Disquiet: Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain

It’s been days since I wanted to talk about anything other than Metal Gear Solid [official site]. My sister is probably sick of this. We’re very close but live far apart so we tend to speak almost every day, not so much about our lives as about the things that distract us from our lives. She had no interest in Metal Gear Solid, but eventually my incessant chatter caused her to look into The Phantom Pain. I should have predicted the response.

“I watched a trailer for it last night. What’s the deal with the boob lady?”

I’d been talking about the game for days but hadn’t mentioned Quiet, your sniper buddy. I had been raving about the things I liked about the game, and when the conversation turned to flaws, it turns out it’s the small things that disturb the experience more for me than those bigger talking points.

There are spoilers about Quiet, including the end of her story, in the second half of this feature. Another warning precedes them.

I had told my sister about the time when I fired off two sniper rounds into a base from the crest of a hill and then shifted to a distant position, unseen in the night, and watched as the enemy lit up the area with flares and sent out search parties to check behind every rock. And about spending an in-game 24 hour cycle watching the inhabitants of a base while remaining unseen, occasionally causing a slight disturbance to distract a couple of soldiers, learning their habits while attempting to convince them that the area is haunted. About having a helicopter play Thomas Dolby as it plucks me out of the danger zone. Hanging out with a dog and living inside a box.

All of these things happened. All of these things are true.

Until the last couple of days, I’d spent most of my time playing rather than progressing, pushing the behaviour of the AI and the world as far as I can and experimenting with the edges of things. Occasionally the game disappoints me.

I was initially delighted when a stolen truck parked across road attracted the attention of a passing driver. He pulled up, clambered out of his own vehicle, and went to check on his fellow driver. Finding nobody inside (the driver was, in fact, en route to Mother Base – I’d Fulton’d the fuck out of him), he was puzzled and I was hoping to see him call in backup to remove the vehicle, either returning it to base or driving it off the map. I hoped that he’d at least have to maneuver his own vehicle around the empty one. The game is mostly very good at responding to these nudges and interruptions to its routines, but in this particular instance, the soldier almost literally hand-waved the problem out of existence. The unnecessary truck vanished in what looked like the world’s most feeble explosion that seemed to fall out of his palm and the soldier went on his way.

It was the first evidence of a portable reset button I’d seen; a device to remove material or ignore events that prevent the machinery of the world from ticking along. I frowned and complained and felt as if the whole house of cards were about to fall down. If the man can make the truck vanish, then what’s to say that anything is truly simulated?

I was sharing these concerns with my sister. She was slightly concerned – I’d found one thing to criticise in a week of playing and was acting as if everything had turned to shit.

“Remember the flares lighting up the mountain?” She said.

“It was a hill. I don’t think the horse could handle mountains. And come to think of it, I’m not too pleased with the way that horse pops into existence whenever I whistle for it. Why doesn’t it move across the map like a proper horse? What’s the story there?”

“Maybe it’s a robot horse. With a teleporter. Maybe it uses those balloons you love so much?”

“The balloons are for extracting not transporting. JESUS.”

“Robot jesus? Is that a thing? In the game?” Mockery.

Turns out that breathless enthusiasm of the sort I’d exhibited for a week wasn’t enough to convince my sister that the game is interesting. Even though everything I’d said was true, she needed to hear the doubts and hear about the flaws before being convinced to take the plunge. That’s when she watched the trailer.

“Oh. I watched a trailer for it last night. What’s the deal with the boob lady?”

The boob lady! To be clear, my sister wasn’t confused that Quiet existed and dressed as she did, she was confused that I hadn’t mentioned Quiet at all. I’d taken the time to go off on a tangent about the woes of teleporting horses but I hadn’t thought it necessary to even so much as touch on Quiet as a character.

I’d talked about my sniper buddy, who I hoped would graduate to tranquiliser darts in the near future so that I wouldn’t be leaving mass graves in my wake, but for all the detail in my descriptions of her, she was little more than a scope and a trigger finger. A great buddy within the game’s systems, and one with whom I shared many stories and sorties.

That sums up my thoughts about Quiet. I’d rather she were just a scope and a trigger finger rather than the weird set of questions and awkwardly phrased responses that Kojima Productions have managed to bundle into a bra and battlethong. As written and directed, she jars with the bravado and bonhomie of the Mother Base buddies, rarely fitting into the serio-comic tone that The Phantom Pain finds in the gaps between military horror, wacky warbrothers, heroic adulation and endless audiovisual gags. I’m going to move deep into spoiler territory now.

Quiet, in the middle of this bizarre alternate history, is barely involved in Mother Base’s group dynamic and rarely raises a smile (there is one scene where she has a waterfight with Snake, which almost manages to be sweet once the initial striptease is done with). In the field, she’s an effective piece of military hardware and back at the base she’s an awkward space that everyone tries to look and talk around. In a game that manages to make a bear hanging from a balloon in a warzone seem like a reasonable and purposeful sight, Quiet is an awkward blindspot. Her state of undress isn’t addressed for a good while, which led me to believe that, like Ocelot’s military-cowboy-hipster-chic, it’s just the way she rolls. If that were the case, I’d still think she looked daft but I’d shrug and move on. I spend a lot of time trying to make any customisable character I control look as daft as possible after all.

The justification for her clothing, when it comes, is the sort of grim nonsense that immediately strips her of agency as well as a uniform, making it clear that she has no choice in the matter. She walks around in her undies, we learn, because the parasite that provides her superheroic abilities also means that she breathes through her skin rather than her lungs, forcing her to have as much exposed flesh as possible. Sure, you could argue that she’s learned to accessorise around her condition, but there’s no joy or flamboyance there, and more desperation than confidence. Even when lashing out at those who do her wrong, she attracts sympathy rather than respect. A caged enigma rather than a companion.

So, what’s the deal with the boob lady?

It’s all a bit shit. At best, it’s a laboured attempt to insert and then question the inclusion of some hotness – to turn sexuality and nudity into shame – at worst its eye-candy laced with poison. Her story ends with a sequence in which she is a victim of sexual violence. Captured by the enemy, she is dressed in a prison uniform, which covers her skin and prevents her from breathing. In her weakened state, she is unable to fight back as a soldier chokes her, pushing her head beneath the water in a trough. It’s only after that, when she is unconscious and he starts to remove her clothes, that he empowers her and allows her to turn the tables.

The scene is an ultra-condensed form of the rape-revenge plot that was a staple of seventies exploitation films like I Spit On Your Grave and Last House On The Left. Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, and the later film adaptations, offered a newsagent- and multiplex-friendly version of the same as an origin story of sorts. I can see the argument that there is something empowering about the victim’s revenge and refusal to be broken, but the idea that the abuse is the necessary trigger for that empowerment bothers me whenever I encounter this particular narrative turn. With Quiet, we see a close-up of her face, still and dead, and she is resurrected when the soldier who choked and drowned her goes on to strip and violate her. That is the moment that reactivates her as a figure of furious vengeance – a figure whose freshly exposed curves the camera captures in slow motion as she acrobatically murders her captors.

