Lovely Weather We’re Having Checks Your Skies


Here’s a cute 3D explorer game about the weather that’s just popped up on Steam Greenlight. It’s called Lovely Weather We’re Having [official site] and it looks gentle and colourful and weathery which is rather appealing as I’ve had a nice morning of typing and listening to the rain fall outside.

“You play as a young girl who’s locked out of her house, and there’s also a cute dog and a dozen NPC friends with distinct personalities,” says developer Julian Glander. The neat part for me is that the environment she is exploring changes to reflect local weather data.

I love weather effects in games. I’d say rain is generally my preferred game weather because the ambient patter and splashing sounds help me relax and concentrate, but Animal Crossing’s snowy days were magical.

Actually, I made a Storify ages ago when people sent me stories about how in-game weather affected their mood. I’ll pop it here because it was lovely:


  1. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    The Witcher 3 had some great weather effects. I remember a couple of times where a thunderstorm would roll in as I was approaching a town for a quest. It really created an ominous feeling that suited the context of the story.

    The rain in Ground Zeroes was quite impressive as well. The base has a completely different feel during the daytime missions.

  2. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Can’t wait to play the game during a tsunami.

  3. Fitzmogwai says:

    Black & White had the same local weather system, as I recall. And the later versions of Microsoft Flight could pull in weather data for your trips too. It’s a lovely idea.

  4. yhancik says:

    The weather changes (through time & seasons) is something I really enjoyed in Proteus. It’s one of the elements that made that island feel so much like a place, to me. The same goes for STALKER (in a very different mood).

    In a way I feel the weather in a game environment is a bit animation/AI for a character.

    I always found the rain in Kentucky Route Zero strangely satisfying link to but it’s kind of different