Twin-Stick Shootyfun: Assault Android Cactus Released

I’m hearing good things about dual-stick shooter Assault Android Cactus [official site], good enough that I might give the game a bash despite it having a character voiced by former RPS wordmate, and current Alice flatmate, Cara Ellison. “Alice, where did all this wine come from?” “Alice, where did all that wine go?” “Alice, why were you asleep in front of Metal Gear with a bin bag tied over your left arm?” I don’t know if she says those lines in AAC.

Point is: I hear it’s good shootyfun, and yesterday it left Steam Early Access to properly launch, and it has a demo.

Android Cactus Assault is twin-stick shootybangs with a smidgen of bullet hell and a hearty kick of transforming levels, with different bits of the vast space freighter you’re fighting across popping up or falling away through fights. You can do your shooting in singleplayer or local co-op. Steam user reviews are looking good, and here’s a trailer for your graphic gratification:

Android Assault Cactus (these three words look about as correct in any order) is out on Windows, Mac, and Linux, available for £8.79 from Steam or £7.99 from Humble, who give both a Steam key and DRM-free versions. The demo also lives on Steam.

Cara voices the character who sounds like she’s worried that she’s been away for a fortnight and communiqués from her flatmate are increasingly erratic and bloody.


  1. Steven Hutton says:

    Early access messes with my brain. I’ve been playing this for ages and it’s only just been “released”. O.o

    I can recommend this game. It is fun. I definately got my money’s worth.

    If you have some friends and a set up that allows you to play in the same room/place/couch then I’d argue that it’s a must buy.

  2. subedii says:

    After playing the demo and liking it a lot I decided to hold off on buying it until it released.

    Then I kept re-playing the demo regardless, decided this is stupid, and bought the Early Access.

    Have since put a ridiculous number of hours into it trying to do S+ runs.

    So yeah, I really liked it. The mechanics are such that actually progressing through the levels is fairly straightforward (you only “lose” when the battery goes to zero), but the real game is when you start trying for S+ runs (basically don’t drop the combo).

  3. Spuzzell says:

    I have discovered I would be mildly interested in knowing why you did have a bin-bag tied over your left arm.

    I assume you were asleep because there was a cutscene.

  4. TechnicalBen says:

    I agree with all of the above.

    In fact as this game is so great, I agree with all of the below* as well, I know everyone will just post how much they like it.

    *PS, no I’m not buying you a beer, or anything else you think you can sneak into replies. Just post more of how great this game is!

  5. trashmyego says:

    This game is definitely worth a purchase. Straight up fun, doesn’t overthink itself and just feels right. And the way things escalate as you go along, it’s almost too good. Things keep getting crazier, more intense and entertaining and the boss fights are great.

  6. Robert Post's Child says:

    Seems nice, but why is there a thing of pea soup in the background the whole time?

  7. Johnny Go-Time says:

    Hehe nice job on the Cara & Alice stuff, I laughed IRL :)