Marvel At Jotun’s Beautiful Launch Trailer

Jotun [official site] looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Just look at those hand-crafted animations. Its water coloured landscapes. Its whimsical Studio Ghibli-esque aesthetic weaving vibrant charm and mystical allure all over my eye balls. Ahead of its September 29 release on Steam, Canadian outfit Thunder Lotus Games have delivered a launch trailer showcasing yet more of Jotun’s majesty – which includes the majesty of a 50-foot tall loin cloth-sporting, horned helmet-donning Norse mythology-drawn grunt.

The game’s protagonist Thora, we’re told, has died a dishonourable death and must challenge the gods as she seeks redemption. We’re then shown plenty of mismatched fights bordering on the preposterous and it’s all very much inspired by Dark Souls, Shadow of Colossus, David and Goliath, and all with a Norse mythology twist.

It looks beautiful. Did I mention that?

Whereas Alice first spotted Jotun as it ploughed through its $60,000 Kickstarter goal, Adam also praised the developers for explaining their design processes along the way. Most recently, Thunder Lotus launched a series of blog entries providing detailed overviews of different regions within the game’s depiction of Norse purgatory.

Areas covered within the posts so far include: The Winter Region Niflheim, the Cave Region Nidavellir and the Storm Region Yggdrasil, which is found in The Northern Sky, home of the Sun, the Moon and the stars. Apparently.

The trailer speaks for itself but it’s great to see the guys behind the game go the extra mile to exhibit what Jotun has to offer. Check out the trailer below on your way to Valhalla:


  1. FriendlyFire says:

    “The game’s protagonist Thora, we’re told, has died a dishonourable death and must challenge the gods as he seeks redemption.”

    Thora’s a woman, by the by. Yeah, I know, they’re not shoving it in your face, it’s kind of wonderful isn’t it?

    I’m guessing you know all of this already though and that’s just a typo.

  2. Xzi says:

    Wow this looks wonderful. When I saw the art style I was worried it would be a point-click adventure game, but there’s clearly more interaction to it than that. I added it to my wishlist since apparently I can’t buy it outright yet.

    • Jalan says:

      Opposite for me, I was hoping it was a point and click adventure game with that Bluth-esque style.

  3. Ur-Quan says:

    Wow this looks extremely gorgeous!
    The only thing that has me worried is if the gameplay is varied enough. I have played too many great looking indie games where the gameplay grows stale very quickly.

    I pray to Odin that this game isn’t one of them.

    • Xzi says:

      I’d bet that the gameplay is pretty simple. IE dodge telegraphed attacks and hit things with your axe. However, as long as enemies/bosses are varied enough, those are good enough core mechanics to take you through a world which will surely have plenty of OOHs and AAHs to it.

      • Ur-Quan says:

        Hmm yeah then I might hold off on purchasing this game. I don’t know but when a boss doesn’t give me a new weapon or ability I’m always kind of dissappointed so this game probably isn’t for me.

        • Xzi says:

          I mean, I’m just speculating on what I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly how it turns out, either.

          • King Rhirid says:

            You do get new abilities – I think around 2 per boss making 10 total. The three I can remember off the top of my head are a super heavy attack, a dash move, and one where you drop a decoy/mirror image of yourself which attracts enemies in and I think then explodes.

          • Xzi says:

            Good to know, sounds great.

  4. buzzmong says:

    For some odd reason, the header image on this article reminds me of the Kraken boss from the Witcher 2. Must be the roots looking like tentacles.

  5. Kala says:

    oh! it does look pretty :O

  6. King Rhirid says:

    This is the one and only game I backed on Kickstarter as I’m a real sucker for Norse mythology. Really looking forward to playing the full game.

    • Ur-Quan says:

      Couldn’t reply under you other post so I’ll do it here:
      Thanks for your reply! You put this game back on my wishlist and if the reviews sound promising I’ll buy the game immediately.