Not Dinosaurs: Dragon Age’s Trespasser DLC Released

You’ve inquired, exsanguinated, and imbibed your way across half of Thedas, but now the adventures in Dragon Age: Inquisition [official site] are drawing to a close. BioWare today released the final DLC for their fantasy RPG, named Trespasser (no, not dinosaurs), and say “Character relationships and big moments are at the forefront of the Inquisitor’s final adventure.” That makes me imagine it may be like Mass Effect 3‘s Citadel DLC, which gave the whole gang a big old send off before they went away to die, become cyborgs, and whatnot. The base game’s on sale to mark the launch too.

A 60% discount brings Inquisition down to £19.99, which isn’t much higher than the Trespasser DLC’s own price tag: £11.99.

I do not like EA’s decision to stop bundling BioWare’s games together with their DLC in ‘Game of the Year’ or whatever editions, but instead selling it all piecemeal at full price for years. I’d like to play ME3’s DLCs but at this point – and for ages past, and for who knows how many years to come? – they cost more than the base game. Heck, ME3 costs £3.99 right now in this BioWare sale Origin appears to be hosting; Citadel alone is still £9.

ANYWAY, onto Trespasser! It’ll venture into new zones, duff up a load of Qunari, and reveal a few mysteries about the Fade. Here are some official approved marketing words:

“You are the Inquisitor and you must decide the Inquisition’s final fate. A tremendous enemy threatens Thedas. The stakes are nothing less than the future of the Inquisition. Your mark burns with the magic of the Fade. Danger is everywhere. Thwart assassins. Fight back an invasion. Even after the Breach has been closed, Dragon Age: Inquisition – Trespasser presents an all-new single player adventure that ups the stakes and then some.”

And here’s a video showing a bit.


  1. ResonanceCascade says:

    But…I want dinosaurs. And bad control schemes. And gameplay features that are both wildly ahead of their time and stunningly inept. And realtime foley. And a big floppy arm.

  2. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Sorry. TW3 made me forget this game exists.

    • loki1944 says:

      Exactly. TW3 smoked DA:I like a bad habit.

    • Aydrian says:

      Oh for crying out loud, can Dragon Age go one freaking article without The Witcher fanboys trying to compare two RPG’s that have almost nothing in common? You like The Witcher? Good for you. STFU already.

      • Orija says:

        Oh for crying out loud, can Dragon Age go one freaking article without the Dragon Age fanboys complaining about The Witcher fanboys trying to compare two RPG’s that have almost nothing in common? You like Dragon Age? Good for you. STFU already.

      • Spider Jerusalem says:

        You sound upset.

        • Aydrian says:

          It’s very annoying. It’s like The Witcher fans are following Dragon Age fans all over the place with a ruler desperately demanding a measuring contest, and Dragon Age fans just want them to go away.

          • Premium User Badge

            Aerothorn says:

            I can certainly see how the repetitiveness of the comments is obnoxious, but I think framing it in terms of Warring Fandoms is a bit much; you can like a game without being a member of some fan collective.

          • BobbyDylan says:

            I don’t believe you. There are clearly no Dragon Age fans, the game was too bad to get any.

          • Spider Jerusalem says:

            Well. I’ve yet to sign up for any cabal. Sorry.

            I just own both games, and playing TW3 has quite absolutely made me forget about DA:I’s existence. Until this post. Now I remember it, but don’t really care.

            Just straight reportage.

      • ResonanceCascade says:

        I mean, if you can’t directly compare two 3rd-in-the-series open-world high-fantasy story-driven roleplaying games that were released within 7 months of each other, I’m not really sure you can make a comparison of anything.

        • Aydrian says:

          They’re dark fantasy RPG games and…that’s where the comparison ends. Their gameplay is completely different. Characters are completely different. Their worlds are completely different. Their combat is completely different. The party mechanics are completely different. Their questing structure is completely different. How they handle choice and consequences are completely different. Their tones are completely different. While The Witcher is a dark fantasy world filled with a foreboding sense of hopelessness, Dragon Age is a dark fantasy world with a more hopeful tone.

          99% of what these games are has nothing in common, and yet people insist on putting them in a competition.

          Hey, Mass Effect and Halo are both games set in a futuristic space setting with aliens. Those two games have the same number of commonalities as The Witcher and Dragon Age, lets compare them.

          • Premium User Badge

            Aerothorn says:

            I think you doth protest too much. You can say that these games are 99% different if you want to be technical; but I feel by the measure you set, no modern RPG can be compared with any other modern RPG. The two games have far more in common with eachother than other randomly-selected games, and they targeted a similar market segment.

          • Ejmir says:

            That’s not true :
            “They’re dark fantasy RPG games and…that’s where the comparison ends.” -> Actually, “dark fantasy” is already a bit stupid. Do you call Alice in Wonderland’s genre “dark tale” ? And there isn’t a permanent dark ambience, like in Dark Soul or other really dark games. It’s fantasy, period.

            “Characters are completely different.” -> Oh… Really ? Both games have a realistic character design. In both games you find badass males and sexy sorceress. They are not “completely” different.

            “Their worlds are completely different.” -> lol, no. They very similar in fact. Semi-open world, with enemies and quests all over the maps. And overall they are both inspired by european medieval landscapes.

            “Their combat is completely different.” -> That one is true, but I wouldn’t say they are “completely” different. You use swords and magic in third person in both games after all. And you fight the same kind of enemies. I’d say that TW3 and HMM VII combat systems are completely different.

            “The party mechanics are completely different.” -> Well, of course. The party system is DA’s signature, while TW is a lone wolf.

