World Of Warships Weighing Anchor On The 17th

Mate, I would swim in this sea.

After two months of ships circling each other honking and making puffy smoke clouds in open beta, and probably some cannon fire too now I think about it, World of Warships [official site] is almost ready to properly launch. Developers Wargaming today announced that on September 17th they’ll smash a bottle over the free-to-play naval battler’s bow and christen it the HMS Totes Released before sending it down the digital slipway into the virtual sea.

Release it. They’ll release it. World of Warships is coming out on September 17th.

Like World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, Warships is a fairly arcade-y take on ye olde warfare based around different classes of ship that counter each other in different ways. Here, that’s destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers.

But what oh what will be in the game at launch? Wargaming explain:

“On September 17th, players will have four distinct classes of warships to command, featuring some of history’s most iconic vessels including legendary battleship Yamato and aircraft carrier Midway. Two full Tech Trees from the U.S. and Japan are available at launch, and several vessels from the U.K, Germany, and the U.S.S.R, including Warspite, Tirpitz, and Aurora also enter the fight. In total, there are currently over 80 historical vessels available, with more nations on their way this year.”


  1. mega karaczan says:

    The same date the USSR invaded Poland during WW II. Very tactful indeed, Wargaming.

    • Cinek says:

      Well… not really during – it was the very beginning, Germans were first to pull the trigger, but both countries coordinated attack on Poland and later on – splitting few European countries between themselves. Both started WW2.

      Wargaming is just as tactful as it always been – they’re quite well known for promoting USSR and one of world’s worst murderers – Stalin. You literally can buy stalinist inscriptions in the game, with an excuse of “historical accuracy” that’s somehow only applicable to pro-stalinist or pro-USSR items. At the same time World of Warships doesn’t have a rising sun flag that was used by IJN during WW2 and currently is being used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

      Hypocrisy on top of hypocrisy.

      • gorice says:

        “Both started WW2.”

        I know this is a massive digression, but I’m getting really, really sick of hearing this kind of thing everywhere I go on the interwebs these days. Putting aside the fact that the Japanese had been invading China for years by that point, no fair discussion of Soviet relations with Germany (and, yes, Soviet atrocities and cynicism) can take place without a discussion of the prededing years — Munich, the collapse of the popular front policies and Litvinov’s subsequent humiliation, all that jazz. And, you know, Poland’s cynical obstruction of Soviet-French attempts to build a European alliance to contain Hitler. Apparently Czechoslovakia wasn’t a real country or something.

  2. Askis says:

    Well, the Warspite, Aurora and Tirpitz are Premium Ships…
    Didn’t think they’d officially launch with just two Tech Trees, but they’ve been selling stuff since the closed beta, guess they want WoWS to make as much money as quickly as possible.

  3. SpiceTheCat says:

    Alice nicely invoking the spirit of Tim Stone there. There is no metaphor insufficiently pliable to be extended, like a copper billet though a wire-drawing machine, until it can be strung through an extended sentence and even a paragraph like a telegraph, communicating a thought with pulses of electricity while the wind of imagination sings around its metallic filaments. Well done.

    • Ross Angus says:

      If I ever took up needlepoint, I’d reproduce Tim Stone’s opening paragraphs, and then frame them, so that the world can know his wisdom.

  4. LNO says:

    I am a bit surprised at the quick launch. Ive played a couple of hundred battles in the openbeta and enjoyed it. But I dont really see the long lasting appeal like in WoT. Ive got all ships upto tier 5/6 but I dont fancy the higher teirs. Only additional lines/countries could make an impact, but that apparently will take a while.

  5. Bullfrog says:

    So not long to wait if I want tirpitz my skills against other online admirals Good news.

  6. rumtotinggamer says:

    Game is fun but becomes tiresome unfortunately quite fast, just like in WOT which I quit playing at the end of 2012 you get the same ol maps played in the same ol way with the same ol type of players who insult and boss you around if they even use chat or speak English at all.

    As someone said going above tier 6 just isnt worth it being some ships are worse than their predecessors, it puts you in mixed up brutal MM and is untenable without premium which I don’t use.

    Battleships require your teammates to protect you to be effective which most of the time doesn’t happen and you end up being a turd attracting flies, and with the inaccuracy, 30sec+ reload and the time it takes to get into position for a shot you’re either dead or the game won/lost anyway.

    Carriers are borderline OP which I suppose is historical but when they can drop 6 torpedoes 1km away from your ship which is just ridiculous anyway giving you absolutely no chance of avoiding them yet shots miss/do no damage all the time it does feel kind of unfair.

    Destroyers only weak point is their armour, with their speed, concealment over 4km and ability to fire off upto 6 torpedoes every 20-30 seconds they can pretty much decide games if the player is fortunate/good enough.

    That leaves cruisers which I mostly play and most others do too being the all rounders.

    So yeah, exceptions are there but this is my experience, I look forward to the RN arriving and that will hold me for a while but not feeling this being a long term play thing.

    • DarkLiberator says:

      Yeah the IJN destroyers are horrible late tiers, not to mention there’s so many planes from the CVs in that tier that its pointless to try to hide.

      I do love my North Carolina though.

    • WiggumEsquilax says:

      I stopped playing battleships, they’re just not worth the effort. I recommend everyone else do the same.

  7. Saarlaender39 says:

    Alice O’Connor: “Mate, I would swim in this sea.”

    You sure could try to swim in this sea – just don’t expect it to be either enjoyable, or to be a long lasting activity.

    Judging by the picture – especially the icebergs and the snow covered coastline – the water temperature is likely around +9°C to -1°C (48.2°F to 30.2°F).

    Your (numbed by the cold) body will sink like lead to the bottom after two to 15 minutes (the latter, of course, only, if the water is “warm”, and you’re a real tough nut to crack).

    Ah, mother nature – the natural born killer.


    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Pssh! I’ve swam a good 20 minutes in 2C water, and consider 9C to be warm. Before I moved to Scotland, I swam often in the Ladies’ Pond on Hampstead Heath, all through the winter until it fully iced over and we were sent to the Men’s Pond with its de-icing bubble jets.

  8. BlissAuthority says:

    There is a Space Battleship Yamato mod of this and it’s incredible.