Shovel Knight’s Free Expansion “Coming Soon”

Shovel Knight [official site] is a fine game, drawing influence from many 8-bit games into a smart, slick, and unique fight-o-platformer which rises above plain old nostalgia. (Read what Cobbo said about it.) It’s about to get bigger and better, thanks to a free expansion which developers Yacht Club Games say really is “coming soon” for real this time. They’ve made a trailer and everything to show how much they mean it.

Plague of Shadows stars Plague Knight, a boss from the original campaign. He’ll be taking on his former allies in the Order of No Quarter, rocking around with his chemical powers. He takes a slightly different path through the game, facing new enemies and bosses too.

The expansion will also add equipment and power-up crafting through an alchemy system, along with a Challenge Mode setting tasks like speed runs and puzzles.

Plague of Shadows rolls together several stretch goals from Shovel Knight’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. Looking for $75,000, Yacht Club Games ended up with $311,502. They had planned to release the expansion before the end of this June, but, well, they didn’t. They now say it’s “coming soon.” It’ll be free to everyone who owns the game – thanks, Kickstarter backers!


  1. Enso says:

    Woop! Just loaded this up yesterday to play time trial only to realise it didn’t have one. Great news.

  2. piedpiper says:

    Shovel Knight is one of those games I hated when I played because it was ridiculously hard. And then I beat it in much harder New Game+ mode. And now all hate dissapeared and I have a feeling like I played instant cult-classic videogame.

    Seriously, I got shivers down my spine watching that trailer and listening to that music. I feel excited.

  3. DaceX says:

    Gosh, this music…when the theme kicked in, just great.
    Looks glorious, and a lot more hectic and complicated then the base game.which I totally don´t mind. I hope it´s a simultaneous release across the platforms, I´d like to play it on the go.

  4. Dale Winton says:

    I can’t get past the second level , it’s just too hard

  5. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Sweet. Seems like it will be free for all versions (including 3DS where my knight lives.)

  6. Ejia says:

    Strange that this never got a WIT. I suppose it seemed like obvious nostalgia bait, but that music is stellar.

  7. Humppakummitus says:

    Guys, if you absolutely must resize pixel art, try this. First double the picture size without using antialiasing until you’ve got a larger image than your target. Then resize to target size with antialiasing. Gives a much nicer image without the weird stretchy pixel thing going on up there.