She is, to the bitter end, defined by her otherness and suffering. Her sexy, sexy suffering.

The game invests so heavily in the credible simulation of even the most ridiculous aspects of its world and so little in its characters that Quiet has fallen between the gaps of my experience. At its best, the plot questions the way the world works, at a fundamental mechanical level, rather than the motivations of individual characters. Personally, I’m more concerned about the teleporting horse and the vanishing vehicles than anything hidden on tapes or in dialogue sequences. Those animals and vehicles are things that inform my understanding of the game and its systems. Quiet’s depiction doesn’t intrude on what I love about the game, and I’m accustomed to accepting and acknowledging a certain level of unnecessary bullshit or tone deaf unpleasantness in the pop culture I enjoy. Obviously this is easier for me to do than it might be for you, depending on your situation. Regardless, I think it’s always important to acknowledge the existence of the bullshit as well as recognising that it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything around it is a sewer.

Much of Phantom Pain feels underwritten, although shifting the story to tapes rather than cutscenes allows the words to speak for themselves, without the flash of an action sequence or the gaze of the camera to distract. Quiet’s story is unusual because it has such a clearly directed throughline. It’s so clumsily handled, confused and borderline grotesque that, in the end, I was relieved that the on-camera plotting is so lean elsewhere. If that’s the type of story the game cares to show and tell when not letting me create stories of my own, I’m glad to be rid of it. I’m also glad that I can make my own stories with Quiet out in the field, away from the cutscene camera’s intrusive lens. How strange to be saying, of a Metal Gear Solid game, that it wisely concentrates on being an immersive sim rather than indulging its byzantine cutscenes and plots.


  1. trjp says:

    “I’m also glad that I can make my own stories with Quiet out in the field, away from the cutscene camera’s intrusive lens”

    That’s what most of Ashley Madison’s customers thought ;0

  2. ohminus says:

    Frankly, I thought the way she looks in the prologue to be far more interesting and credible.

    • undu says:

      Well, she can actually dress that uniform late in the game: link to i.imgur.com

      • ohminus says:

        And how is that explained? :P

        • aleander says:

          “We used the enormous stash of money and over 300 man-hours and some fancy afghan weeds to talk to some aging hikers, and found out that letting the oxygen pass was a major selling point for sports fabric for like a decade now”.

          • Darth Jimmi says:

            Except the game is set in the 80s.

          • aleander says:

            Well, I’ll admit I made certain assumptions about textile history, but Gore-Tex patents were from 1976-1980, and apparently some are even older, including Ventile that might be included in what’s pictured. Finally, if you don’t want a thick, highly insulating surface, a cotton t-shirt might just as well not be there.

          • BloodyMess says:

            It’s almost as if clothes aren’t actually vacuums…

        • lordcooper says:

          Much like the Sniper Wolf outfit she gets and the PS1 era Snake outfit your character gets, it’s a silly little easter egg the devs added in for fun. Definitely to be considered non-canon.

  3. Lakshmi says:

    Really hope I never have to read about someone’s ‘battlethong’ again.

    recognising that it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything around it is a sewer.
    I’m still on the fence if it’ll be too off-putting or not to enjoy the rest of what everyone says is a fantastic game.

    • Crazy eyes says:

      You can just kill her you know.

      • aleander says:

        That is not exactly an improvement, you know.

        • Crazy eyes says:

          Just saying, it’s not like you’re forced to use her in the game or go through her storyline, in which case I could understand not buying the game if it bothered you that much cause yeah, that’d be pretty annoying, but that’s not the case.

          • aleander says:

            Well, your actual choice is between the storyline and shooting an unconscious, distressed person in the head (mind you, you’ll probably do it a lot more in the game, but in this instance it’s played for some emotional load, actually). It’s not great.

            I got the game, and I love it, but killing her isn’t really much of a choice.

          • Bull0 says:

            What’s the difference between killing an unconscious person (after a protracted battle in which they were trying to kill you, and knowing that they are an enemy agent and a serious danger) and shooting someone in the head with a suppressed rifle from half a kilometer away? If anything, the first one is more palatable.

      • SuicideKing says:

        That’s disgusting. “Does it bother you that your sniper lady is under-dressed because of unnecessary fan service? You could just kill her!”

        • Cederic says:

          But hey, feel free to kill or enslave all the men in the opposing army.

          Because that’s so much better, right?

  4. jasta85 says:

    Honestly, I find it hard to find much in MGS offensive, because you can’t take the series too seriously, there are too many ridiculous things in it. Most of the women in the series have had beach model bodies while at the same time kicking ass. It’s been that way throughout the series and Kojima didn’t really have any reason to change up the formula for this game.

    I agree the plot was middle of the road, probably because I just recently finished the wticher 3, which had amazing characters, story and well written dialogue. On the other hand I really enjoy the gameplay in MGS5 a lot more.

    I had fun chasing down a convoy of tanks on horseback with a rocket launcher, beat a “complete stealth mission” by calling in air strikes, helicopter support and having quiet snipe off anyone still standing after the smoke had cleared. I just sit back and enjoy the craziness and try not to think too deeply about it.

    • DThor says:

      I think the issue isn’t about taking it seriously or not – it’s just so unabashedly and stupidly sexist for no good reason. I remember when I watched an early trailer for Fury Road I found it annoying that amongst all the carnage and armoured vehicles were these incredibly sexy and delicate sirens wearing diaphanous see-through dresses that looked like they would become red splats on the desert floor at the first sign of trouble. I was so impressed that there was a key story point behind this imagery, and when you watch the movie yes, they’re sexy and delicate, and yes it makes perfect sense and you don’t feel like a schmuck in the slightest. Being sexy and smart in entertainment is perfectly possible, it just seems to not be happening here.

  5. rustybroomhandle says:

    Kojima undermined all of his attempts to justify this weird fetish nonsense when he unveiled the Quiet action figure with the squeezable boobs.

    • Lakshmi says:

      Not sure if serious? I’d heard about him wanting cosplayers to dress as her, but a boob squeeze doll :<

    • Truckse says:

      This. I couldn’t have said it better.

      I think the justification they give for her lack of clothes already shows how much they think of her as an object. It’s not only a half naked soldier girl who doesn’t speak, but she’s also almost a plant (!!!).

      And you know, she could have a special suit or something. But no,they needed the squeezable boobs didn’t they.

      Be fair Kojima, if we can take Snake’s shirt off, we should be able to dress Quiet.

  6. Hitchslapped says:

    I haven’t played the game yet and I stopped reading at “I’m going to move deep into spoiler territory now.” but this girl is really holding me back from buying this game. I don’t mind a good looking companion in a game or sexy clothing for women. But there is sexy and then there is this stupid sh*t.Even a street hooker would look cheap in that outfit. Can anybody explain to me why she is dressed like that without spoiling the story too much?

    • Lakshmi says:

      She breathes through her skin.

      • Hitchslapped says:

        Oh come on. Please be kidding

        • Lakshmi says:

          Hah I wish.

