What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

The weekend crept up on us silently, catching us snoozing or distracted flicking through magazines. But now it’s here! Loudly! In our faces! And has brought a dog! Read on to be wholly surprised by which game many of us are playing this weekend, then why not tell us what you’re clacking away at?

Adam: Metal Gear. Is everyone going to say Metal Gear? It’s extraordinarily good and I say that as someone who has never really gotten along with the series. I like the first three well enough but I’ve never fully understood the frothing excitement they generate. This is like a stealth game crashed into Far Cry 2 though and I can’t get enough of it.

That said, I’ll be making time for Mad Max as well, which is relatively pedestrian but extremely satisfying. If Fallout 4’s Wasteland looks half as good as Max’s, I’ll be astonished.

Alec: [I am doing something far too important and secretive to tell Alice as she’d probably tell the whole flipping Internet about my plan to make a real live Big Boss out of kebab meat scavenged from the pavements of Brighton and animated with a series of 9V batteries and heck my fingers are so bloody and broken from fighting gulls for scraps that I can’t type an e-mail right now anyway. I imagine he would say -ed.]
Alice: It’s Metal Gear, obviously. Of course it is. Cara and I have started playing together on the sofa, exploring the many tragedies that befall a lovesick Big Boss named Mozzer. He’ll be wailing about some of them in songs like Lookout (I Thought Was) In A Coma. We’re hoping that finding a dog friend will cheer him up after his troubles with Master Miller, but lawd knows what he’ll do when he encounters ladies. I’ve got a new microphone so we might have a crack at streaming too.
Graham: I’ve been getting up early each morning this week to sneak in a couple of hours of MGSV: The Phantom Pain before work. I’ve completed 5 missions so far and a few of the side-ops, which means I’ve barely scratched the purple paintwork of my Mother Base, but thus far I’m loving it. Like Alec, I appreciate that the silliness undercuts any potential jingoism, but I also like it at this stage for being a relatively straight, systemic stealth game. No wingsuits or magic powers; just a pair of binoculars, a silenced pistol, and a world of AI to play with. I’ll be continuing with it whenever I can this weekend.

John: This weekend I really would like to explore MGS. Apart from a brief foray with the first game on a Playstation, it’s a series I’ve only ever read about. I’d love to get a look at what I see everyone raving about, although am concerned by the time commitment it’s going to require.

I’m far more likely to succeed at spending some more time with Lara Croft Go on my Android, however.

Philippa: I am going to try and get out of my Fallout: New Vegas TARDIS. It is a problem I have entirely brought on myself but I’m actually trapped in the damn thing and can’t finish my quest. This is why you should never mod anything. You get trapped in a dimension of corridors.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. drewski says:

    Rome: Total War and Heartstone.

    Also “socialising” and “study” but those aren’t as fun.

  2. Jonfon says:

    Being Absolute Ruler as my wife’s gone off to a festival, leaving me with two sproglings. Chaos reigns, chances are we’ll be feral by Monday.

    Also trying to play Shadowrun HK and trying not to play Fallout Who Vegas cos if the kids catch wind of it they’ll want to play it too.

  3. lowprices says:

    Going through the DLC for Dishonored. Really enjoying playing as Daud. In the main game I played stealthily and non-lethally, and it’s fun to try the opposite approach for a bit. Once that’s done I’ve got a whole backlog to tackle. Since I can’t afford a PC/console powerful enough to play anything new, the next few months seem like an ideal time to catch up with my unplayed games.

  4. Agnosticus says:

    Stopped playing the dying light demo after 2 hours to not spoil the full-game experience for me. Just waiting for the next sale to come around the corner.

    Also I’m stuck with Aria in the Crypt of the Necrodancer. Damn hard, but sooo good!

    Dusted off Wreckfest, good fun with own music in the background, but still a bit lacking in content and polish.

    And Killing Floor 2…ofc, because it’s great!

  5. Premium User Badge

    SoundDust says:

    A bit of The Curious Expedition.

