Watch 40 Minutes Of Sword Coast Legends

Seeping out from the D&D fantasy maw from whence all RPGs come is Sword Coast Legends [official site], a new action role-playing slashy-slashy project which expands on D&D’s famed Forgotten Realms setting. You may remember me mentioning it earlier in the month when news arrived that its PC release would be delayed until September 28th. Here I am again, this time a harbinger of happier news – and there’s 40 minutes of game footage below.

If you’re feeling especially hungry for isometric savagery then you can get access to the game as early as September 11 so long as you pre-order. The head start happens in three phases which are dependant on which edition of the game has been pre-ordered. Stage one, which is for the Limited Edition Collector’s or Campaign Collector’s packs, starts September 11 and runs until the 13th. The second access period runs from September 18-20 for all pre-order customers – both sessions will focus on the Dungeon Master campaign creation and dungeon crawl modes.

The third and last early access session runs from September 24-29 and contains all previous content, as well as story campaign access for Design Council members.

Sword Coast Legends is available for pre-order from Steam for $34.99. Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Edition are also available for pre-order for $59.99 and $239.99, respectively.


  1. PsychoWedge says:

    Really? Now pre-orders allow you earlier access to a game? And how early depends on how expensive your pre-order edition was? This is soooo much bullshit I am honestly astonished that Ubi$soft hasn’t done it yet…

    • SaintAn says:

      Any game that does that deserves to be pirated or boycotted. Really crappy thing to do to paying customers.

      • Premium User Badge

        Aerothorn says:

        Er, what? Early access is pretty weird, but to me it seems greatly preferable to the widespread practice of separating out story content (hello, Human Revolution!). In the long run it’s the same game. I’m not sure how this justifies piracy?

      • Shuck says:

        But this is just how publishing works, really. Books come out with the hardcover edition that costs more before the paperback – it’s a way of having people pay more to get earlier access (the printing costs are higher, but not that much higher). With games, even with all early access programs aside, you pay full price to get a game on release, knowing that it will quickly become discounted (not even counting special sales) over time. You pay more for earlier access because you feel it’s worth it. If it’s not worth it, wait until the price drops. Don’t get entitled.

        • trn says:

          There is a fine line between entitlement and justified outrage and it is a line that is different for everyone. I’d say, for instance, that just because something has been normalised (e.g. Hardback /Paperback) doesn’t mean that it is acceptable practice.

          • Michael Anson says:

            That line pretty much ends when saying that a feature of a game justifies stealing it instead of paying for it. That’s the purest sense of entitlement, claiming that you deserve something without paying for it, when you could afford to do so. That isn’t outrage, that’s finding an excuse.

        • anonzp says:

          did you actually just call someone entitled because they thought it was stupid that you get access to a game based on how much money you pay? holy shit what kind of world do you live in where its wrong for someone to think they should have to wait just because they didn’t buy into stupid fucking preorders, which are ridiculous at the start since its electronic and people dont need to worry about not getting a physical copy any more.

          and for the record, hard cover books are sold to people before soft covers much the same reason as movies are released before blurays.

          • DarkFenix says:

            Did you actually read the comment Shuck replied to? SaintAn said the game deserves to be pirated (ie. effectively stolen) because it does this. It’s hard to think of a comment more entitled than that.

            Earlier access for paying more is (depending on the type of game) not bad at all as far as paid benefits go. It avoids any denied content and frankly why should you care if someone else gets to play the game first? If it’s not an MMO or similar their ability to play the game has no impact on you whatsoever.

      • Michael Anson says:

        Anybody who says a game deserves to be pirated is, in my eyes at least, immediately discredited. Nobody has a right to content for free. If you don’t like something about a game, don’t play it.

        • ButteringSundays says:

          A publisher making available content difficult to access is the ONLY reason to pirate something. In this case you could argue that it’s economic discrimination.

          If you can’t access it legitimately for a fair price that you’re able or willing to pay then who’s losing out if you access it for free? This is piracy 101.

          I’m not necessarily saying this is a great example, but besides, whether you personally justify it or not is irrelevant, making something that’s otherwise available difficult to access leads to privacy – whether that be due to price, withholding the product from certain markets etc. This particular gouging strategy also leads to community issues, as you essentially end up creating different classes of players. A trinket or cosmetic item doesn’t have the same effect – but also isn’t as effective at extracting more money from the player base.

          Just adding some nuance to the discussion though, not necessarily backing any horse in this particular race.

          • ButteringSundays says:

            Doh, privacy = piracy.

            What genius decided that a comments system shouldn’t have an edit function? Could they perchance do a cursory search on the inter webs for UX research on such topics, it’s getting silly now.