          • Hitchslapped says:

            Ok, I wish I hadn’t asked. This is so retarded

          • bleeters says:

            For some reason, in a series featuring giant mechs, a character who wore bees for armour and shot bees out of their mouth, robots that make cow noises, a vampire, a ghost, a physic, a ghost physic, cyborg ninjas, a russian colonel who has lightning powers and whale made of fire eating a helicopter, someone breathing through their skin barely even registers on my wierd-shit-o-meter.

          • JarinArenos says:

            The breathing-through-the-skin thing isn’t the primary stupid shit. It’s that this has existed before. The End in MGS3 had the same augmentations and he could breathe through his ghillie suit just fine.

          • everstep says:

            I really want a list of all the weird shit in Metal Gear games just like this. I bet it’s long and more ridiculous than we even think about–honestly, Metal Gear is a weird series and I forgot about halt of those. I’ve always given Metal Gear a lot of shit for the same reasons everyone else might, but I have to give it credit for just how batshit bonkers it is. It’s delightful. And it’s pretty good at it, all things considered.

        • Lakshmi says:

          I’m in the same boat as you – her character design/story is stopping me from picking it up. Bah.

          • ando12 says:


          • Basgerin says:

            You’ve obviously never played a MGS game so I doubt anyone would really care.

            She probably gives great head though, would try to hook up with her for her beej skills irl.

        • Janichsan says:

          He’s not…

        • ohminus says:

          What’s truly mind-boggling is that it isn’t even the most absurd thing about her…

          Frankly, I think they would have done the character a favor if they had let her die in the prologue…

        • ando12 says:

          You must be new to the series.
          This type of thing is nothing new, and I may be a minority here on this site, but I very much enjoy Quiet, and it certainly isn’t because of her sexuality.

          Just play, you may change your mind about her.

      • Danda says:

        What part of “no spoilers” you don’t understand? Do you have reading comprehension problems?

    • gunny1993 says:

      Erm … I can tell you that the reason is a hilariously stupid bit of fabrication which has essentially turned her into a frog.

    • horsemedic says:

      The whole storyline is nearly as stupid. I wouldn’t buy this game for the characterization. But I’d still recommend you buy it.

      • Hitchslapped says:

        Hmmm I don’t know. I mostly play singleplayer games for the story. I can get my gameplay kicks out of multiplayer games.

  7. Sicariase says:

    Her breathing through her skin is such a bullshit reason for her to be dressed like that. I would actually prefer for her to just be wearing that cos that’s her shtick than a pseudoscience thing like that. (I’m not against incorrect science to portray things in games, but generally its nice if it makes a little sense, or the final product is bonkers enough to be excused).
    It really ends up being a shitty excuse for fanservice & a way to shoehorn in a rape scene in order to be seen as dark & serious, two things which seems to be common, or at least not rare (from my admittedly limited observation as an outsider of the series) in mgs.

    • TheSplund says:

      If she breathes through her skin then why is she wearing ANY clothes at all? Why not go the extra distance and think a bit more like Wendy O Williams? maybe three bits of gaffa tape for modesty

  8. coldvvvave says:

    > What’s the deal with the boob lady?

    I killed her. So far I have no idea why would anyone not do so. That goes especially for offended folks. Why would you guys let her live? Isn’t not killing her is sexist? I don’t get you westerners.

    • aleander says:

      By the time I got to her I already had a compulsion to attach balloons to everything.

      I walked past a bar made from recycled shipping containers today, and had my anxieties flare up :<

    • SuicideKing says:

      Easterner here, please don’t judge us by this comment I’m responding to…

  9. Tim James says:

    Photosynthesis, son.

  10. xcession says:

    This “reason” for her wearing so little is just the over-embellishment of a bad liar. I mean come on. Breathing through skin? Pfft.

    If Kojima could just say “I wanted to make a sexy character”, I’d be satisfied. Disappointed, but satisfied. The skin-breathing thing is just a really bad, really obvious way of trying to defuse a sexism row they knew was going to occur with enough certainty to budget for an entire, completely bollocks plot about it!

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Nowadays, everyone is a CEO. Being able to make the indefensible sound noble is probably the topic of a million self help books. Its got to the point where its almost a sport.

      Todays Challenge: Make pig necrophilia acceptable. Emotions to target for interested psychopaths / twitter social influencers: Awe, pity, desire to belong to high status in-groups, befuddlement. Bonus points for squeezing in a Pepsi ad.

    • Jay Load says:

      “Has to breathe through her skin” is the kind of bad wacky science porn writers use to get their characters suddenly naked and jiggy. It’s up there with “Aliens hit us all with this weird ray and suddenly an orgy happened!”. And it’s done for the same reason.

      There’s no defending it. It’s plain bad character design. I’m about done with Japanese culture getting away with shit like this. It’s time the world told them to stop being such goddam weirdos about sex and gender representation.

      • Distec says:

        I’m guessing that Japan shares a mutually held view regarding “sex weirdos from across the pond”.

        • Dances to Podcasts says:

          US: Child beauty pageants. UK:Page three girls. IT: Game show hostesses. Um, etc.

          • Distec says:

            All I know is that I saw a Japanese game show where contestants had to sing karaoke while getting a handjob, and I thought that shit was progressive as fuck.

          • aleander says:

            Good grief, wait till you learn about some more oddball American and European porn, you might have to move to Saudi Arabia.

            Porn is weird, and sometimes gets ultra-weird premises. Of course there’s gonzo, that did away with the idea of “premise” altogether, but that in itself is super weird.

          • Dances to Podcasts says:

            I was thinking of mainstream culture rather than porn specifically. ;)

      • Tasloi says:

        Like the top post hints at: the only problem with this character is people thinking it needs to be justified and defended before some wannabe sex and gender representation tribunal in the first place.

  11. Harlander says:

    I kind of feel that if her outfit went totally unexplained it’d almost be less stupid.

    “Why’s she dressed like that?”
    *apathetic shrug*

    “Hey, Quiet, we’re going to Afghanistan. Lots of wind-blown dust.. you wanna borrow a jacket? Hey, Quiet.. Quiet.. and she’s gone.”

    • Chiron says:

      “Whats with Quiet”
      “We don’t talk about… just keep walking”
      “But shes got no kit on!”
      “Uhuh, now just move on solider”

  12. Barberetti says:

    Luckily for her, her left arm survived the infection. What a relief that must be.

  13. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I really wonder why games insist on having so much improbable sexy when there’s so much probable sexy they could have instead.

    Like you could have attractive characters being sexy and doing sexy things when the situation calls for it and that would fine – great even – but instead we get bikini armour and mental gymnastics to justify a soldier running around with her boobs out in the middle of a desert.

    Cringe-worthy sex-scenes with uncanny CG puppets notwithstanding, there has to be a more elegant way to explore sex in games.

  14. Snidesworth says:

    The outfit is dumb, but it’s not the worst offender. That award goes to the camera, as others have pointed out.

