I See What You Did: Fallout 4 Vid Examines Perception

I see you, pal.

Bethesda’s little video series explaining the primary stats of Fallout 4 [official site] with cutesy ’50s-style infotoons is rolling on, this time focusing on the P in that ‘S.P.E.C.I.A.L.’ system – Perception. While the first video showed Strength looking about the same as in previous Fallout games, it looks like 4 may bring a few changes to Perception. Come for the cartoony murder, stay for the speculation:

Pretty fun, these ‘toons, aren’t they? For folks who can’t watch now or would rather have words, Perception once again governs shooty things. Higher Perception means your accuracy will be higher when using the bodypart-targeting VATS aiming mode, same as before. And yep, as in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Perception ties into lockpicking. Then the video takes a twist, showing off pickpocketing and the dastardly art of reverse-pickpocketing – handy for popping a hot grenade into someone’s pocket. In earlier games, this was connected to Agility (we’ll get to that video in a few weeks, I’d imagine), so this is an interesting change.

Folks poring over every video and screenshot have wondered for a while how Fallout 4’s stats might work, with some speculating that the idea of Skill stats (Speech, Sneak, Energy Weapons, and all that) on top of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes might be gone entirely, though others have returned with speculative ‘evidence’ of their own that they’re still in. For all I know, FO4 goes for Elder Scrolls-y ‘improving through use’ skills. Or is the same as before. Point is: this is the first solid look we’ve had at a change in Fallout 4. You can read as much as you want into that. Or maybe watch the cartoon again I suppose. I like the bit when the drink comes out the man’s holes – a classic, that.

Fallout 4 is due on November 10th.


  1. BradleyUffner says:

    I like these videos, but the jarring cuts they have done between scenes at the end of each video are really annoying.

    • Jambe says:

      I find them fun, amusing and not at all annoying.

      Let our opinions do battle!

    • MrFinnishDude says:

      I like them, it’s a nice setup for jokes, like that “long distance relationships” while he’s aiming a sniper rifle part.

      • X_kot says:

        You just sniped my comment…let’s just be friends, eh?

      • Syra says:

        You also sniped my comment. I’d like to build a long distance relationship with you.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      That’s…that point. It’s recreating what a damaged film reel would act like.

  2. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    (thank you for words! at work)

    • Llewyn says:

      (thank you for words regardless of work)

      • lglethal says:

        Yep words are great! Where would we be without words?

        My guess is Glasgow… “Och, wey wit ye Jimmy. ya wa sum a dis?”. There definitely arentany words in those traditional sounds, are there?


  3. v21v21v21 says:

    Ok, ok, listen up, listen up folks!

    Although a fancier re-iteration of FO3 makes me shrug, I would, an’ aaaah say, aah would, totally play a FO$ done in the funnies style so artfully depicted in the embedded creation. Indeed aaah would! So, buckle up an’ make it happen! Giddy-up hurray!

  4. Hunchback says:

    Is there anyone who doesn’t love those silly cartoons showing horrible things in an all-too-innocent tone and 40s (or is it 50s) music?

    Also, is that Cave Johnson reading those lines?

  5. TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

    Maxed Charisma and Luck with all the other stats compromised or go home.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Also, i love how in both the already released videos they acknowledge what’s the truest nature of such titles: maximum hoarding.

      Then again, i can laugh at it but i have to admit i can’t help myself either, 80% of my play time is more or less spent like that.

  6. ribby says:

    Perception has always seemed like the most boring of stats to me.

  7. Distec says:

    I’m just hoping they separate the Bloody Mess perk from any actual increase in damage output, because:

    1) My min-maxing OCD will take that +5% damage no matter what.
    2) Bloody Mess is pretty lame now. It’s just gibbing. No skin-melting with energy weapons, no blowing holes through chests with a shotgun… Straight boring shit.

  8. Turkey says:

    Looks like a game from the ’50s.

  9. int says:

    Perception — because of sniping and shooting accurately — is my second favorite stat, after the obvious best stat: agility, for your character’s indispensable action-point-ness and agileness!

  10. racccoon says:

    Still on my re hash of Fallout 3, reached lvl20 weeks ago & tried the mod to raise my levels but it kept crashing the game which was a shame, I am now hell bent of killing everyone to end it all. Its darn shame they never did an update for advancing further levels.
    Can’t wait for Fallout 4.
    PLEASE give us…”F A L L O U T S H E L T E R”
    for the P C

    • shenzahn says:

      Regarding Fallout Shelter on the PC, are you aware of BlueStacks, the Android emulator?

      You can play the game with little to no issues, and it’s entirely possible to export your saves for play on Bluestacks or your mobile device(s).