            “Their questing structure is completely different.” -> yeah, because DI’s Inquisition one is awful and feels like a MMO. But they are again not “completely” different. A guy ask you to speak to another guy and you have to kill something. THis king of quest is in both games.

            “How they handle choice and consequences are completely different.” -> That’s the best joke about choices and consequences in TW3. No, your choices don’t have such a heavy impact on the story. Both games actually try to do the same thing. And in both games, it’s a cool and immersive feature but not as big as many claim it is.

            “Their tones are completely different. While The Witcher is a dark fantasy world filled with a foreboding sense of hopelessness, Dragon Age is a dark fantasy world with a more hopeful tone.” -> That’s because you’re clearly a TW3 fan. I feel they have very similar tones. Both games think they are re-inventing the genre, and are very serious about that. In both games the narration is arrogant and pretends it can make you fear and cry, smile and rejoice, while it’s outrageously stealing ideas from other worlds (beginning with Game of Thrones) and making a big use of stereotypes.

            “99% of what these games are has nothing in common, and yet people insist on putting them in a competition.” -> you can compare them without putting them in competition. I like the party system of DAI, but I prefer the quests of TW3.

            “Hey, Mass Effect and Halo are both games set in a futuristic space setting with aliens. Those two games have the same number of commonalities as The Witcher and Dragon Age, lets compare them.” -> Sadly I didn’t play Halo so I can’t say anything there. But you can only compare two games if they are different from each other… Just like you can compare two books of the same genre.

          • gunny1993 says:

            DA isn’t Dark Fantasy, the first one has you as a hero born from unlikely origins rising up to fight a great unknowable threat …. it’s like the literal definition of High Fantasy

    • Premium User Badge

      JiminyJickers says:

      I like Witcher 3 better too, but this is still a great RPG in its own right.

      • criskywalker says:

        Well, I compare it to Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 and it’s still an incredibly dull, flawed and boring game.

    • Premium User Badge

      FhnuZoag says:

      Evidently not, because you are still commenting on it.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Same thing – for the purposes of writing a retrospective I bought all of ME2’s DLC at its constant-full-price, and it was a terrible, terrible use of money. It would have been pricey even before the days of cheap-digital-everything; now it’s just absurd how many wonderful full games I can get for the price of 3 hours of usually half-assed DLC.

  4. bleeters says:

    Cool. I’m a bit strapped for cash right now and wasn’t that big into Inquisition in the first place, but I’ll make sure pick it up in a year or two when it’s discounted a bit.

    Oh, right.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Dorga says:

    There can only be one Trespasser, and I don’t see any flappy arms here.

  6. newc0253 says:

    I liked DA: Inquisition. It certainly wasn’t perfect and indeed had several flaws, not least the fact that most of its quests were ultimately thinly-disguised variants of the “collect 7 of this item” variety. But at least it showed that EA hadn’t jettisoned the core of Bioware’s work on the series, the setting and the quality of its characters and its writing.

    But maybe because I’ve just finished playing through the Witcher 3 but this trailer looks underwhelming. I’m certain I will end up getting it anyway but, as trailers go, it’s not inspiring a whole lot of confidence.

  7. blastaz says:

    I could never get into da:I due to how much like hard work they made playing a warrior.

    No auto attack?
    No moving into range?

  8. kael13 says:

    I’ve had a bit of a busy year, so this is still on my ‘gonna finish it in a far flung rainy bank holiday in the distant future’ list.

    It never really gripped me.

    I still haven’t finished the Witcher 3, either. So it’s going to be quite a while indeed!

  9. Wulfram says:

    Dragon Age Inquisition DLC at least seems to be subject to the occasional sale, unlike their previous DLC.

  10. Premium User Badge

    Carra says:

    The inquisitor is a red haired female, they got that part right!

  11. Reyouka says:

    I like both games. Do I get a cookie?

  12. The Godzilla Hunter says:

    It looks interesting -I will admit the Inquisitor’s rant in the trailer made me laugh – though, as pointed out, the price is just too high for me.

    I did find it odd that near the start of the game, when the inquisition was just forming, people kept giving their input about how the Inquisition should give up power after [spoilers] was dealt with, or if such an institution could help the world. I was really expecting whether or not to give up power to be the final big choice of the game, but it ended with the implication that the Inquisition continues. I’m glad that this DLC seems to be addressing the fact that maybe the world leaders would not be so happy having an organization with a sizable army, spy network and influence that only answers to a single, relatively unkown individual being within striking range of two major nations.

    • Person of Con says:

      I agree that it really seemed as if the game was building up to a final choice about the Inquisition, and it still bothers me a bit. Given the time spent on that question versus how much was spent on the actual final objective, the result of that objective seemed like a foregone conclusion. It’s a very odd way of setting up a game’s final boss fight.

  13. Wulfram says:

    I just want to say that this DLC is really awesome, and people who like Dragon Age should play it. Maybe wait for the price to come down (and some bugs to be fixed), but play it.

    It’s fairly short, maybe, but that’s because this is a focused experience without the excessive filler and bad open world stuff that rather bogged down the main game. It’s Bioware doing what they’re best at, at least in my opinion – interesting characters and epic story stuff. And it’s even making Dragon Age’s lore look interesting, which I wouldn’t have said back with Dragon Age Origins

    It’s really not all that similar to Citadel. It’s not a lighthearted fanservice romp with a story that revels in it’s sillyness. The very start takes some inspiration from it as you “re-unite” with your companion, but soon it really gets about as serious as you can in stories about elves and magic and so forth.