    And Pillars Of Eternity – picking up after path, I was struggling in Elmshore with the ramped up difficulty, and tried every which way to get around the encounters. Now I’m mustering up the courage to turn it down to Easy..

    Also tons of Ludum Dare entries. Only about 20 played but had a lot of fun with those so far..

    • Aetylus says:

      As counterpoint I’m playing Renowned Explorers… similar theme, more like FtL gameplay.

  6. Freud says:

    Heroes of the Storm. Wondering why people stand in stuff that clearly shouldn’t be stood in.

    • malkav11 says:

      The eternal question. Though usually more of an MMO thing.

  7. Orontes says:

    The game of “should I go out and be more friendly with people and make new friends, or not?” and “what am I doing with my life?” game. Not fun games in all honesty.

    Oh, and Endless Legend perhaps. May buy the new DLC, depending on reviews

  8. Eight Rooks says:

    Metal Gear?!, mostly. Just cleared mission 14, so I’ve got all buddies unlocked; ticking off side ops to test them all out. Haven’t tried the robot yet but horse, dog and sniper lady each have intriguing pros and cons. The game is basically everything Metal Gear writ large: it’s astonishingly stupid, utterly nonsensical, unintentionally hilarious as much as it is actually funny and also frequently a work of absolute genius. I liked 2, 3 and 4, but V is pretty much the best one.

    Although I think

    No wingsuits or magic powers; just a pair of binoculars, a silenced pistol, and a world of AI to play with

    might be a bit optimistic, Graham. Whatever Kojima would like you to think (mangled Arthur C. Clarke quotes ahoy) much of Metal Gear is as close to magic as makes no difference. Hell, I sort of like Quiet so far, despite how idiotic her design is (she couldn’t wear something more like a sports bra?) but still, she’s basically magic. Snake can sprint forever, he has a bionic arm, a holographic pocket computer, a robot friend and technology beyond the wildest dreams of today’s military, AFAIK; he’s so magical he’s practically wearing a robe and wizard hat.

  9. MrPyro says:

    When I get the chance I’m still grinding my way through Chaos Gate; it’s getting a bit repetitive now so I’m playing in small doses.

    I’m supposed to be writing plot for the Pathfinder game I’m running tomorrow, but that seems like effort…

    • welverin says:

      You remind me of someone.

      Of course your players probably have higher standards than those in my friends game, so a suggestion of just using a website to throw some random monsters together for a combat probably wouldn’t help much.

  10. AriochRN says:

    After reading this the other day : link to forces.tv I’ll be having a bit of a play with Carrier Command Gaea Mission. Might go back to MGS Peace Walker on my PSP to get with the stealth vibe around these parts. I seem to be regressing into my teenage years recently regarding gaming so I’ll also be hitting a gamebook (Freeway Fighter, to get the Mad Max feels) and painting some minis. Now where did I put me Jethro Tull tape and zits?

  11. lglethal says:

    Have the house to myself for the next week (first time in a very long time!), so will be trying to catch up on some older games.

    Will probably finally give Watch Dogs ago. I know i said a few weeks ago i was going to give it a try, but it turns my computer into a jet engine (at least for the people not wearing headphones), and so I was effectively banned from playing it when others are in the house. Now that the house is empty, maybe its time to give it a proper go… ;)

  12. ninjapirate says:

    Killing Floor 2, if I find any time to play. Mainly because it’s free on Steam for this weekend.

  13. Andy_Panthro says:

    Dark Souls yet again, I have made it to Sen’s Fortress. Almost made it to the roof, but got knocked off a ledge so now I’ll have to do it all over again…

    • McGuit says:

      I’ll be cleaning up the back end of Scholar of the First Sin in anticipation of going after DS3 when it releases.
      On to Metal Gear after that to hold me until Fallout 4 hits.

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        I doubt I’ll have finishing DS1 before DS3 comes out, so I think I’ll probably skip DS2. Also I’ll be playing DS3 on PS4, since my laptop won’t be able to cope with it.