    Then there’s stuff like this.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      I talked about the camera a little – and agreed that it’s the worst offender. Did not realise the bonding stuff was quite that rubbish though. Lordy.

      • Snidesworth says:

        I showed that to someone else and they were confused when they got to the “stare at Quiet’s breasts” bit. Until that point they thought it was about the dog.

    • Moraven says:

      Yep. Was going to comment the same. The attire is meh but what makes it a lot worse is the constant camera shots, which are chosen by the devs/director.

    • Michael Fogg says:

      Haven’t played this but perhaps the game utilizes a ‘point of view’ camera technique, which means the camera shows the world ‘subjectively’, the way the characters (presumably the protagonist) see the world (albeit in third person). So if the scene is in a room inside a military base and suddenly a woman dressed in a bikini walks in; it’s perfectly normal that the camera shows her body ’cause where do you think the ‘point of view character’ present is looking? Not in her eyes.

  15. Spuzzell says:

    Quiet is an excellent example of why MGS as a series is not something I want to play.

    I will listen with a studiously blank face as fans lecture me on meta and how Kojima is actually playing with genres and cliches to show them up as ridiculous and it’s all actually a satire, but to me it comes down to this exchange that I’m certain happened.

    “We need tits in this game. Find me some justification to have tits. I want to really be able to enjoy cartoon tits.”


    • xcession says:

      “I want a character with huge boobs for no reason than…boobs”
      “Er, Hideo, I think that’s kinda frowned on these days”,
      “Don’t care. Make up some reason to have huge boobs, poorly covered by a small bra”
      “Really? Won’t it be obvious?”
      “Of course not, it’s a plot, there’s nothing sexist if it’s part of the plot”.
      “Hi, Hideo, so we stayed up for 6 nights straight trying to brainstorm this and the best we’ve come up with is….she’s a frog.”
      “…Ship it!…”

    • Snidesworth says:

      The series has become worse in recent iterations. MGS4 had a unit of mentally ill war orphans (played by supermodels) inside robot suits that, after you beat them, slink around in skin-tight catsuits and pose for you if you pull a camera out. Peace Walker’s “zoom in to see through clothes” cutscene feature and model viewer was pretty benign by comparison.

  16. xfstef says:


    This “plot” is just ludicrously retarded. It sounds like the kind of reason that a psychotic stalker would try to sell to the judge for his behavior.

  17. aleander says:

    So, regarding the mountain horse, can we just agree it’s actually a cleverly disguised goat? In fact all game horses are goats? Goats can handle mountains in ways that sometimes look like they’re breaking the physics engine.

  18. Philomelle says:

    After familiarizing myself with Quiet, her backstory and the opinions she voices in the game, I cannot help but feel but she is a case of Hideo Kojima pulling a Spec Ops: The Line. He decided to make a commentary about how women only have a place in AAA games when they’re naked and objectified, and he did it by…

    By putting a naked and objectified woman into his video game, and then having her complain about how she’s naked and objectified. Ooookay then.

    I can’t help but wonder whether it happened due to a fit of insecurity. Kojima is the only Japanese game auteur who had yet to comment on female characters in video games, and given that he built his entire reputation around game narrative critique and social commentary, knowing that he’s the last to the finish line must have been really cramping his style. The problem is that he’s not as good at making his characters likable as Hideki Kamiya, he’s not as good at pacing and providing convincing motivations as Yoko Taro, he’s not as biting with caricature as Suda51, and he doesn’t have Koji Igarashi’s dry sense of marketing appeal. So in the end, his late contribution to the cause is clumsy, inefficient and stumbles into being the problem he’s trying to criticize.

    Of course, maybe I’m thinking about it too hard. I still find myself flabbergasted that Kojima somehow managed to set a lower bar for female character critique than Shadows of the Damned.

    • NonCavemanDan says:

      You could be right. I’ve always thought a problem for most satirical/commenting things is that if you’re doing something ironically, you are still doing it.

      • Tsumei says:

        I agree so much with this sentiment.

        And there are so many examples of people in unison acting “ironic” about something where it is indestinguishable from just doing that thing.
        It’s the worst when applied to patriotism.

        • gunny1993 says:

          This is why I laugh very hard when people say satire is easy

    • Turkey says:

      Nah, I think you’re right. He wanted an objectified woman in his game who’s supposed to make you feel guilty for objectifying her.

      He applied the same sort of satire that works with violence to sex, but sex is a way more complicated issue than violence, so it kinda falls flat on its face.

      • monkeybars says:

        My understanding is that the ha and rewards your objectification and encourages it through the camera work.

        • nearly says:

          I’m trying my best to avoid storyline spoilers, but it seems like the game itself is much less open to violent solutions than people were guessing when they found out there was no penalty for killing enemies. I saw a tiny speck of text in this article about the end of Quiet’s storyline which I am trying desperately to forget, but it sounds like the logical conclusion of viewing her as a sex object results in some seriously messed up consequences. I don’t think that makes it better, really, but it seems like an important complication if that’s the case.

      • Eddy9000 says:

        This comment hits the nail on the head for me. Perfectly put.

  19. Deadly Habit says:

    Sexuality and skin is horrible in games especially the Metal Gear Series!(unless it’s Raiden doing naked cartwheels)

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Really? I assume that’s your opinion because it ain’t mine.

      • Deadly Habit says:

        Could have fooled me.

        • subedii says:

          If that’s the case I imagine a lot does.

          • Deadly Habit says:

            No just an otherwise well written art critque going into some social justice spin that seems to ignore the series as a whole and Kojima always doing homages to the 80s and 90s movies in extremes.

    • Distec says:

      It’s so vile

      So sexist.

      Has Hideo ever even seen a real woman?


      When will gaming grow up.


  20. teije says:

    An actual frog with boobs and a battlethong would have been more believable. Not to mention way more sexy.

  21. Dumdeedum says:

    It’s an odd world where a game needs a not-nude patch.

  22. BPongo says:

    Kojima games are baffling to me. People seem to overlook the grossness in favour of the stealth (which I found to be fucking clunky)

    • Turkey says:

      I don’t think anyone is overlooking it. It’s pretty hard to overlook.

      You can still enjoy a thing despite it having content that you don’t agree with, though. I read and enjoy a lot of Lovecraft stuff, even though it can be ridiculously racist at times.

  23. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    Kojima’s James Bond Girls through the Japanese filter. Every MGS game has had one. Perhaps not really as ass-squeezingly misogynistic as the older Bond movies though.

  24. Monggerel says:

    I guess this isn’t the appropriate time to mention that I just killed her >.>

  25. Mr. International says:

    lol people are just incapable of being reasonable aren’t they? I have to choose between sites like this, where everyone is afraid of the female form, and sites like pc gamer, where the comment section on anything woman related becomes a festering rathole of scumbags. I like and respect women, including their bodies, and have no problem with a glossy half naked frog woman helping me on my missions… :)

    • Mr. International says:

      link to pcgamer.com

      that’s the kind of stuff that should get you mad, not portrayals of real body parts that real women in real life have. honestly I think it’s kind of messed up that women can’t appear in games without becoming the center of some social debate just because they aren’t wearing jumpsuits.

