Competition: Win Free Tickets To Next Week’s EGX

EGX is next week, September 24th-27th, at the NEC in Birmingham. It’s the UKs biggest game event and there’ll be hundreds of games there, among esports tournaments, cosplay competitions and YouTube celebrities. If you fancy popping along, we have a pair of four-day super passes and three pairs of day tickets to win. Hop below for details on how to enter.

Entering requires you to input your email address into the widget below, and to authorise a Facebook app to see your public profile. Your email will only be used to contact you if you win, and the Facebook app only confirms that you are a unique snowflake and not a thieving spiderbot. You can remove the app again afterwards via your Facebook app settings. The competition will end at midnight tonight and the winners will be drawn tomorrow.


  1. Not_Id says:

    Hey RPS, any chance that you can get more ads on this site please? Any type will do: banner ads, article ads, giveaway ads etc

  2. KaptainKartWheel says:

    And for those of use who don’t use Faceache, how do we enter ?

  3. trooperwally says:

    I commented, a bit negatively, about the last competition article so I feel a bit obliged to say something here. I think this one is much less obnoxious. Specific things I think are better are:

    1. It’s for a games convention rather than a specific game. So less perception of ‘selling out’ to a particular developer/publisher. Remember my concern was about the perception more than the reality and I think this comes across much better.

    2. No yellow border. It’s clear that it’s a competition because we can read and it’s in the title. I just found the yellow a nasty colour to look at and pretty garish. Seemed like it’s purpose was to attract attention rather than indicate that the story was, well, not a story but a competition.

    Thanks for taking on board the feedback RPS!