Prepare To Wait: Dark Souls III Coming In April 2016

That headline’s not me playing coy and trying to entice you into reading more of my drivel to find out a specific release date for Dark Souls III [official site]: “April 2016” is the release window publishers Bandai Namco announced in the wee small hours of the morning. I wish I could tell you a specific date so you could book the cat into the cattery, the kids into the nursery, and the nun into the nunnery, then skive off work, but no, you’ll need to wait a bit longer to hear that.

This time, it seems our version will be launching alongside console editions – or at least in the same month. That’s nice, as it’s always been unfortunate to arrive late to Dark Souls having heard so much about set pieces (the dragon on the bridge!), what to do (go up, not to the graveyard!), and overpowered sneaky bits (shoot the dragon’s tail off! which I resisted doing, but knew was an option). This time, we’ll all be fresh.

I could tell you what I know about Dark Souls III, what’s new and what’s old, but you’d probably be better served by watching this from Souls YouTube chap VaatiVidya, who played the Gamescom demo in August and had plenty to tell everyone back home:

Or if you want to see exciting and cool things, the Gamescom trailer will do nicely:


  1. klo3 says:


    • pkt-zer0 says:

      It’s “太陽万歳!”, afaik.
      …yes, I was curious what the original version of that phrase was.

      Anyway, this is all quite soon. When will I even have time to play all the good games coming out recently? I suppose I should get through Dark Souls 2 before this hits, if nothing else.

  2. Wowbagger says:

    I’ll have to make do with the heretical Bloodborne DLC until then I guess.

  3. Easy says:

    Praise the Hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype

  4. bigblack says:


    How pithy.
    And insightful.

    The Souls’ games are unusual and deep and amazing, and they certainly aren’t for everyone. Attempts to disparage or devalue their unique appeal are just always baffling to me. That trailer is fucking awesome and haters can fuck off.

    • ZippyLemon says:

      Woah dude he didn’t say he doesn’t like Souls!

      … luckily for him >.>

      • socrate says:

        got to love fanboy of darksoul their probably the worst people ive ever seen in my life and will defend,like most fanboy of any other game,anything their beloved game do and will shout and foam at everyone that they think or dare talk badly about their beloved game.

        Anyway for me having gotten the scholar of the first sin not to long ago thinking that my urge for more dark soul could be appeased with that and expecting a bunch of new stuff was more then disappointed,i ended up basically buying a game that just change the monster of different place only and nothing else really unless ive missed a weapon or new area…was quite disappointed considering that ive bought the original game at release + all the dlc i was expecting more then this for that kind of price…i hate that today they expect you to buy the same game 10x or basically just wait for the basically “finished” product…the biggest let down is that it seems to be filled with hacker and nothing is done against them apparently and the only solution is to use a hack yourself from what people say on the forum…its kind of sad that in this age today you end up punished for buying a game still today when pirate don’t deal with that crap.

        Oh and quite frankly i could do without the so call pvp at this point…the community just are griefer that got bullied in school too much it seems and they end up just having 0 honor…there is a BIG difference between pvp and griefing and 99% of these so call game with pvp should really learn the difference…its sad because at the launch of DS2 apart from a few early hacker the pvp was actually more honorable and duel were also really fun on the bridge of the iron keep…but their dumb pvp only area with dumb covenant was just about griefing also which probably trained a big generation of idiot…being in the covenant was soooo easy to begin with and gave you such a big advantage it wasnt even funny.

        So yeah…from what ive seen…recycled enemy and things like dragon blocking a path…again…i dunno i absolutely love DS and Bloodborn although limited was a fun 1 time run thing…but…i have to admit more of the same is getting boring at this point…starting to feel alots like “been there and done that” and nothing new or interesting ive seen that really grab me…also getting tired of these “rushed” game that keep coming out half finished…and mediocre dlc is not that great either(yeah im talking about DS2)

  5. Andy_Panthro says:

    I really want to play this, but I have lots of problems with the boss fights in Dark Souls, and these ones look just as bad (worse perhaps).

    Hopefully I’ll be able to summon plenty of help for those.

    • SlimShanks says:

      Came back to this old article just to say…
      Git gud scrub!

  6. EhexT says:

    So Fall or Winter 2016 for PC then.