          • DarkFenix says:

            They aren’t making content difficult to access, those who paid more get to play the game in limited fashion 17 days early. I hardly think playing a game for a few days ahead of full release merits such a tag as “economic discrimination” (which incidentally is pretty much a cornerstone of western society anyway). There are plenty of examples of games where monetary incentives are bad for the game or the consumer, this isn’t one of them, this one is a real example of entitlement where people are making a fuss over nothing.

        • Premium User Badge

          Aerothorn says:

          Speaking as a librarian, I actually believe that people have a right to an enormous amount of content for free. This is a different question than whether they should have access without the publisher/author being compensated, however.

        • ikanreed says:

          While I agree that piracy is never morally justified, I also feel that leveraging copyright law to push people into purchasing a product before impartial quality assessment information is available about that product is also morally unjustified.

          Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I’d prefer people punish companies that do this any way they personally appropriate.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      That’s been a Kickstarter thing for a while, though I have no idea who wants to play an alpha/beta of a story-based game.

    • Enso says:

      Piracy!?!? Internet white knights assemble! Rabble rabble rabble.

  2. Assirra says:

    This is actually a really coming theme in mmo’s.
    I am not sure it got used in a single player game before tough.

    • PsychoWedge says:

      Well yeah, in MMOs it’s kind of a tradition by now but then again it also helps to spread the initial player masses a bit so I think that is more or less ok. And at least with the MMOs I’ve played it never was based on how much you spend on your pre-order but just the early start of 3-5 days for everybody with a pre-order.

  3. SaintAn says:

    Only $239.99? Well I suppose I’ll just buy this single game instead of an Xbox One then. Really good deal! /sarcasm

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      Hey hey hey now… don’t be so fast to knock it, it comes with a cloth map and a figurine. Try finding those for less than $180!

      • son_of_montfort says:

        It also comes with five copies of the game… so that means around $55 a copy. That isn’t a bad deal for a group.

    • MisterFurious says:

      Holy crap! Does an Elven maiden come to your house to polish your sword whilst you play?

    • spoileddecayingmaggots says:

      Good…Lord…Some people today are SO spoiled and have a sense that they deserve something for nothing. Political affiliation aside…you pay the 30 or 40 dollars and you get product x on date x…is this changed at all here? Nope. Now…you pay 250 some odd dollars and you get to play the INCOMPLETE version of the game for 15-17 days ahead of the people that paid 30-40 dollars? Sounds fair to me…no way am I gonna pay that for such a perk, but who am I to judge…or even friggin care..who does go for this ridiculous “perk?” For anyone to get upset about it or think the hard working heart felt work that went into this or any production deserves to be boycotted or thieved IS ABSOLUTELY INFANTILE and your brain is still in the “id” stage of development. Grow up and stop whining about it like you do to your mother for ice cream instead of meat and potato’s. Go ahead and censure me.

    • spoileddecayingmaggots says:

      Please make my day SaintAn…please reply.

  4. Lobotomist says:


    If you want to play Custom made adventure offline, you will not be able to lead party of 4 character, but only play as single character.

    Basically the game will be only half functional if you want to enjoy custom made modules offline.

    Its something they try to keep hush hush for some time now.

    The game is basically made for online play. And its not the make and play player made adventures tool as NWN was.

    Just info if you are considering preorder.

  5. Jane Doe says:

    “Can you hire companions?”
    “No, you cannot hire companions.”

    So, no party NPCs with backstories and dialog then? Ok, screw it.

    • Michael Anson says:

      Hireable companions and NPCs with backstory and dialogue are frequently two entirely different things, which makes your comment a tad confusing.

      • Jane Doe says:

        Well, true, but since its been a known fact that you can create your entire party from scratch, you should know what he ment with it. I’ve been searching for information about “real” followers for a while, but it seems like there’s an NDA-blanket over it.

        Tbh, the entire game looks like a Dragon Age 2 *light*. And the only good thing about DA2 were the party NPCs and the interaction with/between them. The rest of the game was pretty horrible.

        • .backslash says:

          “I’ve been searching for information about “real” followers for a while, but it seems like there’s an NDA-blanket over it.”

          Google-> type ‘Sword Coast Legends’ -> first link -> About (hover) -> Characters.


          Google -> “Sword Coast legends Companions” -> first link

          Long time, huh?

  6. McPartyson says:

    The guy in the glasses isn’t very proficient at playing the game.

  7. Shade says:

    I hate the old style view. When will someone make a good rpg with great graphics with a 21st century view? I refuse to play old style view/graphics games like pillars of eternity and quite frankly this game. I got excited to see another D&D game was out and then was disappointed after seeing the clips. Sigh….

    • king0zymandias says:

      What do you mean by old style view? The top-down camera perspective?

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      I am also unsure what a “21st century view” is.

  8. shrieki says:

    old style view is awesome ! :)

    and they still make the most awesome cobble-stones. love the cobble-stones.

  9. akunjkn says:

    The happy news ? true and thanks so much for writing this all

  10. Aldaron says:

    So close to release and they still haven’t even shown character creation…