This Means Wargame: Eugen Launch Act Of Aggression

War! Huah! What is it good for? Trite jokes, certainly, but it also provides a convenient theme to cover systems of risk, reward, deception, possibility, and control that are pretty fun to explore in video games. Thanks, war – you’ve done us all right. Aside from that whole ‘killing millions’ part.

The latest war ’em up is Act of Aggression [official site], the new real-time strategy game from Wargame developers Eugen Systems, and a follow-up to their olde Act of War games. It’s out now, launched today.

Act of Aggressions a near-future throwdown between three factions with modern-ish arms and vehicles, along with some zany stuff like honking great railguns. It’s shooting for that arcade-y ’90s style of RTS where you build your own sprawling base and send out harvesters to gather materials as you pump out armies, which is an old style I still have a soft spot for.

I couldn’t tell you much more about it, but Eugen have been running a beta for a while, so perhaps some of y’all have played it and could tell the rest of us about it?

Act of Aggression is £34.99 for Windows on Steam. Here’s the launch trailer:


  1. RedViv says:

    Right as I finish up Grey Goo, which was delightfully odd and grand. Lovely.

    • RedViv says:

      P.S. Due to no edit: Love, love the well-polished classic RTS coming back. I mean, I also love/am scared by/adore the WarGame series, but it’s very much not a bad thing, the genre finally crawling out from under the big, hulking, WH40K-“inspired” shadow of the colossus at the top.

      • Thurgret says:

        Although made by the same company, this definitely isn’t Wargame. Much more of a generic RTS, with a seemingly pretty bland single player campaign if the PC Gamer review is anything to go by.

      • Shadow says:

        It’s somewhat like C&C Generals and Act of War, I’ve heard. Some call it a spiritual successor of the latter, in fact.

        • EhexT says:

          It’s really unfortunate the developers basically removed everything interesting about Act of War from Act of Aggression – even stuff that was in the game during the beta. Like the entire stealth mechanic, only the barest most useless hints of it remain in the game, because whiny babies on forums couldn’t be bothered to build detector units.

          Imagine if Blizzard did that – oh no better take out dark Templar or observers, some people can’t figure out how to counter them.

  2. iaguz says:

    To anyone who has played it, can you micro stuff? How is it for micro-ing stuff?

    • SeinGalton says:

      ROOTiaguz? The micro is a little shitty right now cuz there’s like a built-in unit response delay. If they fix that it could be fun cuz there’s a TON of potential micro to do. I put some opinions up on for people coming from SC2 into this game — it’s in the AoA thread in Other Games on there.

    • SirRoderick says:

      I would say it is definitely a macro focused game. Grabbing resources and massing units of a correct composition are WAY more important than battlefield movements, nothing like a game such as Starcraft for instance, where your units repond instantly.

      • iaguz says:

        Oh well that’s unfortunate.


      • SeinGalton says:

        Let’s be fair here: hold fire/reload micro, harvester suicide mirco, load/unload micro, on-road/off-road, POW capping, ADS micro, infantry spreading, etc — there are a ton of units all with different behaviours and there’s a lot TO micro. It just sucks to try currently cuz the units are slow to respond, making it very frustrating.

        And saying the game is macro-focused — well, when in an RTS hasn’t it been better to have more stuff than your opponent. This is NOT Planetray Annihilation or Grey Goo: you can be extremely cost efficient even with low-tech units. Position, vision and scouting are ace and high level play is getting increasingly technical right now. Macro is probably too easy in this game for it to be the deciding skill.

  3. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Small request should a WIT be happening, could you talk about how much is there for people that generally only play these games single player please? Their website says there is a campaign (although only two factions, and on the same maps) but after that there’s only skirmish, which may not be enough for a £35 game. For me at least.

    Anyway, just a small request, in case a WIT will happen. Ta.

  4. Warduke says:

    Hoping this is like C&C Generals… God I miss that game. EA please just re-release Generals and Zero Hour in HD and fix the damn Netcode and I will give you all of my moneys!!!

    • XhomeB says:

      Generals…great atmosphere, memorable music and unique, diverse factions with units one could use in really satisfying ways (even ignoring GLA and its uniqueness, remember USA with its versatile and stupidly fun-to-toy-around-with air force? For instance, using Snipers to take out a Stinger Site’s crew and leveling the structure with Stealth Bombers immediately afterwards? Generals was full of such cool scenarios. The first time I loaded Marines into a Chinook in order to assault a building occupied by enemy forces… that was jaw-dropping).

      Act of Aggression is… so bland in comparision. Boring units, “select-box your tanks and A-move” type of strategy. No depth to it all. Such a shame.

      • jangove says:


        I haven’t tried the campaign, and I’m sure I’ll get some mileage out of it. I pre-ordered on the back of my adoration for European Escalation, ALB, and Red Dragon (And I don’t regret that, really. Sometimes there are publishers I just want to support and Eugen systems is definitely one of those). I loved the Wargame series for its scale and depth and the way it captured the feel of that kind of maneuver warfare at the brigade level. More than anything, it felt like a companion to Harpoon, of all things. What I’ve seen of Act of Aggression just doesn’t have any of that magic. I just hope that they go back to what they do so well; I would be thrilled by just another set of campaigns set in Europe (especially if they brought the pre-built battle groups into the campaign again; for whatever reason I liked that more than Red Dragon’s more ad hoc, DYI from company and battalion elements approach).

        Speaking of Wargame: does anyone know if it is possible for a relative novice to mod the campaign victory conditions? Specifically, I’d like to be able to extend the NATO campaigns so that they don’t win on points.

        • Afro says:

          Yup, I’ve logged such a insane amount of hours into EE, ALB and RD. Hell, if I dont have anything better to do I still log into RD to do a few 10v10 low point games. I bought AoA purely because I love their work. I just cant deal with the RTS Micro, the reason I loved the wargame series was that units would be somewhat useful on their own, and you could focus on the bigger picture.

    • australopithecus says:

      Absolutely. C&C Generals Zero Hour with fixed bugs and netcode, and ranked match making. That’s all I want for Christmas.

      I’ll give Act of Aggression a go and see if it comes anywhere near the decade old Generals.

  5. Lizergamid says:

    This game is a big disappointment for me, awful graphic (even on insane level) and boring , really boring gameplay with old (but not good old) solutions.

  6. GreatBigWhiteWorld says:

    Good. Now they can get back to working on Wargame =D

  7. aircool says:

    Is this a micro heavy game? I’m slow and prefer to watch the action unfold on screen rather than just hammer keyboard shortcuts, so any feedback would be appreciated.

    I love the Wargame series, but only play online (in a group) as I’m not aggressive enough against the AI.

    • SirRoderick says:

      The main focus is resource gathering, base expansion and unit production/research. So making money, spending money and securing positions. Micro is possible but units respond a bit slowly, making it far more important to bring the correct kit for the job than to fiddle with details in a fight.

  8. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    But does it have FMV cutscenes? That’s all I need to know.
    Act of War had cutscenes that put anything in the C&C universe to shame. Think amateur theater filming a knockoff of ’24’ on a cellphone camera levels of bad. It was epic.

  9. Dave Tosser says:

    There was me thinking warhuhwotisitgoodfor jokes died with print journalism. Guess not.

    Also, a sci-fi RTS! Another thing not dead. Only this time thankfully.