Kicking Off: Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Released

I’ve been looking forward to the latest Pro Evolution Soccer [official site] game since reading a couple of extremely positive reviews of the PS4 version. The game arrived on Steam last night and I’m installing it right now but release day revelations are chipping away at my excitement. Last year’s PC Pro Evo was a hybrid version that felt closer to the 360 and PS3 edition of the game than that on current-gen consoles. The same is apparently true this year and while that doesn’t mean the game will necessarily be a load of cobblers, it does mean I’m unwilling to assume any positives related to the celebrated PS4 version will carry over.

I hadn’t realised the PC version was going to be anything other than a full pomp and circumstance port until this morning. More fool me, perhaps. In an interview with NextGenGamingBlog earlier this year, PES’ European Product Manager mentioned that the PC would be receiving another hybrid version:

“It’s not the same as PS4 or Xbox One. And it’s not the same as PS3 and X360. It’s its own thing…The PC version will have its own sort of entity there. It’s got a lot more the features of PS4. A lot more the features of Xbox One.”

That’s “more features” in comparison to last year, which felt far too close to the previous generation of consoles for comfort. Because people are capable of being upset about a single missing blade of hand-crafted and animated grass that reacts to weather conditions in realistic fashion, it can be difficult to tell how valid complaints about any kind of graphical downgrade actually are. There are claims on the Steam forums that the screenshots chosen to advertise the game on Steam are plucked from the PS4 version and that they don’t represent the product being sold, as well as broader points about muddy visuals, crappy weather effects and sluggish controls.

Most early players seem to argue that the game plays the same as the PS4 version and just looks different, however. Visually, last year’s game could be improved using the SweetFX mod and the same may be true this year as well.

I’ll find out for myself soon enough. I’d particularly been looking forward to the Master League mode, which sounds like it introduces all kinds of dynamic team chemistry gubbins to make squad-building more than a case of picking the people with the highest numbers applicable to each position. A demo is apparently due sometime today so you’ll be able to try everything out for yourself.

Oh, and I’m hearing that even singleplayer modes require an internet connection at all times. I’m deflating like Harry Redknapp’s face over here.


  1. kevmscotland says:

    Feedback on steam is rather negative.
    God dammit Konami, you pull this nonsense with PES on PC every year.

    My understanding of the computer architecture should mean that the current gen console games should actually be easier to port than those of the last gen. I don’t get it.

    • hollowroom says:

      It isn’t any technical reason, so my bet is on money. It’s cheaper to chuck out a rehash of last years PES.

      • Vandelay says:

        Most likely explanation is that they expect a large portion of the potential player base will not have PCs capable of playing the version on the Xbox One/PS4 without a large amount of scaleable options. Which probably is aa fair guess, as I imagine many players of the game will not be that dreaded term “hardcore gamers .”

        Still, it is frustrating for those of us that do have moderate to high spec systems that might be interested.

  2. Laini says:

    Those screenshots on Steam are definitely not from the PC version.
    I’ve not really played PES before but with the reviews for the console game being so good I thought I’d give it a go and whilst it plays all right the graphics are really poor.

    Graphics aren’t everything of course but it really stands out, especially given it’s the Fox Engine and MGSV looks superb on PC.

    Also the menus are, well Japanese as hell. Everything is so confusing. I imagine once you get the hang of it it’ll be fine but sheesh, now I know how non-sports fans feel when they load up a game like this.

    Still getting used to it but graphics aside I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far. Not a patch on FIFA in terms of licenses or presentation but it’s a fun game nonetheless.

  3. Allenomura says:

    So their failure to offer a PC demo may well have been a tactical play. I hope there’ll be a full article covering this year’s PES in time.
    If the majority of impressions about PES 2016 are positive (and, at least the headlines appear glowing) BUT, the PC edition lets the side down, then Konami should not be spared criticism for that.

  4. Zankman says:

    Well, I am now also deflated on this… VideoGamerTV made a very positive review and some of their reviewers even called it “the best football game of all time”.

    From some discussions I held in the comment section, where I asked about whether some of my gripes with the game were fixed, it sounded like the game was finally moving forward, both in terms of gameplay and production…

    The only bad thing/port related thing I heard was that the crowd was not as good as it is in the PS4 version and that it is otherwise the exact same.

