Giants: Citizen Kickstarto – First Wonder Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has brought us dug up and revisited things from The Good Old Days including Planescape: Torment (Torment: Tides of Numenera), Fallout (Wasteland 2 kinda sorta be honest), Syndicate (Satellite Reign), and Freelancer (Star Citizen). Now here comes First Wonder [official site], billing itself as a spiritual successor to the charming Giants: Citizen Kabuto. It’s on Kickstarter, looking for $500,000 (£330k-ish).

Released in 2000 by Planet Moon Studios, a gang founded by folks who formerly worked on MDK at Shiny Entertainment, Giants was a three-way scrap between an ancient race of sea witches (my kinda people), the giant monster they created (a sweetie), and the daft people who land on their planet (the sillies). You got to play all three sides, and each play very differently: the Meccaryns have jetpacks and massive guns; the Sea Reapers had swords, bows, and magic; and Kabuto was a honking great monster he hardly goes around building bases does he I mean what do you expect? It was pretty good! And pretty funny. And never got a follow-up.

Now Planet Moon co-founder Nick Bruty has co-founded Rogue Rocket to try to make First Wonder, which is, y’know, a lot like Giants. Across multiplayer and singleplayer, First Wonder will have you smash things as Monstro and zap them as Cargonauts. But it doesn’t seem to have any Sea Reapers, booo!

Should they get the $500,000, they plan to release First Wonder in “late 2016”. If you want in, pledging at least $25 or $30 (£17 or £20) – depending on if you catch an early bird offer – would get you a copy of the finished game.

This here Kickstarter pitch video includes a little early gameplay footage and some ropey cutscenes:

Giants is on GOG, you know.


  1. Hunchback says:

    WoW! Next we’ll be having a reboot of Sacrifice and Black&White on Kickstarter!

    • Askis says:

      Sacrifice? Yes please.
      Black&White? While I actually liked the games, it’d have to be a Molyneux project, do you really want another Molyneux Kickstarter after Godus?

      • Hunchback says:

        Well yes, if it’s not lead by Molyneux this time around.
        That’s the thing with reboots – they are usually not made by the same people.

    • GWOP says:

      Can Battlezone play too?

    • Jeroen D Stout says:

      Is this where I register my interest in Startopia 2?

  2. Falcon says:

    Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let this go through and be good.

    I’ve missed Giants: Citizen Kabuto so much. It was one of my favorite games as a kid. The multiplayer wasn’t especially balanced but flying other people into the enemy base in that Mecc gyrocopter are some of my favorite early multiplayer memories.

  3. Sgt_Big_Bubbaloola says:


    I adored Citizen Kabuto. It was fun, especially at the LAN get togethers we used to have, and enormously funny as well.

    But, they are waaaaaay over-thinking this new version. They’re now tacking on an open-world quest dynamic which utterly defeats what made the original so much fun. It was simple but the mechanics of the game took some getting used to and THAT was the challenge.

    If they were purely going down an updated version of CK then I would have probably supported it, but i’m wary of this version.

    The least said about that voice acting the better though.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Didn’t the original had open world + quests too? Early Meccaryn levels had the old man bossing you around, ordering you to find and save his grandson among other things. Later on you collected resources (saved NPCs) to populate and upgrade your base.

      The voice acting is a placeholder, it’s just the devs right now.

      • Xzi says:

        Yeah I got kind of a Banjo-Kazooie vibe of a lot of the single-player quests, but they all pretty much had a single objective to them. Multiple objectives might spice things up a bit if done well.

      • WdMeaun says:

        I clearly remember playing this with friends, but I cannot.. for the love of all that is holy to me (basically: coffee).. remember single player.

        The whole concept of having 3 complete unique factions inside a ‘FPS’ (it’s not first person, I know).. was a blast back then.