        I do wonder what the experience of playing DS3 at release will be compared to playing DS1 now, where there are only about 3000-4000 players online.

        • fish99 says:

          TBH I don’t think you lose much playing Dark Souls right now. I played it through in the last week and all the important player messages were present, and as always I entirely opted out of getting invaded by only ever being human briefly to kindle fires.

    • banananas says:

      Aaaah, me too. Again. Can someone please tell me why I can’t stop playing this game? I just finished a PvP STR build and thought ‘Hm. You know what would be different? An INT build!’ And there I go again… this is worse than addictive.
      At this rate I suspect Dark Souls III is the last game I’ll ever play.

  14. ToomuchFluffy says:

    Not really anything the last few days. I finished Defense Grid 2 and should probably continue with Gothic (20 hours and counting, currently hunting for the fourth focus), but I feel like I might try on or the other demo or maybe I will pick up Downfall again. I tried the first 20 minutes or so a while back and liked it, but didn’t continue for some reason.

  15. Didero says:

    The same thing we do every day, Alice. Try to take over the world Nuclear Throne. I just can’t stop playing that game.
    Oh, I’m also finally playing my way through Overlord. I’m further along than I’ve ever been, so I want to finally complete the game, but these ‘puzzles’ in the Abyss are getting a bit annoying. We’ll see.
    Also messing around in Unity a bit, because making things move on a screen is always satisfying.

  16. Mud says:

    Mad Max, fun game.
    With all comperisons made the game has the same feeling as Red dead Redemption, at least for me.

  17. Monggerel says:

    MGS stream sounds like an excellent idea! (says someone who thought Alice’s Dark Souls streams were excellent)

    Also playing MGS V. I haven’t forked out more than 15 cash moneys for a videogame in about five years, so when I bought retail for 60 and had no steam code I was a mite miffed. That was sorted though, and the game is fab!

    Also, a suggestion to anyone playing: Big Boss can go shirtless, to sympathize with Quiet’s plight. (the soldiers at Motherbase also approve)

    • Monggerel says:

      *forked over (forked out sounds entirely inappropriate I apologize sorry)

      • welverin says:

        I think I read it as forked over without even noticing.

      • Sarfrin says:

        “Forked out” is valid English idiom.

        • dahools says:

          Agreed. Forked over more than £15 would make no sense to me?

          Likewise tho this is the most I have spent on a new game in well over a year.

          It’s good, but not in far enough to make up my mind if its the best metal gear solid yet.
          At the moment I feel its a littl ” too ” open for its own good. I’m at 6% and feel I’m trapsing around a bit to much between action as it is.

          • Nasarius says:

            At least as an American, “out” is more common but “over” also seems acceptable.

  18. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Metal Gear. 5% complete so far, and it is spiffing. It is the ‘approach each mission as you see fit’ future we pictured after playing Deus Ex that never seemed to materialise, here in 2015 with all the AAA, photo-real bells and whistles (Damn that animation tech is a fine piece of work, whoever’s responsible isn’t getting paid enough). Super.

  19. aoanla says:

    Probably Invisible, Inc (on Experienced, after finishing a playthrough on Beginner).
    Although, I find I’m quite content focussed nowadays, so if there are no story changes, I might not play until finishing again (depending on how many character unlocks are left). I fully intended to complete Transistor’s NG+, but petered out halfway for the same reason.

    • Iajawl says:

      Invisible Inc becomes a whole new game on the harder difficulties, definitely a good game to play through more than once.

  20. dangermouse76 says:

    Well I’m at Subway Town in Rage. It’s an ok game a fair amount of lightly redressed re-trekking of levels.The gun play is good, the car racing is very easy but great for quickly upgrading your vehicles. The assortment of RC cars, gun turrets etc help change up levels a little but I wouldn’t replay them just to try a different approach.
    I feel there is an allusion to tactical multiple replays without it actually being there……..that’s the best I can conjure up about my feelings.

    I will finish it but this will go into the steam folder marked wont play again.