      • gunny1993 says:

        I think most people are more disappointed than angry, the issue in question is that the character has been created to fulfill one purpose i.e to be dull, trite sub plot point that revolves around her really, really, really stupid justification for being dressed that way.

        If she was an interesting character with a good well thought out reason for what she does then i’d be fine with that (i’d still think Kojima was a dirty horndog, but that’s kojima)

        Look at the characters in the witcher, sexy as fuck but also very well thought out in all respects and much revered.

        And to say that poeple are afraid of the female form is stupid, have you been on the internet … there’s a LOT of porn on it we’re all fine with the female form, we’d just like our game characters to have some …. well character.

      • Basgerin says:

        Fucking THIS. I’ve literally fallen in love with her story and what Kojima has done with Quiet, at first I was like “Awesome, a mysterious scantily clad babe”, and it slowly turned into “Holy shit this is my new favorite MGS character”. People are making a huge deal out of Quiet’s (lack) of clothing and not respecting the actual character. It’s like Kojima wanted to mask the true Quiet behind her image and see how people reacted without actually caring to learn what her story is. Also, the story is FICTION, breathing and drinking through your skin is not that far fetched in MGS. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” or some shit (does that work here?).

        (I’m about to go full tangent, and deviate from this reply)

        The people who are against her lack of clothing are the ones that are dismissing the story behind her and what she is. This is Metal Gear Solid Solid people , educate yourself on the series before you judge a character in one of the games. It’s just because she’s a girl that you’re making a huge deal out of it, if it was Snake shirtless running around in underwear NO ONE would care. In fact you see a LOT of uncensored man ass in the Hospital episode, about an hour of it.

        Quiet is not a symbol for misogyny or whatever you want to call it. She’s just a badass girl who’s super sexy, with some sweet ass sniper skillz and a cool story, bro.

        • ohminus says:

          Sorry, but – did you skip the prologue?

          • Basgerin says:

            Do you mean the part where she fried inside and out and was only saved through the parasite integration, the things that require her to have the least amount of clothes possible so she can live?

            Also you can put clothes on her, have you unlocked her XOF uniform yet? I saw that you prefer that, so just use it. It’s under the Buddy section of the Development tab.

          • ohminus says:

            I mean the part in which she worked perfectly well as a fully clothed character.

            And no, I don’t just “prefer the uniform”, I prefer the entire look of her in the prologue. It might have escaped your attention, but the clothing is not the only thing that has changed. Given how little there was to see in the chest region, I would have expected you pay a bit more attention to her head.

            And please, the “parasite integration” is such a bullshit concept that any fantasy/scifi concept MGS has come up with in the past is downright plausible.

          • Basgerin says:

            Uh, are you talking about her haircut? I don’t really see how that’s that big of a deal. Is that the other major thing besides her being clothed?

            I’m sorry you don’t like her without a shirt on though(and basically the entire story of the game since it revolves around the parasites), nothing I can do about that. Like you’ve figured out, I do think she has a sexy character design. Nice frontal chest region and buttocks, but if you read my original reply you’d know that’s not what I like the most about her.

            If only they’d let us change her haircut back, everyone would be happy.

          • ohminus says:

            I’m sorry that you don’t grasp that not the entire parasite story revolves around parasites being able to distinguish individual languages.

          • Basgerin says:

            I don’t get what you’re trying to say. That’s exactly what I said, lol. Next time try actually addressing the points in my comment, you make such a big deal out of one thing and then completely leave it when you’ve been told how childish it is. “Hurrrrr her haircut is different! :((((((((((( Konami is sexist!”

            I understand why almost no sane person likes RPS now, it’s because of the readers.

    • draglikepull says:

      I like attractive women. I especially like seeing them naked. I also like treating women like people and not reducing them to objects that exist only for the enjoyment of straight men. None of that is contradictory.

      • Distec says:

        That’s very cool and principled of you. I don’t know what your personal morals in regards to flesh-and-blood women have to do with some fabricated, anime-inspired video game character.

        • mouton says:

          What we do in games is not psychologically separate from reality. That is why characters aren’t just robots, because they resonate with us a bit like real people when we get immersed.

    • John Walker says:

      You appear to have assumed an anger that is neither present in the article, nor the calm comments discussing the matter. I suggest the madness may lie within.

    • Barberetti says:

      where everyone is afraid of the female form

      Aaaand there it is. The lame predictable strawman. What a fucking surprise.

    • SuicideKing says:

      I’ve read this in another thread on RPS. NO ONE here is “afraid of the female form”. We’re just super tired of the way it’s so often portrayed in video games.

  26. brucethemoose says:

    You know, they could’ve at least given her a more realistic build.

    I don’t mind a busty squad mate, heck I’ll even roll with the whole skin breathing thing. But that rail-thin, model type body just throws out any sense of realism… Women CAN have moderately muscular, athletic bodies and still be sexy.

    • Deadly Habit says:

      Yea you know… maybe model it off a real person… oh wait they did and her name is Stefanie Joosten.

      • EhexT says:

        Is Stefanie Joosten a active combat soldier?

      • Themadcow says:

        Care to do a spot the difference between her and Quiet? It won’t take you long.

        • Deadly Habit says:

          Are you implying I should search her in bikini photos? Why are you objectifying her! Oh wait yeah she’s a model.

      • MikhailG says:

        I had to reply to this. I saw your post, was curious that she was modeled of someone, googled the models name looked up the images and the first thing that I noticed is that Quiet, compared to her model, is easily at least one, if not two or three bra sizes bigger than her model. I think that speaks for itself.

        • aleander says:

          Hah, when it’s animated, you also find out that she apparently has fully functional lungs in those breasts. I guess that’s why they’re so large.

  27. w0bbl3r says:

    I tried the paid demo and hated it, so I didn’t get this. But every single thing I have seen about this and experienced in the demo makes me dislike it even more.
    And this explanation for why she has her tits hanging out all the time? Wow. A parasite makes her breathe through her skin? Ok, I can kind of live with that. As videogames go, the story is usually stupid and nonsensical, so I could live with that.
    But…. she has her tits hanging out for all to see, but has not only covered her entire arms, but has covered them in what appears to be latex rubber? Really?
    Even in a world where the player calls in a cardboard box to hide in, and AI forgets he was just beaten unconscious within 10 seconds, having a character who needs skin exposed as much as possible to breathe who then covers any non-sexual skin with sexy latex (sexy but zero breathability) is absolutely ludicrous.
    But hey what do I know? Games are grown up, right? Not for perverted nerds with no sex life anymore, right? Not sexist filth aimed at teen boys with constant erections, right?
    Games are ART, right?

    • Crazy eyes says:

      MGS games have always been silly and stupid, Quiet is far from the biggest offender.

      • ohminus says:

        I’m not sure. Outfit aside, the notion of parasites distinguishing between different languages is about as absurd as things can be. I mean, the area in our brain accomplishing that feat is likely larger and/or more complex.