        I am afraid to see them go the wrong way with the giant going ’round doing monster stuff in an open world, but it might work out.
        I would quess making a huge arena team smash-em-up game would be more profitable. (evolve and that.. ehm.. giant mechy-console-game, come close however)

        The developer’s remark “we have to hire voice actors” was on the spot ;)

  4. satan says:

    The Meks (space marine dudes) had some great ‘soaring over the world with a jetpack’ music in the original, courtesy of one Jeremy Soule… if they can recreate that I’m in.

    • Urthman says:

      The movement mechanics in Giants was one of my favorite parts. I loved using the jetpack to jump between mountain tops or to slowly work your way up to the top of those vertigo-inducing Dr. Seuss structures. The Reaper’s turbo jump was amazing too, at the time: maybe the first game to make me feel like I was moving like a superhero.

      Anyone who misses the part of Giants where you’re jetpacking about and feeling way-to-high above a bright, colorful landscape should definitely try Grow Home.

    • Urthman says:

      But yeah, the jetpack music in Giants was particularly great.

  5. eggy toast says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that lots of RPS commenters also fondly remember Giants, but I really felt like I was the only person who ever played it.

    • Recurve says:

      I’d have it in my top ten games of all time. Haven’t played it in years but I loved it so much back in the day.

      Never did play the multiplayer though.

  6. DD says:

    Everyone should support this. Giants was a game I always wished had more influence.

  7. FoSmash says:

    But when I they going to reboot Call of Duty? I think thats the more pressing question!

    • welverin says:

      Every. Single. Year.

      And by reboot I presume you mean rehash, correct?

      • Bugamn says:

        No, no, reboot. We have to play a new series, where a new Sergeant Price teaches our reluctant hero, Shampoo, how to fight the foreign scum. Kevin Spacey will play all roles.

  8. Scelous says:

    Who owns the license for Giants? I’m wondering why they can’t do a proper sequel.

    • Lokai says:

      As far as I know Interplay still owns the rights, despite them pretty much not being a company anymore.

  9. poisonborz says:

    On one hand, fuck yeah. On the other, fuck everything that we don’t have original AAA titles like this anymore. Seriously, it’s like gaming until 2003 was the golden age of rome, and now we have the dark middle ages. It’s like devs and studios have forgotten everything. Secluded orders in Steam-monasteries still carry the knowledge of the past, but the world is shrouded in brutish and shallow movie/action barbarism.

    • Alfy says:

      Hear, hear!

    • Xzi says:

      Frankly, too many people supported the shitty AAA devs/publishers and most of the good ones died off as a result. At least indies and crowdfunded games have been picking up most of that slack.

    • SomeDuder says:

      It’s obviously not forgotten, but there’s just no money in good, original videogames. What the Gaming Public® (15-year olds with shitty taste and no spines) wants is:

      -Games made for eSports, funded by massive brands and lots of screaming (Screaming = emotion)
      -CoDBlOpsBFMoH 31 – Doritos boogaloo. Also no single player campaign plz, dem r b0ring lol
      – Open world survival crafting games where you live in a post-apolyptic mutant-zombie-dinosaur infested world.

      So in a way, yea, with the current way games are made and played, we are 10 years past the “golden age”.

      The only way we’ll break through this is when we get a radical new way of playing games is available. Kinda like the upcoming VR stuff, but I don’t quite have faith in people wanting to put on a massive headcovering contraption to play a game yet (Like me) and while VR/AR is the way forward, the hardware is lacking.

      But, you ask, is there anything worth living for at the moment? Well yea, there is some good left in this plane of existence:

      – Digital stores (Well, only Steam and GOG really, lmao, fuck Origin). While the effect on the price of AAA games is non-existent, it has given smaller developers an absolutely fantastic way to make money and make products that have a niche audience
      – Continueing on, independent developers! Think a Factorio, Terraria or To the Moon (to name a few I’m fond of) would have found a publisher 15 years ago? NOPE! Too risky, too “weird”. And because they are small, indies don’t have to sell 10+ million copies in order to break even, allowing them to exist on a much tighter revenue

      And… That’s it, really. I genuinly don’t play current AAA games anymore, because it’s all… shit. