Silent Hills Meets Gone Home: Allison Road Kickstarter

Alice spotted Allison Road [official site] when it first started haunting the internet back in July. I’ve just watched the same 13 minute long prototype video covered in that post and feel the same way about it. Creepy, pleasingly packed with interactive bits and bobs, and somewhat spoiled whenever the protagonist mutters to himself. So what has changed? Well, there’s a Kickstarter, as well as confirmation that the game is set on “a quiet street in the suburbs of Manchester, UK”. That’s where I’m set!

The Kickstarter is seeking £250,000 and the devs explain why that is enough and why it isn’t too much. First of all, isn’t it a little cheap?

“Indeed it is, but that figure alone doesn’t give you the whole picture. We’ve already put a plan in place using personal finances to get the game done no matter what happens, however this extra money can be used by us to hire a few more talented people, get the game done sooner and allow us to commit to more features and platforms too.

“As stretch goals are reached you can see exactly what additional extras that money unlocks and we’ll be transparent with our development not just because it shows fans they can trust us, but we’re so excited to be developing the game and can’t wait to share the journey with them too!”

But isn’t it a little bit expensive?

“Not at all! Even including the personal money we’ve already contributed, the cost for this game will be a lot less than most AAA games cost to make! It should be more expensive, but because we are paying ourselves below the industry average, we only have a basic office and we are using Unreal, it really helps us focus every resource we have on to developing the game.

“We’re as determined as the fans to get this game made and hopefully, looking at what we’ve produced so far, you’ll agree that we haven’t compromised on quality to do it.”

The game isn’t due out until the end of 2016, although some form of playable ‘experience’ will be available before release. That won’t be available until mid-2016 and is called the Lucid Dreams Experience, a preview set in the same world (HAUNTED MANCHESTER) that doesn’t touch on the main narrative.

Set almost entirely in what looks to be a fairly pleasant suburban end-terrace, Allison Road is likely to rely on a bit of reality-shifting environmental repetition to tell its story. Developers Lilith reckon they’re creating a “memorable and truly shocking horror experience”, built around a “gripping narrative”. I’ll confess to having turned the volume on the prototype video right the way down when a ghost knocked on the bathroom door. That’s enough of a gripping narrative for me, ta.


  1. MuscleHorse says:

    Oh, I’m set in Manchester too. Why is that making me want to pledge towards this when I normally wouldn’t?

  2. Artiforg says:

    Set in Manchester with an American protagonist beset by horrors, is it a Malcolm Glazer simulator?

  3. demicanadian says:

    Say no to unnecessary American protagonists!

  4. caff says:

    Wow – quite a steep goal on the Kickstarter. I’d love to see it made though.

    • jezcentral says:

      Indeed, but at the rate they’re going, they might just get there.

  5. teije says:

    Complete wuss alert. I turned off the sound completely. Only way I could watch the whole video.

  6. racccoon says:

    As the dragons say.. I’m out… No more k’farters for me.

  7. Nereus says:

    Nothing about this says Silent Hill to me. The team mentioned on the kickstarter namedrops way more movies than games. Movies of which were all pretty underwhelming.

    Trying to create a good horror game is a noble endeavor, but for a little while this was touted as the new silent hill, which is only going to bite you in the ass once you invariably fail to live up to the Team Silent originals. I wish them well, but right out of the gate I’m slightly annoyed about the comparison to Silent Hill, it’s ensured that I will statistically be disappointed with the product and be wishing I’d just replayed Silent Hill 2. Which is a shame :(

    • Rossco Mac says:

      I’m not trying to be cheeky here but it’s not being compared to classic Silent Hill games though. It’s being compared to P.T. which was an interactive teaser for a since cancelled ‘Silent Hills’ game which was to be directed by Kojima.

      • Nereus says:

        I’ve seen comparisons to both abound in media surrounding the game, and it does namedrop Silent Hill 2 in its kickstarter pitch (as the main plot of the game).

        I’m willing to cut them some slack in that they can’t be held responsible for what third parties say about the gameplay or alpha/beta versions of code, but including references to the game in your kickstarter just makes me feel disappointed. They’ve created awfully big shoes for themselves to fill.

  8. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Wasn’t there a free demo of this knocking about? IIRC its in unreal engine, which means it should have native DK2 support. I think that would be utterly terrifying.

  9. PoeticSanity says:

    You lost me at Gone Home.

  10. LifeSuport says:

    Hey guys,

    I got this creepy UE4 game, it has a single character model and a house that we bought online, but ceriously it is going to be scary and there will be, like game stuff in it, but like we can’t show you any actual game play cuz it tots gives away the scares, so canz wiz has 400k plz, meow?

    Ps. I totally gotz amnesia, and lost my keys… help?

    Pps Sorry I walked around “explorzing” for like 6 mintues. Hey, did you hear that creepy voice… I totally have no idea where I am right now, oh wait this is my house and I’m supery messy with mien pills, I’m sure that voice is just a dillousion and I probs should callz a ambulance or da po po, but YOLO what’s the worse that can happen… I get motivated and want to leave the house…with picture of my ex and creepy voices… hey ya! who turn the stereo up and why don’t I have any fucking candles!? wait there is an upstairs to my house MD?