    • ToomuchFluffy says:

      Agreed on Rage: I already have played through it three times (though I never bother with the last story-section anymore) and even though there are some obvious weaknesses, like the open world structure being there for no good reason, I have always greatly enjoyed the gunplay and the good atmosphere. It feels like Doom 3 without the constant darkness and tension. Which, I guess, you could interpret as either a good or a bad thing.

      • dangermouse76 says:

        Yep it has a great look to it. With some lovely little details.The UK tinges to one of the clans tickles my ivories. I could definitely have enjoyed it just as much as a hub world game without vehicles.

        Plus I think they missed a trick not expanding the customisability (?) of the turrets RC cars etc, think electro wingsticks. But for £5 I am entertained.

  21. rahji says:

    I still cannot abandon Hearthstone and Witcher 3. These games are way too addicting.

  22. welverin says:

    I finished The Talos Principle and Road to Gehenna over the last couple of weeks and after getting a new video card earlier than I anticipated I too shall be playing MGSV.

    There will definitely be some TF2 as well, what with a new contract today and if any of my friends download Evolve for the free weekend I shall try and play that with them.

  23. quietone says:

    Sacred 2 Gold, modded. Because I am waiting for my new computer and I usually play old games during the last days with my soon-to-be-decomissioned computer. Also, Layers of Fear early access with my girlfriend. Totally not because I don’t dare playing it alone! Har, har, har…that would be ridiculous!

  24. Minglefingler says:

    Metal Gear. I wasn’t going to buy it as despite loving the gameplay Kojima’s tendency toward self indulgence put me off the series years ago. I had a change of heart after reading Alec’s diaries which pretty much convinced me that I had to at least give it a try. I’m glad I did, age hasn’t slowed Snake down one bit.

  25. JFS says:

    Stasis. So far, it’s sad, but not very scary. The art and atmosphere is stunning, though. At least if you like “Alien”.

  26. Sarfrin says:

    Styx, thanks to a Steam sale.

  27. spacedyemeerkat says:

    The new Iron Maiden album!

  28. jdogburger says:

    I’m playing Witcher 2 from the first time. Are there any essential mods the community recommends?

  29. InternetBatman says:

    I’ve been playing Our Darker Purpose for two weeks straight. It’s a great come home from work game. I might get into Valkyria Chronicles because its a long weekend.

  30. yan spaceman says:

    MGS V. And if I can squeeze it in, the Evolve free weekend, though I am fairly certain it will be a poor single player experience.

  31. King Trode of Trodain says:

    I would try my hands at biting a sizeable chunk out of the delectable custard pie that is my GOG-library, but I will probably just end up playing yet more DotA, especially now with the hype caused by my fellow swedish r[A]ts being back in full force

  32. malkav11 says:

    Definitely not Metal Gear. I’m not entirely immune to paying $60 for a brand new game when I’ve already got a ton of other stuff on the docket (I did it with GTA V, for example), but I’d need to be way more sanguine I’ll actually enjoy (and be capable of playing) it. I’ve at least rented all four main series Metal Gear Solid games prior to this and I did not get on with the gameplay at all, finding them much more entertaining when I dragooned a friend into playing them while I watched (and subsequently, I discovered Let’s Plays, which are much more convenient). I don’t like their approach to stealth (I prefer the light meters and such of Thief, Splinter Cell and Manhunt), and I feel like there’s way too much gear that’s only useful in combat for a game that heavily discourages engaging in combat except for periodic forced combat encounters. The only Metal Gear games where I actually enjoyed playing them are the PSP Ac!d games, which are a mad trading card game interpretation of stealth action. Those are brilliant and I’d much rather see an Ac!d 3 than MGS V.

