Castle The Heretic: Warhammer 40K Regicide Released

I know they don’t really want it to be called ’40K Chess’ because it’s a whole lot more murdery than that, but I’d be so much more excited about Warhammer 40,000: Regicide [official site] if it fully embraced its clear inspirations. WarChess. DeathChess. Only WarChess. WaaaaaghChess. UltramaChess. GrimDark Chess. Chess Hulk. Rogue Chesser. Chess For The Chess God. But ‘Regicide’? Boooooooooooooo.

ANYWAY Warhammer 40,000: Chessdeathchessdeathchessdeathchessdeath has just left Early Access, bringing two new chapters of its campaign with it, plus new Space Marine chapters, making this a very confusing sentence. It even has a traditional chess mode for, uh, purists? Trailer and details of what’s new below.

In its newly 1.0d form, Regicide has a 50-mission campaign, army customisation, leaderboards, an offline mode and revamped AI. In terms of factions, slightly heretical green chaps the Dark Angels join the Ultramarines, Space Wolves, and whichever of the red ones they’re using this time, while the Death Skulls and Evil Suns bulk up the Ork numbers.

Regicide is out on Steam now. Have you played it at all? I probably should, but despite having lots of fun with death animations, it somehow doesn’t seem to capture the 40K fantasy for me. It is so brazenly Game rather than Only War, y’know? Give me genocide. Uh, entirely fictional genocide involving fascist supermen and mad green monsters, that is.

It’s £9.34 on Steam for Windows.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    Odd that they chose regicide in a universe that appears to have no kings. Emperoricide isn’t very catchy though I guess.

    In other news I see a squig, which makes this 10 times more excellent. Slightly apropos of that, where’s my GorkaMorka game? they’ve licensed pretty much everything else now!

    • Jorum says:

      Been playing Mad Max and every hour or so thinking – “there should be a Gorkamorka game” – “this almost is a Gorkamorka game” – “can someone mod this to be Gorkamorka game”.

      • unitled says:

        I went to a couple of Games Days when I was younger (1999 and 2000 I think?), and at one of them I played a game which was an early preview of a Gorkamorka game! It was a racing ‘level’ where you could, of course, shoot other vehicles. The game was canned for some reason, but think it’s a massive shame they’ve never explored that licence further.

        • Shinan says:

          I remember playing a demo of that game and googling it seems to be around on some file sites yet. I doubt I can get it to run though…

    • Spacewalk says:

      I thought that every planet in the 40k universe was ruled by tyrants who have to be overthrown by benevolent space marines after a ten year long war so maybe they’re getting through on a technicality.

    • Railway Rifle says:

      “Emperoricide isn’t very catchy though I guess.”

      Also, to even contemplate killing the Emperor is seen as foul heresy worthy of death.

    • SirRoderick says:

      Caesarcide surely :)

      • artrexdenthur says:

        @SirRoderick short for Caesercide salad?

        I’ll go.

    • Syra says:

      Actually its canonical as in the universe of 40k when people play what we essentially think of as “chess” they play a game called “Regicide”. It’s in a few of the novels. Not the shooty bangy ones but the slow interesting thoughtful ones (that end in shooty bangy).

    • Notebooked says:

      I thought the ‘regicide’ title was just a goofy joke on the nature of chess. Killing the king and all that.

  2. unitled says:

    It *kind of* annoys me they’ve called this Regicide. That has been established as an ‘in universe’ game, something various characters play over a glass of amasec. The game they play, which is hinted to be very chess-like, is clearly not the game we’re playing here!

    • Chiron says:

      Yeah, that kind of bugs me, every bit of fluff I’ve seen about Regidice has it looking kind of like Chess or the Star Trek chess with some fairly nifty sounding mechanics.

      This looks like a really dumb version of the game from Star Wars on the Falcon.

      GW really should have done a chess tie in at some point, I’m fairly sure I wasn’t the only kid who made an attempt at doing it themselves out of the standard figures and it seems like a cheap quick win that would get them into actual stores and increase visibility.

    • asmodemus says:

      Er… you’re both super wrong. This game is basically Battle chess with a campaign option and alternate mode that includes a bunch of extra rules. It would hard to make a more “chesslike” 40k game :P

  3. Dewal says:

    Until it is, I would have to reload every mission where A1 isn’t a black square. Ugh.

  4. Beanbee says:

    Chess for the Chess God!

    I’d so be into that,

  5. Turkey says:

    Jeez. How many Warhammer licensed games are in production right now? Seems like there’s a new one every week.

    • XhomeB says:

      I don’t mind. Quite frankly, I just want the license to finally be put to good use. Regicide looks cool (sort of like Battle Chess) and I have WH40K Armageddon on wishlist (release it on GOG or drop its price a bit already, sheesh), but I want a proper successor to Chaos Gate. Or something X-Comy.

      • Wowbagger says:

        I’d certainly be happy with an updated Chaos gate, I still feel it is the best use of the license so far. Even better now it’s actually playable again thanks to GOG.

      • Turkey says:

        I dunno. On one hand it’s nice to see ideas that never would have been tried back when bigger studios had the license, but on the other hand I feel like Warhammer games need a lot more polish and production values than these smaller studios are capable of giving them.

  6. Sacarathe says:

    I find the notion that marine in power armour would need to “move” while breathing utterly ridiculous. In the grim darkness of the far future, being unable to stand still gonna get you keeled.

  7. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    It is oddly entertaining. It totally changes the threat landscape of the chess board.

    You can move your Knight (Assault Marine with jump pack) into that space where it will be safe from being taken (a one-hit kill), but it will be exposed to fire from the entire front rank of Pawns (Ork Boyz), which can whittle it down to death over a turn or so.

    You find yourself advancing your Bishop (Devastator with heavy bolter) to squares which make no sense in chess, but perfect sense in Regicide because his heavy weapon allows him to suppress the Ork Weirdboy (Queen) who is otherwise about to kill three of your Pawns (Tactical Marines) with a AoE psychic attack.

    Even while you’re taking all of the gunfire and special abilities into consideration, a chess capture is still a one-hit kill for any unit, so the Ork Boy that is chewing through your Marine Captain’s (King’s) hit points alarmingly might end up being killed en passant by a Tactical Marine.

    A lot of people will hate it for adulterating chess, but I love it for adding chess’s rigour and strategy to an otherwise light wargame.

    • Premium User Badge

      Aerothorn says:

      Thank you, Lord Custard. I’ve had a strong desire to purchase this but needed a Trusted Voice to let me know it was a good time.

  8. Day0ne says:

    The words gave me a case of the Barry Chuckles. The video gave me a dirty grin. Probably going to have to get this, thanks for the low down. (Memories of poking my nose in the local GW, and playing Battle Chess off a floppy, at around the same time).