Epic: Sword Coast Legends Delayed Again

The best legends are fraught with adversity and recurrent dangers, so it’s probably good that Sword Coast Legends [official site] is delayed once again, right? Besides, if a game needs more work I’d rather it receive that than be shoved out anyway.

The co-op-y D&D action-RPG was due to launch on September 8th, then September 29th, and now… October 20th. Having let some pre-orderers play pre-release versions and heard what they thought, developers n-Space and Digital Extremes say they’ve decided they want to address a few problems raised.

“The decision to delay the launch of Sword Coast Legends was not an easy one to make, but after receiving feedback from our dedicated community, it became clear that a few more weeks of polish would provide our customers with the best possible experience at launch,” game director Dan Tudge said in today’s announcement. Over 15 thousand people have played so far, apparently, which is a fairly respectable pool of testers.

Having a quick browse around, it looks like one of the biggest complaints is frightful lag in online multiplayer. This is kind of a big deal considering the game has co-operative and competitive online action, including a mode where one player sorta DMs for the rest. Then you’ll find talk of bugs, and people wishing it were more like Neverwinter Nights. The developers don’t say quite what they’re fixing, but presumably that online play will be a big goal.

Anyway! Sword Coast Legends will cost £32 when it arrives for Windows, Mac, and Linux on October 20th. To say sorry for the delay, the devs will give the DLC ‘Rage of Demons’ free to all pre-orderers.


  1. Sakkura says:

    So to make their customers less angry, they are giving them demon rage? Okay then.

  2. qrter says:

    From what I’ve read, a lot of people are complaining that the game is too un-D&D-like and “dumbed down” – few classes to choose from, shallow character creation options, limited range of spells, using skill trees etc.

    I couldn’t say myself (and I also wouldn’t say such an approach is necessarily a problem), I tried entering the preview weekend, but the game kept crashing for me. It also seems that the time spent in preview weekends like these counts towards your two-hour limit regarding Steam refunds, so I’d rather wait til the game is released properly and try it then.

    • Neurotic says:

      That sounds like 5e, tbh. WoTC designed it to be a faster, less fussy and complicated version of D&D, which also happily converts to digital media much more easily. It’s possible that those complaining of un-D&Dness are old-skool goblin-botherers who actually quite like the fuss and complication (that’s me too, really).

      • Orillion says:

        There’s a legitimate complaint about the non-D&Dness in that there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of role-playing skills at all. There’s just search and open lock; no persuade, no stealth, no lore skills, as far as I can tell. Rangers and rogues get some form of stealth, surely, but cross-class skills were frequently worth picking up in NWN.
        Likewise, some application of skills like Arcana and Survival giving certain information only to trained characters would both lead to interesting choices (at least for a first-time player) and foster communication between players in multiplayer.
        And, (having not played it myself, only watched) the clicky-abilities thing just feels a bit too 4ED. I’m cool with an alternative to spells per day, but 5th edition already gives players things to choose from when levelling; why are fighters being made to choose between being able to shield bash and always carrying a hook and chain? (except only usable once every forty seconds, mind you)
        The problem, ultimately, is that most people seem to want Neverwinter Nights 3, whereas nobody really asked for this. So naturally there’s going to be some resistance to it regardless of what it does right.

        • Veav says:

          The red flag for me is that the beholder is only available as a pre-order bonus, meaning it’ll be sold later as DLC, meaning they’re chopping up basic D&D resources to nickel-and-dime you after you’ve bought the product. Dark Suns or Spelljammer as an expansion would be fine, core rulebook entries are not. Grumble grumble.

      • steves says:

        Old-skool goblin-botherer here too! Was maybe quietly hopeful for this, but we will see.

        I want a proper NWN3 as well…

      • welverin says:

        UnD&Dness has nothing to do with 5e, 5e is very D&D like. Unlike 4e, which was very unD&D.

        This game seems to be more of an ARPG, which could be the real root of the problem.

        • Neurotic says:

          Yeah, that would be it in a nutshell I guess. We’ve already got loads of ARPGs to choose from, but only two NWNs. Making it a bit ‘more D&D’ would be superb, but eh. Fingers crossed!

      • Giddykins says:

        Fellow Goblin-botherer, and I was hoping to some degree it was a renewed form of Neverwinter Nights, because to be honest the second one came out nine years ago, and has become the staple of a dying breed of gaming. I was almost sure we’d never see one again. This game does lack so far any real “rp to the g”. And does pick up heavily in the action field as others have implied. The part that hit me the hardest was when I was heading into character creation and there were no red flags going up that I was about to make a paladin anything other than lawful good. Anyone can pick locks now, when it use to require quite nimble hands and time spent buying into the ability, which made a skill junkie like the rogue a requirement to a team. Now the Rogue can still remove traps, however the fighters in my groups were ignoring and running over anyway. Nwn3 would have been beautiful, but to be reasonable, it’d probably turn into another lawsuit over who has copyright.

    • Foehammer says:

      It definitely suffers from straying too far afield from the soul of D&D. Hopefully things will improve over time. I didn’t really appreciate the fact that the Headstart time counted towards the time played vs refund, so I’m keeping the game. Let that be a warning to any of you that want to mess around with the DM tools. The are not very intuitive, so it’ll be easy to burn that 2 hours just getting a feel for them.

