! Metal Gear Solid V Save File Corruption Bug Spotted

Got nothing to say to defend yourself, eh?

If you’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain [official site] for a bit, you may have joined up with superfast sunbathing sniper Quiet. Folks warn you that she’s trouble and heck, it seems she is. Publishers Konami have warned that she may corrupt save games on certain missions, and are warning folks until they can fix it. Read on for details because I feel I’ve already spoiled too much in this post and know I thought “Oh huh!” when I saw a tiny insignificant detail in the announcement.

Konami explain on their support site, “there is a possibility that save data may get corrupted and becomes unusable if having Quiet as a buddy while playing ‘Mission 29’ or ‘Mission 42’. This situation can be avoided by not using Quiet as a buddy while playing either ‘Mission 29’ or ‘Mission 42’.” This affects the game on all platforms.

“We deeply apologize, and appreciate your patience for further announcements regarding this issue,” they say.

My response was: coo, it’s got a minimum of 42 missions? That’s… is that more than I was expecting? It’s nice. I’m very excited to explore those missions. We had a big old 90-minute chat about The Phantom Pain today, and (almost) everything I see and read and play and say makes me want more. I look forward to getting to know Quiet better.


  1. Jinoru says:

    Hopefully this doesn’t spoil anything but,

    There are [a number of missions you can Google if you want to know -ed.].

    • darkath says:

      A good chunks of these missions are revisit of places you already visited in the first half according to some sources.

      • Jinoru says:

        Well yeah, the missions take place in a portioned off area of the free roam world where the mission areas are each configured and placed different depending on what the mission is.

        Even though it does cover the same places, they’re reconfigured with different enemies and patrols.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      I consider that a pretty substantial spoiler, and while I appreciate you warning the width of my reading vision was such that I couldn’t unsee it :(

      No hard feelings – but for future reference, if not sure, spoiler-tag it (which here, is making it white text).

    • lordcooper says:

      [That number less one -ed.], and that’s including the ‘repeat with modifiers’ missions.

  2. JFS says:

    That header image. Metal Blood Soltit V?

  3. Great Cthulhu says:

    It’s a Quiet Riot!

  4. SuicideKing says:

    Snipers don’t need many clothes or what?

    • aepervius says:

      I am usually relatively immune to such things, but this was made in such distasteful way I had to take a break after the mission. Camera kept zooming on the boob, and in the prison she is lying on the stomach with her bra unknoted.

      They could simply have named her “quiet” and have her in yellow desert fatigue. But no she got to be in underwear. This is pure fan service. And frankly I find it more vile than in other games.

      • darkath says:

        They explain why she doesn’t wear clothes later on in the game. And although i didn’t finish the game yet, i guess there are more explanations about who she is and why she is here later on.

        Also there are alternative set of clothes you can unlock “Naked (blood)”, “Naked (silver)” and “Naked (Gold)” (lol)

        • lordcooper says:

          Also a fully covered XOF uniform for those uncomfortable with the female form.

          • darkath says:

            The XOF uniform a bit spoilery and a “secret” unlock i think.

        • albamuth says:

          “explanations” of not wearing sensible clothes, are sure you don’t mean “excuses”?

          It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with naked/nearly-naked women, it’s more like I’m annoyed with the MGS series for following the idiot tropes of ecchi anime in what would otherwise be an engaging, immersive experience.

          Clearly Hideo Kojima has not seen any “Tropes vs. Women” videos, or simply doesn’t care about their critique.

          • darkath says:

            Actually while in japan and japanese games you often see absurdly sized breasts, their is often a plethora of strong female characters. In previous MGS games you had Sniper Wolf and the Boss who were both sexy and strong.

            And Quiet is clearly a strong woman although it’s a weak character in the game so far, she wouldn’t fit in the tropes vs women thingy as she is clearly more powerful and capable than the male macho hero.

            As a side note, it’s a common trope in anime and japanese media to have a weak lead male character to highlight the strong personality of the female characters.

          • GWOP says:

            @darkath: Yes, of course. Along with that, showering sexily in front of other men is a trait of a Strong Video Game Female Character(TM), too.

          • Shadow says:

            As I’ve said fairly late in the active life of another article…

            Even though Quiet is pure fanservice, as a player you have the option of cladding Snake in form-fitting sneaking suits or having him run around bare-chested, upping the manservice side.

            While not completely egalitarian, that’s more than many games do, forcing sensible/badass outfits on men and skimpy clothes on women, with no choice whatsoever.