  28. Johgr says:

    I just shot her after the sniper duel. Had I known you could get a sensible uniform I would perhaps have acted differently.
    Still Mrs Mcboobs is quite silly.

  29. evs says:

    This will probably be incredibly unpopular. But whatever.

    I think Quiet works. Having finished the game, I found her plotline pretty moving. Here’s a thing: if you finish the game, and her story arc, ask yourself this – if she had been wearing the outfit from the prologue, the whole way through, wouldn’t you say “that was a pretty moving character arc”?

    By extension, it seems to me that Quiet – and her outfit – actually _succeed_ at being satire. Because there’s actually a rather good story to her, and a very moving conclusion to that story. But instead of all that, everyone is _so obsessed_ by the fact that she’s not wearing very much, that they more or less ignore everything else about her.

    Her whole character – all her strengths, all her weaknesses – has been stripped away by the commentariat. She has been reduced to the status of some “icon” of poor design choices.

    In other words: she’s being ignored as a person, and reduced to a mere object of sexual desire and abuse, because she’s _not wearing enough clothes_.

    Nice one.

    • gunny1993 says:

      It’s an interesting idea, one that’s pretty hard to analyze as what you consider a good story might be generic shit to others, and thus are the risks of satire (if it even is satire).

      Also it begs the question, is kojima an excellent writer of social commentary or an average writer/horndog.

    • aleander says:

      That theory falls apart the moment you actually read the arguments, because then you’d find out many people (including the article (articles are people too!)) actually find the story about her more offensive than the outfit (the camera, though…)

    • Philomelle says:

      The first few lines of dialogue you’ll hear upon clicking <a href="this link convey perfectly how well Quiet works as satire.

  30. draglikepull says:

    I want to add that it’s not just the way she’s dressed that’s problematic (though that’s definitely part of it). It’s also the way the game treats her. During your first encounter with Quiet, at one point she runs under a waterfall and starts making motions like she’s showering. WHILE YOU’RE SHOOTING AT HER. Yes, I know how it fits into her back story, but it’s absurd and kind of gross.

    Then when you go to visit her on the base, she’s in a cell that kind of looks like a zoo animal cage, where she lolls around in her underwear. She walks over and showers (with her underwear on, of course), and Ocelot talks about how the soldiers tried to force clothes on her. Then she lies down on her stomach and unties her bra as though she’s trying to get a suntan even though she’s underground.

    The mostly naked woman has literally been put in a cage for you to gawk at. The whole thing is extraordinarily creepy.

    Also, I haven’t seen others mention this, but there’s another female character in the game, and she’s sitting around in her underwear too.

    • Crazy eyes says:

      “The mostly naked woman has literally been put in a cage for you to gawk at.”

      I’m going to have to disagree here, if that was the entire purpose, yeah, that would be creepy, they capture this woman and throw her in a cell for you to gawk at, that’s definitely wrong.

      But she’s in a cell because they don’t trust her, they don’t know what her powers are or what she’s capable of, keeping her in a cell seems like the best they could do given the circumstances, they don’t want her wandering around the base potentially escaping or doing other bad things. You could say it was Kojima writing it that way as a play off, but I wouldn’t word it like that because I really don’t think that’s an accurate description.

      • draglikepull says:

        It’s not just that she’s in a cell, it’s the way in which the game portrays her while she’s in the cell.

      • Orangepants says:

        Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that in a work of fiction. The author created the scene and contrived the circumstance. That’s why people are complaining about the outfit in the first place.

        She’s not naked because of risk of suffocation, she’s naked to appeal to some subset of guys who don’t reflect on this and say yuck.

        She’s not in a cage because of trust issues, she’s there because the author put her there and yuck.

  31. Hitchslapped says:

    Quick question to everyone who have played this game: Are there any other interesting female companions to choose from or is this the only one?

    • bleeters says:

      No, but it’s not like companions are really a thing. You’ve got Quiet, a dog, and a horse. Everyone else chills out on Mother Base.

      • Crazy eyes says:

        There’s also the D-Walker but that’s more of like a vehicle sort of thing than a companion.

  32. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    “The boob lady! To be clear, my sister wasn’t confused that Quiet existed and dressed as she did, she was confused that I hadn’t mentioned Quiet at all. I’d taken the time to go off on a tangent about the woes of teleporting horses but I hadn’t thought it necessary to even so much as touch on Quiet as a character.”

    Sums up my feelings about RPS’ MGSV coverage up til now. It was strange, and disappointing. Glad to see this is finally getting some proper treatment.

  33. Pulstar says:

    I’m sick as f00k hearing about this skank.

  34. Laurentius says:

    Wow, you don’t write about this game at all. So 2015 is gonna be a year RPS is back together with AAA titles again ? Is 2013 indie bandwagon and KR0 “the best game ever”over or you just got bored playing them? GTAV, Witcher3 and now MGSV, I hate this word but there is no other way to call you : You are “hipsters”.
    PS. Except for Alice, she really seems to be digging unknown, wierd and quirky stuff because she likes it and not to pose being cool…

    • Harlander says:

      That’s not what hipster means. That’s the complete opposite of what it means.

      • Sin Vega says:

        No it’s not. “Hipster” means “ooh, my brain hurts, examining and explaining my thoughts is too difficult. Ouchie. Say the bad word for bad things now.”

        • Harlander says:

          Just because something has become a meaningless snarl word doesn’t mean it didn’t once have an insulting, over-broadly applied meaning.

      • Laurentius says:

        So how do you describes people who are given a chance to play and write about smaller and less known games. For example Alec WIT’s of SR:HongKong or Adam about Satelite Reign and instead choose to speedrun these games, write shallow WIT’s and be done with them only play many hours of MGSV. That happen also to Invisible Inc. which was picked as a game of the monts but whole coverage was so lucklusture because no one at RPS was actually playing it, so even RPS Verdict on it was one of the weakeset thing ever on this site. And you know, I get it, I’m still playing Witcher3 because AAA goodness is so nice but I don’t whine about how RPS tries to interest readers with different stuff and people stick to big known titles. It doesn’t work because it is simple insincere.

  35. Sin Vega says:

    Aside from all the bullshit in her design and excuse, I learned last night that there’s a reason to actively hate Quiet: she never talks, but she also never fucking shuts up.

    If you pick her to back you up on a mission, she spends the entire goddamn time humming. Endlessly bleating out the same tuneless dirge, on a loop that’s literally about four seconds long, and she does it over the radio too, so you can’t even get away from it. Absolutely infuriating.

    • aleander says:

      Not all the time. Only when she’s aiming at someone’s head. The way to make her stop is to kill/incapacitate everyone.

      Hope that helps.

      …and yes, that’s one more reason missions with her tend to end up in a bloodbath.

  36. jonahcutter says:

    It is interesting seeing the “if only Kojima had just been said he wanted her nude” type reactions.

    People would be demanding a character-based reason for her almost-nudity if one didn’t exist. Kojima likely saw the poised disapproval/outrage and jiu-jitsu’d it by providing a character-based reason for her design that makes perfect sense within his daft, farcical universe.

