Purretty: Shelter 2 DLC Ventures Into The Mountains

My nurturing instincts stretch only as far as buying a doughnut for Cara when I fetch my morning coffee, so Shelter 2 [official site] is perhaps not the game for me (Pip also struggled). However, Might & Delight’s game about a lynx caring for her cubs is awfully pretty, and its new DLC may lure me in to gawp at rock formations and aurora borealis.

Named Mountains, because it adds mountains, the DLC launched this week. It’s on Steam and GOG and whatnot for £4.

Mountains takes the lynx family up into those spiky bits of land, from rolling lowlands to snowy peaks. Foxes, bears, and birds of prey are all over the place, and M&D say “Certain animals acts as both prey and predator.” Interesting! The mountain area naturally brings new weather effects and lighting schemes, with what M&D call “A rich winter evening, a misty autumn, and cold spring and a vivid summer palette.”

It certainly does look pretty. Look:

And here’s a spot of bother with a bear:

Might and Delight’s next game is the confusing yet beautiful Child of Cooper. They haven’t said much about what exactly it is but crumbs, that art!


  1. Ross Angus says:

    That music sure is lovely. Also nice to have new locations for my cubs to be murdered in.

    (incidentally, the DLC is also available on GOG)

  2. Synesthesia says:

    Man, that is some seriously good art direction. Kudos to them.