Giveaway: 5000 WildStar EU Closed Beta keys

WildStar [official site] is going free-to-play, breaking loose from the shackles of a subscription model in order to let new players through the front doors for nothing. Before that happens, NCSoft are running a closed beta for the new version of the game, and we’ve got 5000 keys to giveaway if you want to try it out. Hop below to find out how to get one.

Update: Please note that all codes are EU specific and so will not work from other regions. Apologies for the inconvenience; we weren’t initially told.

The widget below will dispense your key in exchange for one of four actions: following us on Twitter, following our Steam group, subscribing to our YouTube channel, or visiting our Facebook page. The latter should work without requiring a Facebook account and whether or not you’ve already Liked the page previously.

WildStar Closed Beta key giveaway

Once you’ve completed one of the above actions, hit ‘Continue’ in order to make the key appear. The keys are limited to one per user and the widget above will close automatically when all the codes are gone. The keys won’t expire, except when the beta ends.

How to redeem your code

First, you’ll need to download the WildStar Closed Beta client. Then while that downloads, if you don’t already have one, you need to set up a free NCSoft account. Click here to create the account, then click the link in the email it sends you in order to verify your address.

Now you’re ready to redeem the code.

1. Log into your WildStar/NCSoft account.
2. Click on “Apply a Code” in the blue banner near the top of the page, or on the “Apply a Code” button on the right side of the page
3. Paste in the code you received via the widget above.
4. Click ‘Apply’.

If you receive a success message, you’re good to go. If not, double-check the serial key is entered correctly.

If you’re still having trouble visit the WildStar support article here for further assistance.


Top comments

  1. Premium User Badge

    Graham Smith says:

    To everyone having code redemption problems, try redeeming the code via rather than through the NCSoft website. That should work.
  1. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Says my serial code is invalid.

    • Grawl says:

      Same for me. I guess this is US only? (I’m from Europe)

      • Lakshmi says:

        Ahh I came back to see what the problem was. I’m EU too.

        • Sp4rkR4t says:

          If the problem is yank codes that’s really bad form for RPS to be doing. This is generally one of the few site where I actually read the giveaways and offers because I don’t expect it to be yank-centric.

        • kimded says:

          Dang… mine failed too… ah well…

          • kimded says:

            Ah going to “” rather than ncsoft fixed it for me

          • Grawl says:

            Nice catch, that does indeed work.

          • NZLion says:

            What region are you guys that got it working by entering on the WildStar (as opposed to NCSoft) site?

            I am in New Zealand, no workie for me on either site. My copy of WildStar was a GMG purchase of the North American version, so presumably that’s the region’s code I need

          • PsychoWedge says:

            Germany here. Worked flawlessly.

      • bandertroll says:

        I apply my code without troubles. From East Europe.

    • Lanessar says:

      Apparently, the US isn’t a valid region for this code.

    • Frantic Ferret says:

      My code was accepted on though it was rejected on ncsoft’s site.

    • RoyBM says:

      I’m in the US.
      This is the message I receive.

      “The code you purchased is for a different region than your game account. Please contact WildStar Support.”

  2. Riaktion says:

    I very much enjoyed this MMO, really refreshing and fun. However even with it now being Free to play (I paid a subscription) I’m unlikely to return to it. I hope others enjoyed it as much as I did though, I love the mechanic they have of telegraphing attacks int he way they do so much, wish more games did it :)

  3. Sirenated says:

    I’m getting the invalid key error but I live in the US.

  4. Vox Inaudita says:

    The code has to be entered at I can’t use mine, it gives me an error: “The code you purchased is for a different region than your game account. Please contact WildStar Support.”

    I’m in Australia, so I guess I should have expected that.

    • Sirenated says:

      Got the same error here as well.

      • paralipsis says:

        Yep. I have apparently managed to deny someone access to the beta, without actually getting to do so myself. I wonder just how many of those 5000 keys will actually end up in the hands of people who are eligible to use them. Ah the joys of geo-blocking.

        • Premium User Badge

          Silva says:

          Same problem for me. I mean we can always send the codes to someone who can use them right?

          If we can’t play, might as well let a fellow RPS homie use them.

          • trivianinja says:

            I filed a ticket with the Wildstar support thingie, will keep y’all posted once I hear back.

  5. Bull0 says:

    I really like Wildstar! It already had a fairly messy UI though, I can only imagine what putting F2P elements on top of that will do.

  6. caeldom says:

    Tried to redeem at

    Error: “The code you purchased is for a different region than your game account. Please contact WildStar Support.”

    Australia here.

  7. Rizlar says:

    I’ve been playing Wildstar a bit recently using a random bundle key and enjoying it. The player housing is fantastic. :D

    Worth noting though that it goes f2p in just 10 days. Anyone know if they are planning a character wipe for the beta servers between now and then?

  8. LionsPhil says:

    Ever since someone pointed it out all I can see in that screenshot is her horrendously collapsed palate.

    Or I guess maybe her dentures have come loose.

  9. trivianinja says:

    Also in the US, code no worky.