    All that said, of course, V is supposedly a substantial departure from prior games in the series. So I may yet pick it up, especially when I’ve gotten around to Ground Zeroes and have a better feel for what it might play like. Right now, though, I have other priorities. Like my Kickstarter copy of brilliant horror adventure Stasis, which I’m indulging in a few puzzles at a time, or lovely indie hacking game Hacknet, which is starting to feel slightly simplistic now but still, feels nicely like hacking without being tedious. And I daresay there will be plenty of Diablo III in my future as well. Got my seasonal Demon Hunter up to 46 last night, with a lovely legendary armor that retaliates against ranged attacks with homing missiles, and a pair of bracers that give experience for picking up gold. (I killed a Gilded Baron and went up two levels immediately from the gold.)

    • dahools says:

      You can find a steam key for a shade under $50 if you shop around.

      That might test your resolve a little more perhaps.

      • malkav11 says:

        $50 is still “full price”, as far as I’m concerned, even if AAA prices have crept up a bit beyond that lately. $25 would test my resolve, but I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon.

        • dahools says:

          Hold out for Christmas then I think. You might get lucky.

          It is pants how games have crept up to console prices in recent times .

          Its the only reason I don’t own witcher 3 yet. I have a few things to entertain me. I will probably wait for an enhanced edition once all the dlc’s and expansions are done with.

          • malkav11 says:

            I paid $30 for Witcher 3 on Nuuvem shortly after release…but have yet to play it much. So there’s that. Alas, Nuuvem’s price on MGS V is roughly $53.

          • dahools says:

            I have not used nuuvem begore I may check them out when next hunting for a deal. Many thanks!

    • geldonyetich says:

      I’m in the same boat: I have such a massive Steam backlog that it’s very hard to justify buying a AAA game at full price. It’s not that the game doesn’t deserve it… it’s more like I don’t.

      I did buy Satellite Reign at release, and am slowly working through it’s cyberpunkery sprawl, but it was already marked down to about the $30 mark at release, so that’s alright for a game this novel.

      I am also finding myself rather enjoying Hand Of Fate, on account of how its approach to endless procedural adventure is rather inspired: presenting it all as a card game played by an enigmatic dealer who narrates as the game progresses.

      Witcher 3 and Starbound are taking up the active backburners, the former being a finished game of excellent content, the latter perpetually working on becoming the same.

      • geldonyetich says:

        At least, a similar boat. It’s not that I’m avoiding MGSV because I suspect it’s not exactly right for me. Because what game is? I’m just avoiding MGSV because I can’t justify a AAA price when I’ve a few hundred unplayed Steam sales.

        Also pardon my misuse of, “it’s.” It’s early, I’m home sick, and there’s no edit button anymore.

        • malkav11 says:

          There are certain things I’m just far too excited about to wait on (like GTA V – sure, I’d already waited well over a year for the PC version, and I haven’t played it much since, but…), but with a pricetag as high as MGS V’s, any doubt is enough to make it feel like a poor investment.

  33. Laurentius says:

    I don’t like what you are playing so I will be playing something else.

  34. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Trying to squeeze off the last few missions of Far Cry 4, which has been the most fun I’ve had playing a FPS since the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. If I get tired of riding an elephant while wielding a rocket launcher, I might load up Endless Legend, seeing as how I picked up the new DLC when it came out and haven’t tried it yet.

  35. MadArcher says:

    Continuing The Witcher 2 and some Planetary Annihilation. The first one to be finally ready to the third and the second to be most probably annihilated.

  36. Nasarius says:

    Surprisingly, I’m not yet bored with Diablo 3 season 4. After I got the Shenlong weapon set, Monk is kinda fun.

    I may or may not start playing Dragon Age 2, just because my friend is currently obsessed with the game and it’s fun to talk to her about such things.

  37. dangermouse76 says:

    Got a choice to make….wanna help ? War Hammer Dawn of 2 and Endless legend,never played either. But I get they are games that require a level of system, and mechanic knowledge that goes beyond playing GTA for example.

    Any fans of either got anything to say about them ?

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      Both are great for different reasons. I prefer DOW II because of what it tries to accomplish as an RTS. It’s essentially Warcraft 3 without the base building. I actually consider it one of my favourite RTS’ because of it’s focus on managing units instead of managing an economy. It’s incredibly satisfying to position a group of units properly and steamroll through a battle because of coordination, not just brute force. Also, it’s 40K… So you get cool looking robits and various bulky dudes in armour.

