Slow Boat: Age Of Mythology – Tale Of The Dragon

Not content with creating a new expansion for Age of Empires 2 HD, developers Forgotten Empires have announced that they’ll be releasing Tale of the Dragon, a Chinese mythology-themed expansion for the Extended Edition of Age of Mythology [official site]. Thirteen years since the original release and twelve years since the previous expansion, Titans, this announcement marks a New Age of Mythology, although presumably with fewer crystals and astrological cycles.

Alec enjoyed his time with Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, up to a point:

“It’s a happy mix of good, old-fashioned, getting-on-with-it building and surprisingly large-scale battles with varied armies. It’s oddly, lackadaisically-paced compared to today’s gogogo real-time strategy, though you can very much see the seeds of the intensive multi-tasking that has increasingly come to the fore.”

I find the idea of games receiving updates and additions more than a decade after release reassuring. In this digital age, I half-expect all of my games to vanish overnight because somebody mucked up a licensing agreement, so the ongoing development and expansion of the Age series is a pleasing occurrence. An island of unexpected continuity within the sea of uncertainty.

Quite what the Tale of the Dragon will involve, we don’t know at this point. There’s a livestream planned for October 2nd but for now we just have these words from Forgotten Empires:

“13 years. It’s been 13 years since the release of Age of Mythology on PC. And 12 years since the release of its expansion pack: The Titans. But for great games like Age of Mythology, these years are merely a number. It’s time for a new expansion pack! With the collective experience and with expansions for the Age of Empires II series, Age of Mythology almost feels like the next logical step, although next time we probably shouldn’t wait over a decade before taking on the challenge.

“Many of you already guessed it after the sneaky teaser at E3 and a lot of speculation has been seen across the community boards, but now the word is officially out: Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon is being created by Forgotten Empires and SkyBox Labs and will be the next part in the legendary series.”

Looking forward to it. In the meantime, here’s a trailer for the Age of Empires II expansion.


  1. koeklimas says:

    This is really cool. It’s weird to make an expansion now but why not?! This is actually quite smart. It wouldn’t cost much to make and fans will get it. My pc might be able to run this! Haha #consolegamerspc

  2. Wowbagger says:

    Well it’s more of an expansion to the HD version that came out on Steam last year really isn’t it? Very welcome none the less.

  3. fuggles says:

    How lovely! Maybe dawn of war will finally get exodites, if this becomes a thing.

  4. peterako1989 says:

    Say what again?!

  5. Doom Kitten says:

    I hope they decide to do the same thing with Rise of Nation remaster that was released.

  6. kud13 says:

    This is really cool. AoM was a great game, played tons of it back in the day, (campaign was immense) and heavengames had lots of great custom maps and campaigns for it. Can’t wait to see how they make Chinese mythology fit into it.

    Hoping this is a success, and we get Aztec expansion next.

  7. Jenks says:

    Great news, I’ll pick it up for sure. I spent quite a few hours this year with the HD rerelease doing comp stomp with friends.

  8. killjoy9201 says:

    I cant wait age of mythology was my favorite game growing up and still is. The RTS market market may be low right now but this gets my hopes up for the future.

  9. LuNatic says:

    Rise of Legends HD please.