ARK: Survival Evolved – Let’s Play, Part 5

Ark: Survival Evolved [official site] is the survival game du jour, and not without cause. While others have tried to create games that combine dinosaurs and the crafting, progression, and violent encounters typical of the genre, ARK’s early access release seems to come the closest to pulling it off. To explore it a little more, we asked Andro Dars to make a video playthrough to show what works and what doesn’t. Part five is below.

In part five: leading a dinosaur procession, exploring some giant player bases, and visiting a dinosaur motel.

You can find part one elsewhere or that and any other episode by manipulating the playlist in the YouTube embed above.

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Don’t like videos at all? We’ve got words about ARK too, such as the tale of Brendan Caldwell’s encounter with an unusually friendly bunch of players.

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  1. Deathshadow says:

    I put about 30 hrs into this game got to level 20 on 1 server and level 15 on a couple others. What I am seeing though nothing like like tribe vs tribe. I see a lot of abandoned structures and “cities”. Also the lag is really annoying. Its like people have given up. Maybe Im on at the wrong time or something. That funnest and most “f” up was PVP hardcore. I literally was running for my life from other players. I reached level 8 at one point only to be picked up by a guy on a pterodactyl and dropped to my death. I was roflmao and pissed at the same time!

    • Cinek says:

      Jesus, 30 hours to level 20. Is that game really so f*** grindy?!

      • Cinek says:

        (just to elaborate: From what I found there’s 80 levels, with new stuff unlocking up to level 70. So… lol)

  2. Insignus says:

    Mr. Dars, if you would like to play around with some of the more advanced equipment, I would encourage you to stop by Official Server #49. We’re all very friendly and wouldn’t mind letting you play with some. I personally gave a newb a crossbow the other day just for giggles. In fact, if you stop by any official server and mention you’re making a let’s play for RPS, I’m sure they’d let you have some goodies.

    On a side note, this will probably create thousands of players using your name in game to scam free equipment, which will eventually become a meme that you can cover in RPS in a few months. Fun times.

    Also, your surprise reaction to the existence of windows was adorable. If you survive to level 45, you will eventually refer to them as “Grenade Holes”

    Video note: This format, as with other RPS videos, doesn’t quite buffer very well for me. I can watch it in 3 minute segments. This does not affect other sites which use youtube embeds. It plays much better when watched on youtube.

    Gameplay Note: Just refer to the Phlomia as a Filo. Also, you need more dilos to experience ark properly (No less then 7 and no more than 129), and if you have trouble moving through woods, I would encourage you to wait to move your herd en masse until you get a trike or a stego, which you can use to bulldoze a hole for your herd. You can acquire saddles for this via trading for the blueprints from higher level players.

    Personally, I use an Anklyo, and never leave base without an entourage of between 8-9 dilos, 3 turtles and a sarco. The bulldozer dramatically reduces travel times.

    • Cinek says:

      I already see this crowd of Mr. Darses asking for a free equipment on a server #49 :D

  3. Darth Gangrel says:

    Seeing the title The Last Dinosaur made me think of 80’s cartoon TV series Denver the Last Dinosaur and now its theme song has become stuck in my head thanks to you Mr Dars. Therefore, I feel compelled to let all others reading these comments to experience it as well: link to

  4. Aankhen says:

    If this truly is the last instalment, I say goodbye with no little sadness. I don’t know how I got so attached in just five episodes!