  3. aircool says:

    This is good… I’ve only just played this weekend and agree with much of the feedback (not the lag though, no problem there).

    So many games that I’ve beta tested in the past would have been far more successful if they’d held back the release to make some minor changes which would have had a large impact on how the game played.

    Disappointed that it’s been delayed, but glad to see concerns and feedback being taken onboard.

  4. Vinas_Solamnus_TUPP says:

    Tipped it for me, just refunded my pre-order. Will wait for reviews and inevitable large discounts. Just too many other great games in backlog and coming soon…disappointing as I am an old time AD&D reader/player.

  5. Noam Beefheart says:

    So it’s sounding more like an action rpg. No, thanks, I’ll pass.

  6. Stormbow says:

    From what I’ve seen so far, the DM will have very limited control of terrain and area building, the game is ridiculously easy to hack and the DM currently can’t see that a player is carrying 600 healing potions, the DM has no control over loot given in an adventure, and finding the refund button dozens of others before me have already used is becoming an option I am seriously considering…

  7. wpmaura says:

    They would have to do a serious amount editing. You cant die, everyone just stabilizes you to 20% health when you pass out. Clerics dont even have raise dead or ressurection.

    But you can just spam endless healing potions anyway since you cant interupt people when they drink potions. And you have a huge inventory.

    plus all the characters have been reduced to simple skill trees, nothing like the 5e and hell the hardly use 5e rules for anything. Ranged character can fire point blank with no restrictions against someone attacking them with a melee weapon.

    Wizards got beat the most. No spell books, spells instead of strengthing while you level, you have to spend skill points to strengthen, Making the wizard very much like one from wow, you have to choose a flame wizard, electricity, or arcane etc.

    So annoyed that this game is so weak. Its hardly D&D at all wish i could get a refund.

    • Orillion says:

      Spells don’t strengthen as you level in 5th edition. You can only cast them from higher spell slots to empower them.
      Rangers only suffer from disadvantage while firing in melee. Don’t know how the game rolls it but I suspect that’s the case.

  8. derbefrier says:

    Man these comments are making me sad. I was really hoping this would be good. I knew they were taking some liberties with the magic system and such but i didnt know to what extent.

    I’ll still wait for reviews before i write it off. Just because its only DnD in name and setting doesnt mean it cant be a fun game.

    • Giddykins says:

      It can still be a very fun game. No one should be writing it off and even after release there will be changes and modifications ever marching forward to a more perfect game. With neverwinters nights 2 I picked it up after being a neverwinter nights 1 player for years. But the game was so laggy/choppy and undeveloped. I returned to the first game for another two years after nwn2’s release date till my servers of choice all shut down. I was forced to find other things to do, so later when I returned to nwn2, it was nwn1… only pretty, with more prestige classes, a well worked and rounded game with great advancements to what both the dm and server developers could create. Sword Coast Legends will shine, just need to give it a chance.

  9. Jayded1 says:

    Ok first of all let me just say that anyone who complains when a game delays to improve it is an idiot. People who “cancel preorders” because a game wants to release a better quality game and delays it is in fact an idiot.

    The game itself was hard to judge as we saw so little of it. I didn’t get any lag and played around 14 hours total and all of it in random multiplayer groups. Maybe this is because I used the handy feature that lets you see the ping to a games host allowing you to pick only games with a good connection. People who suffered lag are no doubt the people I referred to above. I played all classes but Fighter and enjoyed them all. I have played every version of D&D table top and felt it did a good job of adapting. I thought maybe the monsters scaled to well, like no matter what level I was and what gear I had it felt the same. I look forward to seeing what the Dm tools can really do as some of he player made modules were already really fun. A D&D game with unlimited free content. After 14 hours I can say I am still very excited for the release.

  10. Chris says:

    Imagine a infinite line. Now fill this line with the word “very”. Then add “disappointing” to the end of the line.

    The reason why I refunded is because SCL is not a D&D game. With patches and polish it could be a interesting ARPG, but no amount of patching will turn this ARPG into a D&D game.

    Let’s hope some other developers can get the D&D licence and make a D&D game, not a half arsed ARPG.

  11. Jai-Jai says:

    I’ve played D&D since 1984 and for my buddies and me, we feel the last truly great ruleset was 3.5. As for this game, we’re really disappointed. A huge lack of options/classes all built on that dreadfully weak ruleset. I’m glad of the postponement as I suppose it means they are listenening to the fans. But they still really need to up their game if they don’t want it to bomb hard.

  12. Giddykins says:

    At least they’re taking the time to flesh it out before throwing a completed model at us. That takes a bit of integrity and commitment to see a finished product while everyone is screaming “burn the witch! burn her… burn her!”, it may not be the rpg we were hoping for, I was hoping the same thing out of Neverwinter Online. But at least they are hearing our voices, and offering ‘feedback’ in the form of game changes. So if you want something fixed, and enough of us want it as well, if it’s voiced loud and clear, now is the time to have it said, now is the time for them to hear it. In hopes it is changed. So perhaps less trolling, more earnest words about what could be changed to make it more enjoyable.

  13. Giddykins says:

    For those of you who made constructive criticism, thanks for being part of the player community with me.

  14. Stormbow says:

    Wrong. All preorders get the DLC. It says so right on the SCL website. (Nothing to do with game delay.)

  15. keirke says:

    and what do we burn upon the witches ?