    She’s obviously intended as titillation. She’s also a strong female figure. She’s both. If you disapprove, just own your response. Excuses of “if only Kojima had… ” are lame, goal-post shifting.

    Just embrace the inner, tongue-clucking scold. Let your disapproval flow. We’ll still love you.

    • nmarebfly says:

      > She’s also a strong female figure.

      You’re mistaking ‘capable in combat’ for ‘a good, well developed character.’ Strong, in the context of ‘strong female character’ means much more the latter than the former. It implies agency and motivation that Quiet shows very little of, and the camera is much more concerned with the way her bits wobble and her cat poses than anything else.

      • Sawyer42 says:

        I agree the camera is complete bull in the way it moves around her. There is too much and they crossed it. But I wouldn’t say that she lacks agency or the ability to make decisions of her own. Without spoilers she doesn’t do a thing, cause it would cause issues with a thing causing things to happen to Diamond Dogs.
        Not to mention have negative consequences on herself.

        Then there is the fact that she was essentially created as a bio-weapon by skullface with the objective of essentially Suicide bio-bombing Motherbase. A mission she chooses not to follow through on

        Which implies in my mind some degree of personal morals and ethics, not to mention agency. She most certainly isn’t perfect but I think she’s getting a lot of flak specifically because of how shes dressed and how the camera portrays her. In my opinion rightfully so in the latter case, though I admit I’m pretty indifferent to the former.

        The thing that bugs me that people don’t seem to be talking about is just how disjointed and hazy the game gets during the second chapter. I’ve barely read a reviewer who’s mentioned it or even addressed it.

        Also Child Soldiers, how has no reviewer managed to bring that up yet? That to me seems much more controversial than some T&A.

      • jonahcutter says:

        Yeah, strong female figure is what I said. She’s capable and very effective at what she does. I didn’t say she was a well-developed character in that you know her complex motivations and they’re well-constructed. You morphed what I said into that.

        The quality and depth of the writing of the entire series is hotly debated. But that’s a different issue from whether she’s a strong female figure or not.

        • JimThePea says:

          “Strong” doesn’t mean “weak in every other regard but these narrow parameters”, and if that was the case, what’s the bare minimum that constitutes a “strong female figure”? Power and tits?

          Furthermore, her capabilities and effectiveness are largely due to superpower-granting parasites, it’s not like she can take credit for them.

          • jonahcutter says:

            She seems smart and capable to me, regardless of her sci-fi parasites. Wasn’t she already some sort of assassin/soldier before being infected?

            What parts of her characterization are weak to you? How does she behave in a way you find weak?

  37. Gordon Shock says:

    Watching her gives me a hard-on and, hence, can’t play the game because I am in a different mood entirely.

    Can she be “avoided” at all?

  38. Freud says:

    If I buy a Japanese game, some things will be strange to me as a Westerner. I’m sure Western culture come across as strange to the Japanese. I am more puzzled than offended by some of the strange objectification in their pop culture.

  39. Sawyer42 says:

    I for one liked Quiet. I thought she was cool and interesting, though I will say she’s not the best metal gear character I’ve experienced. Her gameplay mechanics however jibed really well with my playstyle and after she routinely saved my stealth I grew to have a great deal of respect for her as a character.

    I very much enjoyed the attempt at some sort of subtle love story between Venom and Quiet. Though I will admit it was hamhanded and there were most certainly times I felt uncomfortable, like when she repeatedly presents her ass right in your face in the ACC while your dealing with motherbase things.

    Regardless, I took her on almost every mission I possibly could and when the end of her story came around causing her to leave mother base I did feel a genuine sense of loss. A phantom pain if you will :)

    Now I readily admit there are many, many issues with the plot and writing in the game. I in particular would have preferred a few more cutscenes and maybe, just maybe for someone on the team to be assigned to specifically looking for plot holes. And I agree she is over sexualized, but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the character or her story. (Yeah yeah I play MGS for the plot hate all you want!)

    From purely a gameplay perspective though I couldn’t imagine playing the game without her, she was simply too useful. I enjoyed her with all of the problems far more than I enjoyed most of the other bit characters. Though I’ve got to admit I really didn’t have that big of an issue with her nakedness or the explanation for it. This is after all the series that had that dude with the bees.

    I think games need to start experimenting with this sort of thing… whatever it is. I’ll gently applaud the attempt while acknowledging there are issues.

    Also isn’t Metal Gear the series that first dared to ask the question “can love grow on the battlefield?”

    Btw I don’t think they properly playtested her last mission. Or much of the second half of the game.

  40. SuicideKing says:

    Having no experience of MGS, I didn’t expect a “boob lady” character because RPS usually calls these things out in advance…I only noticed the other day when I read another MGSV related post.

    Thanks for talking about Quiet. I’m currently unsure how much I want to play the game because of this, though it does sound good otherwise.

    I skipped Ground Zeroes when I found out about the audio tape that makes you listen to that girl’s rape (and the whole bomb thing), so I was hoping that TPP wouldn’t go down the same route again.

  41. micnet says:

    Can we stop beating this dead horse already? Seriously, this debate has lasted 2 years! I respect the notion that people might find Quiet’s portrayal distasteful or unnecessary, but to them I say don’t play the game or at the very least don’t use her as a companion. If this type of content is such that it ruins your experience with the game then I’d have to question why you’re playing a Metal Gear game in the first place? We’ve heard people use the bathroom, tracked a woman by staring at her butt, watched and invisible cyborg ninja decimate a hallway full of armed guards, seen a man run across water and up a wall, and topped it off with watching a flaming whale and winged horse rain destruction from the sky. I’d argue that ludicrous and visually excessive is pretty much a hallmark of the entire series!

    Perhaps she’s dressed that way because of the reasons given in the game (however stupid you may find them), perhaps it’s a means to convey innocence and fragility to character who otherwise doesn’t communicate, or perhaps she’s that way just because that’s the way Kojima wanted her to look. Regardless, it doesn’t justify a 2 year long argument akin something you’d experience in a literary debate class to attempt to ascertain the “deeper” meaning of it all.

    Women are unabashedly portrayed as sexual objects in EVERY form of media, fair or unfair, it is the reality that we live in. It just seems hypocritical to hold Hideo Kojima to the pyre for so long when I can’t watch 10 minutes of tv without seeing half naked women used in some form advertising, when games like DOA Beach Volleyball exist, and when I just got a lap dance and a bj from a hooker in GTA V. All things considered, this really isn’t that bad.

    • Moraven says:

      Well, we did not know the backstory until now and see all the male gaze camera work done over Quiet’s body until now.

    • ohminus says:

      “Perhaps she’s dressed that way because of the reasons given in the game (however stupid you may find them), perhaps it’s a means to convey innocence and fragility to character who otherwise doesn’t communicate,”

      Uh-uh. Innocence. Of a character who first wants to shoot, then strangle the protagonist in the prologue. I don’t think that innocence word means what you think it means,

    • GWOP says:

      “Can we stop beating this dead horse already?”