  10. int says:

    Am I right to assume that character and progress will be wiped after the beta, or will it carry over?

  11. soogan says:

    A friend told me that, yes, this is indeed region locked. When he tested with an EU vpn from the US, the code worked fine.

    • Rizlar says:

      Although strangely the beta server is not region locked, unlike the current live servers. So vpn ftw?

  12. DeFrank says:

    why that chick back teeth so low its freakin me out

  13. ErraticGamer says:

    Another vote for “can’t use code in US”

  14. Faxmachinen says:

    Here’s a vote for “can’t be arsed to try”.

    The 7-step programme is bad enough, but then add the regional bullshit and it’s no sale. Doubly so for a beta of something that is going to be F2P anyway.

    • ErraticGamer says:

      You have to do one step, not seven. It’s “do any of these”, not “all”.

      Like, it’s a shame that it’s not working for a bunch of us, but they aren’t making you go out of your way.

  15. Premium User Badge

    Graham Smith says:

    To everyone having code redemption problems, try redeeming the code via rather than through the NCSoft website. That should work.

    • Traddles says:

      Still no go. I do not believe that is the fix for the region lock, which seems to be the most prevalent problem. US here… tried both websites.

      NCSOFT = “Invalid code”
      WildStar = “… different region blah blah”

      I suppose it’s not a huge deal, but I was excited to give it a try, especially if supporting RPS was part of the bargain.

    • Foosnark says:

      “The code you purchased is for a different region than your game account. Please contact WildStar Support.”

      I’m in the US, not that it knows this unless it’s tracking IP addresses or something.

    • nadcaptain says:

      Tried that. Still a no-go :C I’m in the US.

    • Sound says:

      US user. Attempted through the suggested page. No dice.

    • icecreamjones says:

      Canadian here, no dice on either site.

  16. Scandalon says:

    Dear $Deity, what is wrong with that soulless automatons face?

  17. Arkteryx says:

    Didn’t see it mentioned, but these are EU keys. I’m in the US so they wouldn’t work until I used Hola to access from the UK.

  18. namad says:

    should’ve explained these were eu keys.
    I’m in the us.
    here’s my key if anyone wants to try and use it instead of me if it’s not to late.


    • NZLion says:

      Looks like they will be useful until the 29th, that seems to be broad/public availability of f2p wildstar.

      YOT2C1GAH1UM7TUS1DMI – should be free at the time of posting, I can’t use it because I’ve had a US instance of wildstar on my ncsoft account.

      • Kruton says:

        In the same boat, so here’s my code for whoever wants it: 6H5T2KEH002I7V9Q911Y

  19. Aydrian says:

    I had problems redeeming the code. I used CyberGhost fix it by vpn. CG is free to download and takes practically zero effort to use. After the key was accepted I just exited the program and now I’m downloading the client.

    • nadcaptain says:

      I tried CyberGhost after having no luck with Hola. It worked! Just set my location to Germany, logged in, and the code worked! Thanks for the tip!

  20. demnod says:

    So I got my key, tried on the website and got the region error like everyone else. Made a ticket with Wildstar support and they said Im suppose to contact the Rockpapershotgun people in order to resolve the problem.

    I’m in NA so I’m assuming these are EU codes? Maybe put a banner at the top saying so next time :|

  21. Arglebargle says:

    Man, NCSoft couldn’t shoot itself in the foot without having three people help.

  22. NephilimNexus says:

    Another US player tossing useless EU code into the mix:


    Tell NC soft I’ve already lost interest.

  23. CoherentInsanity says:

    Don’t want to mess with VPN’s, might as well just wait until I don’t need a code so:


  24. LuvULongTime says:

    Yeah you might as well remove the top comment about, another US person with a region locked unusable code. You really might just consider pulling the article at this point. Would serve everyone not to waste time/effort and get a bad taste of the offer/game.

    • Traddles says:

      Agreed. It was barely pushing semi-annoying at first. But, the lack of response from anyone at RPS, all while post after post continues to “waste” beta keys, is kinda… unprofessional.

  25. t3hsquirr3l says:

    The fact that Wildstar region-locks your client based on the first code you apply to your account puts the last nail in the coffin for me as far as NCSoft is concerned.

    I remember Wildstar being mediocre at best, but I thought to give it one last go and put some real effort into it. Guess I won’t, even when it does go free.

  26. Faxmachinen says:

    You’re talking nonsense. You can’t perform the “Click Apply” step before completing the six steps before it.

  27. RoyBM says:

    Guess ill toss another EU key in the mix.
    First come first serve!


  28. Chess Rivers says:

    Should have read the comments first!

    First come, first serve:

  29. Jiblet says:

    You realise you posted your scathing judgement on RPS at 2am UK time?
    I should imagine the RPS crew were tucked up in their bunks rather than on on the journalistic warpath for you.

  30. Jiblet says:

    And for the record, it took my key on link to jsut fine.
    Sorry for your loss. See you in ten days.

  31. Gaff says:


    Hopefully someone can make use of it since I cannot.

  32. Lestaticon says: