Between Me And The Night Spooking Early Access

Nothing takes me back to those good old days of childhood more than a video game where televisions are basically spiders and our protagonist inhabits a Cronenberg shadow world. Between Me and The Night [official site], oh what a beaut’ this is. A surreal action adventure about a kid on the edge and the mysterious house that he lives in.

The project’s makers at RainDance LX have brought the game to the people for a bit of feedback, launching it on Steam Early Access on Friday. Video after the jump.

“A surrealist, yet grounded, videogame that dares to walk the thin path between sanity and madness,” is what the studio call it. “Between Me And The Night is a videogame that dwells on duality: good vs. evil; sanity vs. insanity; day vs. night. Take on the role of a young boy and explore and interact with the mysterious house in which he lives. Solve puzzles around the house to reveal new places, help you overcome the shadows of the night and discover the strange world beyond it’s walls.”

Between Me and the Night has been in development for some time now, with an initial release intended for summer of 2014. The studio had actually brought this to Indiegogo in 2013 with a $70,000 funding goal but failed to reach their target by quite a margin.

Now the team are looking to October 2015 as their release target, but for now they’re tweaking and grinding their way to the finish line. Between Me and The Night costs £12.74 on Steam Early Access for Windows.


  1. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Very very pretty.

    From a purely philosophical perspective, I’m not sure if I like the theme. Dualism caters to humanity’s desire for simplification, the urge to be able to label something and therefore never have to think about it again. The thing is that life doesn’t work in absolutes. There is no good and evil, there’s simply personal experience and the perspective/motivation it provides. Likewise, sanity is not something that you have or you don’t – it’s a spectrum, which is why “insane” is generally considered an outdated word in the mental health community. Hell, even night and day are human constructs used to simplify the gradation of time.

    And on a totally unrelated note, did the headline make anyone else think that the game was called The Night Spooking?

    • Akbar says:

      By choosing not to act on inclinations to purely selfish ends we accept moral law. The will to act in accordance with this law is unqualifiedly good.

    • Kefren says:

      Dualism works even with continuous spectra. For example, there is every variation of colour between any two you might choose, but it doesn’t mean it’s not useful to refer to black or white, even though there’s every shade of grey in between. The extremities of any spectrum stand out and usually gain their own names, and mean something locally. But it’s good to acknowledge that the whole picture is more complicated, even if binary terms are very useful and valid as a shorthand.

    • DevilishEggs says:

      Promotional babble aside, the important duality here is actually that between the mundane and the fantastical … which works pretty well as poles since the former is sort of obvious and self-defining and the latter tends toward extremes.

    • InfamousPotato says:

      If you don’t mind me asking (and if you do, no worries), what do you mean by there being no Good and Evil? I acknowledge that things can get murky, people do good things for bad reasons, or vile things with the best intentions, but usually you can sort it out in the end. If there’s only experience and motivations, are we unable to call anything, no matter how much harm it does, wrong?

    • Cowboybibop says:

      Jesus motherfucker of god!
      Am i reading an interesting philosofical debate in a game comments session?!

      I feel compeled to leave links to animated gifs and memes.

      P.S. Great point of view. But i do tend to believe as days go by that definetely there’s some bad shit and good shit.
      But the insane term is definetly open for debate!

  2. sweetjer says:

    I think the problem with dualism as described is that is focuses too much on A vs B and not enough on the line that connects them. Otherwise something just over the halfway mark is lumped with that which is, by definition, the rarest and most extreme case. ie “capitalism requires some regulation” might be seen as “progressive socialist nonsense” instead of the moderate and pragmatic position it actually is.

    • sweetjer says:

      This was supposed to be in the above thread. Not really a comment on the game.

  3. Buggery says:

    Looking forward to walking very, very slowly away from scary thing

  4. InfamousPotato says:

    This game looks absolutely enchanting. I think I’ll have to wait till it’s out of Early Access. This looks like the sort of game I’ll want to play when it’s complete.