      This is literally the only article about Quiet on RPS.

      “If this type of content is such that it ruins your experience with the game then I’d have to question why you’re playing a Metal Gear game in the first place?”

      Perhaps, people are playing MGS for the great stealth, not the fan-service? Ridiculous, right?

      “It just seems hypocritical to hold Hideo Kojima to the pyre for so long when I can’t watch 10 minutes of tv without seeing half naked women used in some form advertising…”

      RPS should really review some more ads.

      • micnet says:

        While it may be the only RPS article to cover the issue, it is by no means the first time it has been covered. As I said it has been beaten over and over for nearly 2 years. Move on.

        The only thing I find ridiculous is the number of people commenting on here, who apparently struggle to look into the mirror without having their delicate sensibilities offended let alone play a video game.

        No I don’t expect RPS to review ads, but if you want to continue taking small snippets of quotes out of the context of my larger argument to make some asinine rebuttal then slow clap for you!

        • Wisq says:

          So I guess we should stop talking about other problems that have been going on for a while, too, right?

          “Nahh, let’s not talk about how the framerate chugs, barely holding at 30, much less 60. We’ve been talking about games with performance problems for years now.”

          I’m pretty sure RPS will only stop talking about this issue when it stops being an issue. That means that either a) they no longer feel it’s a problem (unlikely), or b) people stop making these same stupid design decisions and actually treat women with a similar degree of respect and humanity that they’ve been treating men since day one.

          • micnet says:

            I’m not sure how my getting tired of hearing about one very specific issue in one very specific game equates to my not wanting to hear about the underlying issue ever again, but hey, if you enjoy reading rehashed arguments about the exact same thing year after year then more power to you. There’s probably a few thousand Destiny articles that you can dig into that’ll give you just that.

  42. Moraven says:

    I just call the horse Eponia and thats enough for me.

  43. Universal Quitter says:

    Some of you are hilariously defensive. Adam flat out says the Quiet is among the least of what bothers him in the game, more than once, and doesn’t advise anyone to not play the game. He criticizes it, and that’s perfectly within the right of a “games journalists,” even one with “ethics.”

    And he’s right. She doesn’t ruin the game, nor would leaving her out have made the game any less. It’s just an awkward, stupid thing, that people who like CGI T&A may or may not enjoy, and that’s about it.

    If this is the thing that makes you get up in arms about freedom of expression and artistic choice, I question your taste in art, as well as your perspective on life.

  44. OscarWilde1854 says:

    Do you ever think the 1000s of articles on the internet (like this one) about Quiet, and the 100s of comments on this article (and each of the others) are reason enough for her to be nearly naked?

    Kojima is a genius because he knows two things: 1) sex sells and 2)controversy sells.

    Quiet brings BOTH of those things to the game! You either talk about her because you like her, or you talk about her because she offends you, but either way YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT MGS V which is the best thing Kojima could hope for!

    Personally I like snipers, I like women, I like boobs, I like stealth games. Put all of those together and I could care less if it’s “politically correct”. She doesn’t talk so she can’t be annoying (Navi from Zelda, anyone? LISTEN), she hides off on vantage points so she can’t be in your way, and she does what I tell her and looks sexy doing it.

    She is the best kind of companion (and the only one I ever use in this game). Leave your political ideals outside, and enjoy the game for what it is.

    • JimThePea says:

      “She can’t be annoying”? Quiet hums that tune all the time, shifts about in the heli like she’s got hemorrhoids, shoots guys that have triggered reflex – even if you’re stood close enough to grab them. She can be annoying, even before you get to the grotty handling of her design.

      A huge part of the narrative is about discussion of political ideals, Kojima is offering up social, political, cultural commentary in his game, that opens it up to counter-commentary and critique. If he sucked all the lofty artistic aspirations out of the game, maybe you could use the “it’s just a game” argument, but it’s all there to be picked over, and people can enjoy it for what it is and criticise it at the same time.

    • aleander says:

      sex sells

      No it doesn’t, this was already debunked some time ago. In fact sex tends to hurt sales, unless what you’re selling is also sex (or a promise of it). Now, “sex sells to executives”, that one I might believe.

    • Jay Load says:

      Kojima is a genius because he knows two things: 1) sex sells and 2)controversy sells.

      This is literally the worst definition of genius I have ever heard.

  45. GunFox says:

    Meanwhile there is a literal army of female soldiers you can play as who dress and act like professional soldiers.

    Then you have quiet, a character who doesn’t speak, is locked in a cage, and is oversexualized. She is a monster to everyone on the base, not even human. Yes, Kojima allowed for some fanservice. He also is blatantly poking fun at objectification by making the most object like character he could possibly manage.

    She is objectified to the point where you feel bad for her. Her character revolves around the inability of those around her to see her as a person.

    Oh but no, this is RPS and she is scantily clad, time to start frothing at the mouth.

    • mouton says:

      I recommend actually reading the article before injecting your preconceptions about the site. Spoiler: it talks about much more than just dress.

    • Basgerin says:

      Please bandage your heart, it’s bleeding everywhere.

      You do know she can leave the cage anytime she wanted to right? How do you think she joins you on missions? She phases through the fucking cage.

      Your point is moot because you literally just said that there is an ARMY of females that are fully clothed and playable in the game, this is ONE woman who is not fully clothed and you people make such a huge deal out of it. It’s quite insulting really. You don’t have any respect for the creative design behind her or her story, just what she looks like, hypocrite.

      Don’t take things like this at face-value, because the force from the blow might severe your weightless head from your body.

  46. nanophage says:

    They should add a state that totals the amount of time a player spends looking at her through the camera.

  47. MikhailG says:

    What confuses me is that she wears anything at all if more free skin equals more power to the parasite. Why isn’t she wearing just boots maybe knee protectors and only a thong? As some pointed out, some of her clothing is counterproductive to breathing through skin.

    Additionally, I find it kinda hilarious how just because of this game being partially made by Kojima everyone blames every design decision on him. What if he had to wrestle a boardroom of idiots who wanted boobs to sell on the controversy? What if the animators who worked on the camera for the cutscenes just figured hey its a booblady lets focus on her? Or yes, maybe Kojima did want a sexy lady in the game, which is a bit confusing compared to that you can play with a female character… Maybe he really wanted to satirize the whole portrayal of women in games but it obviously backfired looking at the results.

    Also, really, some of you peoples solution to Quiet being an irritation is to KILL OFF the character? Like, that’s just borderline creepy.

  48. Miresnare says:

    Will PC MGSV be the first game in existence to get a mod to actually *clothe* a female NPG rather than the other way around?

  49. varangian says:

    Well as I haven’t played MGS in any form I haven’t paid any attention to the whibble on its latest outing. But ‘what’s up with the boob lady?’ is the kind of thing that catches the eye so I read through the increasingly risible account as to the in game story that’s been created for her. And now I can’t wait for a Feminist Frequency video to rip the game designers a new one ‘cos it should be hilarious. Talk about an open goal…