Solid Steed: MGSV Does Horse Armour DLC, Plus Tux

Not a horse-tux, sadly. Nor is the cheesy avatar of an open source operating system becoming a playable MGS character. Big Boss gets the tux, D-horse gets armour, and playable women soldiers get [sigh]. This, then, is the first DLC for the mostly excellent Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [official site].

No price or release date as yet, but a reveal during the Tokyo Game Shame gave us our first look at this costume-centric add-on. Snake/Big Boss gets a couple of outfits recreated from MGS 3, but the star is surely the Bond-style tux, which very much makes our one-eyed beefcake adopt the ‘gorilla in a suit’ look. This outfit is often an MGS end-game reward, so bit a (potentially controversial) break with tradition here.

D-Horse, meanwhile, gets one set of armour which looks a bit Roman and another which makes it look like he/she is attending a royal parade. Clearly, Horse Armour is DLC’s least finest hour, but in this case I’m prepared to be more generous – MGSV’s least-interesting buddy could do with a bit more silliness if we’re to ever take him with us instead of D-Dog or Quiet again.

Speaking of exploitatively-presented characters, if you’re in the habit of making a female solider your avatar, this pack will bring two lady-centric costumes, styled after The Boss and Eva from MGS 3. They involve boobies, because Kojima. Very disappointing that, at the very least, this DLC didn’t include practical military clothing in addition to the pandering stuff. The Boss’s costume (left) is even zipped up for the vast majority of MGS3, so it’s not exactly maximum authenticity anyway.

I say ‘because Kojima’, but truth be told it’s unlikely he’s involved with MGSV’s post-release content, given his apparent departure from the series and Konami after their latest round of public spats. This may well mean we never see any story or mission DLC for the game, which is a great shame.

You can see the full TGS MGSV panel here, though it’s all in Japanese:


  1. ButteringSundays says:

    I can only assume that the creative director at Konami is horribly sexually frustrated. I guess this is a better outlet than beating up hookers.

    • tomimt says:

      I don’t think he’s alone in that as far game (or any other entertainmen medium for the matter) industry goes.

  2. bleeters says:

    Y’know, I’m indifferent to a revealing Eva costume due in large part to that just generally being how she’s presented in MGS3 and 4 for the most part anyway, but the Boss? She only undoes her outfit briefly to show her scars in a scene that’s actually pretty tragic. Just… why?

    • Premium User Badge

      Earl-Grey says:

      Because people are shit, surely?

      Bit of a shame, the Boss-suit would have been really cool.
      Now it’s just a little bit sad.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Seriously. I mean, to be perfectly honest I’m actually quite fond of the bare-chested unzipped jacket look, albeit not as much as a regular, zipped-up jacket (like, seriously, why not????). This is just horribly disrespectful though.

    • Shadow says:

      Actually, as far as I can recall, the Boss has her zipper down during the entire final battle and around it.

      While this is a missed opportunity, every other playable female outfit is a sensible and proper alternative to the male version, so it’s not all Quiet and cleavages.

  3. Catchcart says:

    You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Here I thought it was the world’s most dismissive ‘Oh and they also did a linux port’ post :-(

  4. Syra says:

    I guess because the normal female soldier outfits are all fully covered up 1:1 analogues of the male soldier outfits the oly place they could go with dlc was nice summer dresses or partial nudity.

    /Games industry.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      They could have gone for a swanky cocktail dress as a counterpart to the suit surely?
      Although I suppose it would inevitably end up being a cocktail dress with cleavage down to the bellybutton like the other outfits.

  5. Monggerel says:

    This is perfect

  6. FroshKiller says:

    “Snake/Big Boss gets a couple of outfits recreated from MGSV.” I think you mean MGS3.

  7. Spacewalk says:

    But no horse tuxedos.

  8. BooleanBob says:

    I’m much more hyped about the Quiet cosmetics coming to a certain sniper in Dota 2.

    • Synesthesia says:

      oh god this needs to happen

      that design needs to be mocked into the fucking ground.

      Also, fuck the boss suit, that’s some way to shit on one of the best woman characters in videogames. What a shame.

    • Skabooga says:

      Hahaha! Oh my, that’s delightful.

      • Jediben says:

        Just wait for the super sexy Quiet cosplay. You may be on a high horse now, but you’ll be in tbe dirt with the rest of us when the models break out the holed tights.

  9. islipaway says:

    Maybe they do this shit so we forget they forgot to flesh out the 2nd half of the game and give it any sort of satisfying conclusion?

    Also where’s my Battle Gear! Biggest let down was finding out you never get to drive that thing after it being introduced in the same way as D-DOG and Quiet. They even say it’s like a customisable mini metal gear. I read that they claim they took it out was it was overpowered, which is so much nonsense. You’re making the game, make it less overpowered…

    • LennyLeonardo says:


    • dahools says:

      cheers for that, spoiler alert next time maybe, i’ll stop checking its progress from now on then. . .

  10. Bobtree says:

    > I say ‘because Kojima’, but truth be told it’s unlikely he’s involved with MGSV’s post-release content

    Um, it’s not like they just whipped this stuff up in the 2 weeks since release. All of MGO will be post-release content too.

  11. Chicago Ted says:

    It’d be nice if you could pick if you wanted the female costumes zipped up or down, like how you can choose to wear a scarf or not.