      Endless Legend is obviously a much different game. It’s big selling point to me was the difference in the faction’s playstyles. Each civ plays completely differently, and depending on which ones are in your game, it will always play out uniquely.

      One Faction is built around money, and they use it for everything. Want to increase your population? Well you don’t increase your growth stat, you just buy more civilians. Want to heal your military? Don’t wait a few turns for their health to come back, just buy it! Another faction controls the global market, like, literally controls it. They can completely lock an enemy faction out from trading with others at a certain point in the game if they want to. The factions are incredible, and the replayability is so high with this game because it always feels so different.

      Still though, I love DOW II more, so play that. Or both. There’s the cop out answer.

      • dangermouse76 says:

        You’ve sold me on DOW 2. Downloading now. Endless Legend is different from Civ but I reckon it’s close enough to give DOW a try. RTS is new to me so there’s a challenge.
        Thanks for your input…..wish me luck.

  38. Barberetti says:

    Currently in the planning stage of a round the world trip in MS Flight Sim X, in a Beechcraft Baron 58, while knocking back a few beers and enjoying the new Iron Maiden album.

    Due to a lack of handy islands in the Atlantic, I’ll be flying to North America (from the UK) via Iceland and Greenland. From there, down through Canada to the US.

    The route over the US will probably be Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, California, Washington and Alaska.

    From there, across the Bering Sea to Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore then Sri Lanka. A quick hop over the Seychelles to Africa, then up to Portugal via Tanzania, DR Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mauritania and Morocco. Then finally across the Bay of Biscay and back to the UK.

    Should be fun, especially as a lot of the trip will involve me sitting back with my feet on the dash, playing guitar and quaffing beer!

    • King Trode of Trodain says:

      Playing guitar at the same time as computer games is a fine thing indeed.

      • Barberetti says:

        It certainly is. It also helps that I’m into open world games. One thing I’ve got into the habit of doing is playing a game in the game’s daytime, then instead of using whatever the game’s mechanic is of forwarding time to dawn, I’ll hunker down somewhere safe for the night and play guitar. It’s a nice chilled out way of practicing, and you can get some good inspiration for music from the game’s landscape and ambient sounds, whether it be the desolate wasteland of Fallout 3, moonlight glistening off the sea in Salt, or looking out over the tundra in Minecraft from a cave in a cliff face. It’s great fun!

        • jonahcutter says:

          That’s great, thanks for sharing it your experience. I love hearing how gaming and gamer culture inspires in other, older art forms.

          It can get even more meta. I’ve got a list of songs that have inspired some of my own writing that I learned of only from watching peoples’ gaming vids. Songs they put into their edited vids that I may never have heard of if not for being a gamer. In some cases the writing itself gets informed and inspired even by the visuals of whatever the game is that they’re playing.

          • Barberetti says:

            Ha, sounds great! I’m not one for watching gaming videos much, but yeah, with the diversity in games and music these days, I imagine you get some really good combos there. Also, some really unexpected ones.

  39. f0rcefl0w says:

    Shadow Of Mordor, finally :)

  40. Det. Bullock says:

    Playing Sword of Vermilion for Sega Mega Drive instead of sleeping because working in the touristic sector in Italy during August left me with a very warped biological clock.

  41. fish99 says:

    I spent the last week with a third playthrough of Dark Souls. Not NG++, but a new character, a dex build with light armour (Shadow set) and dual-handing an Uchigatana.

    Very fun way to play the game and doesn’t feel cheap like a strength or magic build can.

    With this build OnS and Gwyn gave me the most trouble, while Artorias, Manus, Kalameet and the Four Kings were all pretty straight forward. Artorias is still the best fight in the game by miles. I also killed Dark Sun Gwyndolin for the first time and helped Kaathe rather than Frampt.

