Hardcore: Victor Vran Gets Tough

Our John wasn’t convinced of action-RPG-with-giant-effing-spiders Victor Vran [official site] when it released this year, but developer Haemimont Games has been working on a few additional features since then, so maybe that’ll swing things around.

Victor Vran now has a hardcore and casual mode, which were made available this week as part of a free update. For Hardcore mode the idea is to play without dying, and without equipment twinked from regular characters. If you do die, your character will sort of live on, but only in Normal mode. Casual mode needs no explanation, of course, although it’s worth pointing out you can switch between Casual and Normal difficulties on the fly.

You can check out Haemimont Games’ full post-launch roadmap right here for an idea of some of the new features to come, which includes stuff like free DLC and the upcoming Motorhead Through The Ages update in which Victor Vran teams up with Motorhead because why the heck not? Also on its way is an update that’ll introduce local co-op, which is always nice. Have a look at our take on Victor Vran right here.


  1. subedii says:

    For Hardcore mode the idea is to play without dying, and without equipment twinked from regular characters. If you do die, your character will sort of live on, but only in Normal mode.

    Huh. That’s actually a simple but nice idea. Most other games just have you start all over again regardless.

    • Sacarathe says:

      Path of Exile dumps dead hardcore characters into the normal server environment on death, it’s a lot better than diablo 2/3 imo as it makes it much easier to learn from your mistakes before you reroll.

    • snowgim says:

      Actually this is a terrible idea. You think anyone who wants to play Hardcore mode will continue playing if they get knocked down to normal mode?
      That just makes it more of a hassle to restart hardcore if you fail.

      In fact that’s the main reason I never finished God of War 1 on ps2, or played any of the sequels… While mashing the button to retry a section on hard, I accidentaly answered ‘yes’ to ‘do you want to lower the difficulty’ and then found there was no way to turn it up again. I instantly lost interest in the entire franchise (well, my interest was waning anyway).

      • drussard says:

        So delete the character and start over? Just as true hardcore fans won’t like it, those who prefer something challenging but not crippling when you lose a high level toon to a silly, preventable death will be pleased with this. SO it’s not really a terrible idea, you just don’t happen to feel it’s a feature you would enjoy… so don’t?

      • Minsc_N_Boo says:

        You lose the character and gear they have equipped, they are moved from the Hardcore league to “standard” which is the default softcore league

        Once that happens HC players re-roll, but if they want the option of replaying the boss fight to learn the mechanics they can. I don’t see how this is a bad thing.

  2. Turkey says:

    Victor Vran Fonkenstein

  3. Jalan says:

    Each time I see this game mentioned, I desperately want it to have a theme song similar to the one featured in Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman.

  4. trjp says:

    I’ve had this for a while and think it’s rather excellent.

    It’s a hybrid of a Diablo-style ARPG and DMC3 weapon/combo juggling

    There’s no “classes” as such but different weapon types offer different pros and cons for combat situations.

    Moreover, not all your power comes from loot – loot tends to be more about tweaking how combos or specials will allow ever greater ways of ploughing through big enemies or large groups – as do skills and perks and so on.

    Furthermore, there’s an expansion coming-up based on the world of Motorhead – lyrics/album art etc. etc. If that doesn’t sell it to you – dunno what will

    “We’re Victor Vran and we play rock and roll”