  5. CurseYouAll says:

    In the reverend words of Jim Sterling – “F*ck Konami!”

  6. fatehasfans says:

    I love PES, but up to a point.

    PES 16 isn’t a new game, it should have been but it isn’t. It feels like a stand alone patch for 15 because all Konami have done is simply remove some of the good parts of 15 and add some of the missing things from 15 and voila you have PES 16!


    Good parts taken out of 15…

    1). The shooting, which was good in 15, they’ve messed up in 16, so now whether you lightly touch the shoot button or hold it down there isnt going to be any difference (so the powerbar is pretty much useless), in 15 you had to hold down the shoot and pre-emptively make the space which was fun imo and added a little more skill to shot creation. Now the ball is simply a balloon with no weight at all to it.

    2). The animations, in 15 I had no problem, players felt like they had weight and the collision system worked well and the animations fitted the movements the players made. But in 16 they’ve sped everything inadvertently by adding extra animations so when you line up a few tricks consecutively there isn’t enough time for this to be realistically portrayed so the animations skip and you end up with it looking a little jittery and skittish.

    3). Passing, having tried all passing modes (passing assistance) in 16 it would seem that there doesnt seem to be any consistency between them for I notice certain passes (quite easy passes at that) simply won’t go to the person you’re aiming for so in effect these options are missing, whereas in 15 I could eliminate that problem by changing (lowering) pass asisstance.

    Added the things that were missing from 15…

    1). Cursor change, whereas in 15 it was quite sluggish, in 16 it is much more responsive and all the better

    2). Player response time, compared to 15 the players in 16 respond much faster to loose balls which is good, although as mentioned above because of the animation skips and inconsistent player motions things can get a little like sensible soccer (defenders getting sucked behind attackers in an instant and almost comedic manner).

    3). Ball in the air options, greatly improved from 15, I’ve already managed 3 overhead kicks and many volleys, things that were missing in 15 – you basically had little control over what happened in the air in 15 in terms of attacking options whereas now if you want to volley simply wait for the ball to drop lower than chest height if you want an overhead kick position yourself under the ball with your back to goal – definately much better.

    Overall, if I am honest I have to say 15 is better. I prefer the meatier shots and the heavier weight to the players. However, I am a person who likes a bit more realism over arcade action and I think 15 felt a bit more like a simulator so it gets my vote.

    How to score this game?

    Well, considering that it (PES 16) offers nothing new in terms of graphics, interface and sound (sorry but I detest Peter Drury what’s worse is in PES 16 he sounds like Ned Boulting (another soulless ITV drone) who I also destest, and doesn’t actually build on anything good from 15 (because they’ve simply taken them away or changed them for the worse) means that this game feels like a patch. In fact the more I think about it the more it could be for at the beginning of PES 15’s release Konami stated that they wouldn’t be creating any further patches that would alter the gameplay of 15, where they basically saving that for 16? Also, everything else seems to fit – the team changes are the exact same team roster for Arsenal is the exact same as 15, even Diaby is still there! I was wondering why the updates just suddenly stopped way last year, ok I can understand the gameplay not being touched (which is ok I like the gameplay in 15 as it is) but what happend to Data packs? There were none!

    So the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Konami is in crisis, so what’s the cheap option? Simply stop putting money into the creation of patches for the current (15) game and use those resources instead to create a patch (I was going to say ‘larger patch’ but it’s not, for I wouldn’t have minded paying the money as long as the team were actually up-to-date but sadly they’re not) that they can essentially call a new game because blatantly that’s what it is, a gameplay patch nothing more and as we approach the release of the new game don’t bother releasing a demo for the PC that could potentially reflect any of this. It all makes sense.

    So I’ve paid for a poor patch that if I had downloaded from I would have deleted – the shocking thing is with PESedit at least you get the real team kits and rosters on top of the gameplay changes with this effort from Konami you get none of that! It just goes to show how much I have been ripped off.

    So onto the verdict

    Considering the above


    However, if PES 15 had never existed then…


    P.S. Like some other users I will be using the refund option

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      How would you compare things like the Become A Legend, Master League and MyClub modes? Are they basically the same as PES15?

      (I have PES15 on PS4, and will probably get this one on PS4 too)