Dustwind: Real-Time Tactical Post-Apocalyptic Action

Looks a bit like Fallout dunnit, that screenshot ↑ up there? Probably not a coincidence. It’s from Dustwind [official site], an upcoming real-time tactical RPG about undertaking combat missions in the post-apocalyptic wasteland to rebuild human civilisation – and the devs cite Fallout Tactics as an influence.

It’s still relatively early days for the game, but creators Team Dustwind plan single- and multiplayer action with stats and oodles of weapons and a map editor to create your own wargrounds. Here, I’ll tell you more.

Dustwind’s set in a future world after humanity is mostly destroyed in a war with Skynet-y robots, where rival factions form, mutants emerge from the rubble and the few remaining robots are ones which scuttle around devouring organic life for sustenance (hey, we do the same – can we begrudge them doing it too?). Enter you. The single-player side will pop you on a faction trying to rebuild the world, sending you out from your home base. The gang explain:

“Your squad will be sent on various missions. Protection of towns and outposts, retrieval of important artefacts, evacuation of civilians, elimination of high-profile enemy targets, or annihilation of entire enemy bases. As the game progresses, the missions you get assigned to become increasingly more and more important for the fate of the entire region… Or maybe even the entire humanity.”

You’ll level up and find swish new gear along the way too. Aye, I’d go for that. Unfortunately (for me, anyway), the game’s website make the singleplayer sound more of a hope than a plan, reliant upon them getting enough funding. They’re looking for a publisher at the moment but if a campaign doesn’t pan out, they still want to do multiplayer. They’re thinking about co-op, deathmatch, team battles, and so on. I’d probably still go for that, but a bit less enthusiastically.

Anyway, have a poke around their website with its frustratingly slow interface. Interesting bits and screenshots and artwork are scattered about.


  1. BobbyDylan says:


  2. JFS says:

    A bit, yes. A little bit.

  3. Wowbagger says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a mobile game first? kind of puts me off slightly.

    • oWn4g3 says:

      On their homepage it says “Platform: Windows”. I don’t see any hints of a mobile version.

      • Wowbagger says:

        I went to the linked page and it said “mobile version coming soon..for now.” ?

        • oWn4g3 says:

          Maybe a mobile friendly version of the homepage? I honestly have no idea as nothing I have read about this project even mentioned a mobile version of the game.

  4. Opellulo says:

    Partly OT but I still don’t understand why more companies didn’t used the company of heroes / dawn of war engine to dish out more RTS: post-apocalyptic, Ufo, fantasy, that engine is simply perfect to capture the excitement and tactics of skirmish combat.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Leucine says:

    Goodness, the screenshot really got my hopes up before I saw the title. And read their FAQ…

    I’m not too keen on the real-time bit and seeing multiplayer being the focus has killed off the remaining interest. Call me cynical all you want but I see any novelty being sacrificed at the altar of the almighty Balance.

    • clearb says:

      Ok I don’t play a lot of competitive rts games, but why would balance be a bad thing?

  6. Maritz says:

    Single player with turn-based mode please.


  7. Llewyn says:

    That screenshot makes me think of nothing else so much as Jagged Alliance: Back In Action. There, that should kill any foolish ‘Want’ notions that some of you may have been harbouring.

    (Actually, I quite enjoyed BIA as light-hearted entertainment, but I appreciate I seem to be unique in that regard.)

  8. rustybroomhandle says:

    Hrmph, can’t find any platform information on the site.

  9. XhomeB says:

    “Inspired by Fallout Tactics”
    – multiplayer oriented

    Rofl. Sure, FT had a semi-RT OPTION, but even then it was action points-based. It kind of worked, but the depth and fun factor could only be found in the proper Turn Based mode.
    Shame, really. Looks good visually, at least.

    • Drowed says:

      This. I loved the screenshot, but then…
      Man. What a letdown.

  10. malkav11 says:

    I understand it, I think – multiplayer is, at least theoretically, a lot less content and labor-intensive – but it seems like they’ve got the wrong end of the stick in terms of what people actually want from a project like this by focusing on the multiplayer first and then promising singleplayer -if- they can get the funding. Not that uncommon, alas.

    Also, yeah, turn-based please. Not that I’d play it multiplayer even so, but it’d be vital to a good Fallout-y singleplayer.

  11. Jakkar says:

    A spiritual sequel to Fallout: Tactics, perhaps?

    I’m very curious. Not hugely optimistic, but that’s a fine idea. I’m so glad that game hasn’t been forgotten – it was unduly battered by fans and critics on release, but was a great combat-focused rpg-tactical fusion, with an absolutely beautiful presentation. They nailed ‘high res Fallout’, mastered the animation style, and also delivered a truly unique and extremely satisfying multiplayer.

    I’m not sure you can still play that, though. A real pity.

    Fallout: Tactics was my first online community. I joined a series of incredibly intense, creative pre-release clans from the age of 11 onward… Things were so different then. We wrote stories, made artwork, had a complex and disciplined internal structure, for a game that didn’t even exist yet. The rivalries between communities sizzled, fuelled by forum feus and propaganda art exchanges.

    Nostalgia. Nostalgia.

  12. teije says:

    Still Wanted – Single player mashup of JA2 & Silent Storm gameplay in a post-apo setting.

    Still Looking.

  13. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Seeing that screenshot had me feeling a certain type of way. Then reading: multiplayer/real-time had that feeling evaporate.


  14. Barberetti says:

    I’m up for a single player version, so if that happens I’ll grab it.

  15. Kaeoschassis says:

    Odd. Citing Fallout:Tactics as your inspiration seems like a good way to kill off hype rather than generate it, but I’m coming to realise there are more of us out there who loved it than I’d thought. Definitely a little bit excited at this.

    Only if turn-based and single player though, aye.

  16. Tayh says:

    Interest in Real-Time, Post-Apoc, Fallout:T-inspired game: 0%
    Interest in turnbased, Post-Apoc, Fallout:T-inspired game: 100%
    Focusing on multiplayer and real-time seems an odd decision if you include Fallout:Tactics as an inspiration.

  17. DarkFenix says:

    My hopes were steadily rising there, until I saw ‘multiplayer’ and ‘real-time’. Way to ruin a promising idea.

  18. Shadow says:

    Realtime and tactical are close to mutually exclusive without the possibility of giving orders when paused. It’s one of the issues with Satellite Reign.

    We’ll see.

    • tellemurius says:

      Not like you are asking the enemy commander to pause while you work on your strategy.

  19. manio22 says:

    Does anyone else noticed that clicking the red ‘No, i am not over 18 years old’ button leads you to kickstarter home page?

  20. Arehandoro says:

    Looks promising.