            As for Sniper Wolf and The Boss, both of them had gratuitous cleavage (the latter during the final battle, though). Meryl’s about the only one who dressed completely sensibly. More sensibly than Raiden, to be sure.

          • darkath says:

            At least she has her own shower, the other people on deck must all share the one “temporary shower unit” of each unit of Motherbase.

          • Distec says:

            “Clearly Hideo Kojima has not seen any “Tropes vs. Women” videos, or simply doesn’t care about their critique.”

            Nor should he. Nobody else seems to give them much heed outside of some occasional lip service. Tropes vs Women isn’t required homework for game developers.

            I’m not sure why some people are so rustled about a nonsense outfit in a game series that has adorably embraced “dumb shit” as part one of its core pillars for a long time now.

          • GWOP says:

            @Distec: Go back and read the Dead or Alive 5 posts on RPS, and see how many people complained about fan service.

            The thing is, if you want to include wank material, be honest about it. Don’t try to dress it up with plot excuses or as some kind of ‘commentary’. I mean, next what? Quiet shoves her arse up your face because if she doesn’t limber up regularly she dies?

        • Panther_Modern says:

          For the explanation of her nakedness to make sense, the geriatric sniper and fellow photosynthesizer The End would have had to be naked as well. Which I’m sure no one was rushing to advocate for in defense of versimilitude

          • lordcooper says:

            That would have been amazing.

            Alas, it’s kind of addressed. It’s strongly implied that The End was able to ‘photosynthesise’ due to his suit (Snake can do the same while wearing it), whereas Quiet’s abilities come from something very different and spoilerful.

      • aleander says:

        It’s even more jarring when you compare how that character actually later interacts on a mission.

        SPOILER (seriously, this is, kinda, special moment when it first happens and all your hair go up, so I kinda wouldn’t like that spoiled)

        When she sits on a mountain somewhere and a green laser pointer picks at enemy’s head, and the radio clicks and you hear her humming that tiny song.

        She’s incredibly hardcore, an the inconsistency in the writing, between fan-service and the awesomeness of what lurks beneath the oversized jiggly boobs and strings makes it really hard to ignore. It’s a fictional character, but it feels almost surprising the fictional character didn’t shoot someone’s real head right off from the screen for that stuff.

        BTW, I kinda feel fine when large plot twists get spoiled, but tiny smaller moments where the things feel unreal before the world snaps into place again, those I wouldn’t like to lose.

    • Grizzly says:

      Snipers do not wear clothes.
      They wear bushes.
      link to goldhusky.com

      • pepperfez says:

        If Quiet went on missions totally nude except for a voluminous pile of vegetation, even sexy vegetation, I would be totally cool with it.

        • aleander says:

          That would at least make more sense than the pantyhose thing. I mean, I get it, they’re playing her as something sociopathic or some sort of autism or severe trauma that made her either not be aware or ignore other people’s reaction (positive or not), but even if I bought the “story”, what she wears makes less sense than plain nothing.

          • darkath says:

            Ocelot gives you another reason at some point.

          • aleander says:

            Oh, I know about that one, but it 1. doesn’t really explain most of it, and 2. coupled with the rest of her behavior, makes pantyhose even less sensible.

          • lordcooper says:

            “I get it, they’re playing her as something sociopathic or some sort of autism or severe trauma that made her either not be aware or ignore other people’s reaction”

            You dont get it, but I didn’t before certain ingame reveals either. None of those things are the case :)

          • aleander says:

            You seem to be under the impression that I only refer to the fact that she doesn’t talk (until she does, which is the smallest surprise ever, and I hope nobody who could be spoilt reaches here). I’m not, and silence is really the least of the issues here. Of course there is some later some crap contrarian to this, b/c I doubt Kojima really knew what he’s writing there, but that’s what’s happening in the story.

  5. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    A 70mb patch just rolled out today. Is this fixed?

  6. turth says:

    People who are trying to compare Quiet and Raiden are starting to get annoying. Raiden being naked in the Arsenal Gear chapter was meant to signify his “rebirth”. By finding out about the Patriot A.I., the Big Shell attack being staged, Rosemary being a spy, and by becoming his own person. Raiden was “reborn”. That’s why he was naked for that part. If you want to argue about him being objectified then fine! But you’d be making a very weak argument against very obvious symbolism. Meanwhile, Quiet is dressed in a bikini because of some stupid parasite bullshit. They’re not comparable contexts!

  7. ragesh.vish says:

    Well there is a solution for this. And it only work for those who are playing Metal Gear on PC. Check this video – link to youtube.com.