  42. Professor66 says:

    It was a toss up between MGS and Mad Max.
    I went the way if Mad Max and thoroughly enjoying the Post Apocalyptic Survival game.
    So yeah, this three day weekend is Mad Max all the way!

  43. Premium User Badge

    Alpha1Dash1 says:

    Breach & Clear:Deadline, TarraTech and, if I boot into Windows, a bit of GRAV is on the cards. Interestingly enough, playing TerraTech has shed some light on why one of my friends bought a £350 technical lego for his 4yo son some years ago…

  44. liquidsoap89 says:

    I bought a new monitor!!! The Acer XB270HU is officially the coolest monitor ever. 27 inches, 1440P, 144HZ, IPS, GSYNC… It’s the full meal deal!

    So with that, I will FINALLY be finishing The Witcher 3; which has already warranted the monitor purchase, as GSYNC makes it incredibly smooth. As for the game itself, it’s incredible. Still. That sequence at kaer morhen with the Wild Hunt was so good!

    If I do actually manage to finish TW3, I’ll be starting MGS3 as I want to play through the first games again before I play The Phantom Pain. I’m okay with this because MGS5 costs $75 in Canada, and I refuse to pay that much for video games. Christmas is coming, and I can wait, thankyouverymuch.

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      Yup, that $75 price tag is keeping me well away for the time being. Gotta love that the new standard price for AAA games is nearing the hundred dollar mark, eh?

      • liquidsoap89 says:

        I’m going to try not to buy games at that price simply out of principle. It’s not USUALLY a problem because sites like GMG and Gamersgate often have preorder (yeah risky, I know) bonuses that can warrant the early purchase. I could have bought Mad Max for 50% off before it was even released, but with that game I wanted to wait for some reviews. Even now I think you can still get it for 40% off.

        Console games are worse for this because of the infrequency that they go on sale and also the little amount that you actually save.

        75$ isn’t even the worst though. NBA 2K16, Blops 3, Assassins Creed London… All of those are $80!

  45. moms says:

    Killing Forest
    Gonna collect all the booze and pills lying all over the island, then craft as many bombs as it takes to blowup every tree, mutant cannibal, and alligator (stopping occasionally to wash down pills with alcohol) until I pass out or accidentally blow myself up. (I’m hoping for the latter.)

  46. Person of Con says:

    Darkest Dungeon. I’ve been reading accounts of it for ages, so I thought it was time to traumatize my own batch of dungeoneers. Also, *cough* Marvel Puzzle Quest. I put in all the time to get a level 166 Psylocke, and by God, I’m going to use her.

  47. DeathBeforeDiscomfort says:

    Still playing Divinity: OS. Have to finish it before the enhanced edition comes out. Have to finish THAT before D:OS 2 comes out….

  48. Capitán Indie says:

    Renowned Explorers
    Satellite Reign

    Layers of Fear

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      I really liked KFC; does the sequel add any additional herbs and spices?

  49. TehK says:

    After buying a new graphics card and replaying the storyline of part 2, I’ll now finally be able to start up my Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition, that has been lying around here untouched since release :D

  50. Kitsunin says:

    Renowned Explorers, mostly. It feels like a game which would love to contain more content (oh gods, with gobs of content it’d be so, so lovely). Nonetheless, there’s plenty in there to keep things fresh thus far and for a long time to come I’m sure. It’s great, by the way. Could use some tuning on its difficulty though, it seems like some encounters are totally throwaway and others are nearly impossible if your team happens to be completely wrong. If they were evened out so being careful in all of them is just enough, that’d be amazing.

    I’m tempted to get back into Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Then there’s the expansion coming before too terribly long…considering I haven’t even gotten all the endings yet I probably shouldn’t worry about that though.

    • teije says:

      Yeah, Renowned Explorers is a nice little gem that I’m enjoying a lot right now, and I hope they add more/balance out the encounters. The devs have done an excellent job on it. Also playing Warband which I had never tried before, but bought during the free weekend. Oddly fun even with the entirely crap UI and controls.