to feedback and do their best to fix it with patches and updates. The value for money you get when buying a blizzard game is unbelievable compared to everybody else, even if you are paying through the nose on release.

      I just wish all other developers had the passion / financial resource to do the same thing with their games – some try their best like firaxis and larion but they just dont have the funds behind them to deliver the same long term commitement.

      • cpy says:

        Definitely, Blizzard knows how to please their customers. I’m really happy where D3 is now and can’t wait for possible future expansions, heck they even fixed those damn lags, kinda. Unlike some dangerous elitist game where they don’t listen to anyone and think ultra mindless endless grind is the new meta, i have to say that i haven’t played bad blizzard game yet.

      • the_r says:

        I’d probably add CDPR to the list of devs that care, but I might be biased as I’m from PL.

    • Benaliaf says:

      I don’t feel any hate to D3. I enjoed playing through the compaign. Three times. And then i lost interest. I saw alot of people playing it all these years and i started thinking i missed something in the game. Spent few hours watching streams on twitch and still can’t find a reason for farming. Unless enjoying the process is the only reason im looking for.

      • the_r says:

        Well, it’s certainly not for everyone. Glad you enjoyed your playthroughs. I do acknowledge that the endgame might seem tedious and generally uninteresting to some, but for me and many others hunting for gear and optimizing builds is enough fun to keep us in front of the screen :)

        • Benaliaf says:

          Now i get it. I think i’ll give it another shot this weekend :)

      • Greg Wild says:

        My sense is that not many people have played it day after day since release. Rather, they come back to it every so often to roll a new character, try some of the new content/systems etc. Though that might just be as I’m colouring them with my experience playing it :)

        • the_r says:

          Yeah, well, I don’t think there’s many people that played the game non-stop from launch. I had some extensive breaks (like 6 months or more), but in the end I always come back.
          The good thing is that both hardcore and casual players can have fun with the game :).

      • Poolback says:

        Well, I do get bored as well watching streams. Most of the streams are people running ultra high greater rift, which are extremely boring to watch. I found myself coming back to the game quite often, but always stuck in that post-lvl 70 treshold where I didn’t know what to do, what to improve, and how was it possible that some people could make the game so easy in Torment VI, when I could just handle Torment I.

        Then one day I tried one of the full set I previously found, and never put on because reading the stats didn’t seem too impressive, and it didn’t have those “green %” on any of the pieces. Turns out I was wrong and I instantly could run in Torment VI as well.
        I’ve been playing the game since then, trying out new pieces, combinaisons of sets and see how I fare against the mobs. Trying to go as high as I can in the difficulty levels.
        It feels really good.

    • Kamalen says:

      Most of the remaining hate comes from the somewhat lack of depth ; even in the Old D2 you can personnalize more your char than in current D3. For some, its in a way of the fun.

      • the_r says:

        I have to say I played D2 only in single player, so I can’t compare those games fully and justly, but the build diversity in D3 is great. Again, with each patch it’s getting better with class/sets rebalancing, new sets now the Kanai’s cube adds another layer of customization. There is a lot to like, and personally I always appreciated this more open structure with skills/abilities of D3.

        • Kamalen says:

          Its not about the builds, but about the chars. There is no reason to make another char of the same class as only skill choice and items makes a build. Thats a thing many including me thinks are missing.

    • flagoon says:

      For me D3 was huge disappointment. RoS was a little bit better, but still gameplay wise I don’t like this game. The difficulty system is painful for me. Meeting enemies with 100000000000000 health isn’t fun for me. Every encounter is gear check. I don’t see difference between what kind of monster I’m killing. I leveled some heroes to level 60, get to maybe torment 2 or 3 but it got boring for me. Another difficulty level (for me) adds nothing more than another 0 at the end of enemy health bar.

      Personally I prefer Path of Exile, where enemies have much less life, encounters are shorter and even when your character is high level with godly gear you need to be on your toes. Plus the game is free, they add new content regularly and I really love lore.

      • Awesomeclaw says:

        I think PoE is a much deeper game than D3 in a lot of ways, but I don’t think PoE’s presentation does it any favours. People hate on D3 for the ‘bubblegum horror’ style it has, but I’ve come across a lot of people who prefer that to the unrelentingly grim and generally drab (especially at the start) appearance of Path of Exile.

        • Kamalen says:

          Thats bad, because a bit less ugly Path of Exile will net them so much more players

  2. Premium User Badge

    It's not me it's you says:

    I’ve levelled a character to max each season at least once (though only barely in the last one) and I’ve enjoyed the process each time. D3 at launch was lackluster but there’s been some stellar improvement since then, to the point where I’d love it if they did another expansion.

  3. kosch says:

    /Grim Dawn

  4. Ivan says:

    I know this is probably too late to matter and there were only 15 posts anyway, but just to make my mark on the world!

    I really loved D3 at release and through RoS release and I played it avidly (though not grindy, maybe five hours a week or so) for about two years. But at some point after RoS was released the design started going more towards what most people seemed to respond positively to, and what I started to really dislike. I was kind of hoping that a “big patch” would insert something for me to latch onto, but apparently not. Oh well, lots of other games.

    (For reference, the stuff that I didn’t like much involved a metagame focused around speedrunning for progression, and a skill/gear system that encouraged you to select a skill and find gear that enhanced that skill. I played for 2+ years using random skills every play session, and find that using the same skill day after day feels stale and is at odds with the free-spec skill system they’ve inserted. It’s one of the reasons I can’t really stand PoE much, as that game is literally built around using the same exact skill over and over.)

    • mechabuddha says:

      You’re not alone. I feel pretty much exactly the same way about D3 and haven’t touched it in a while. All that grinding to calcify my skill loadout? Meh.

  5. CaffeinePwrdAl says:

    So through all of Diablo 2, while defending the entire world from the onslaught of evil, Deckard was only allowed the knock off cube? He’d be pissed if he knew!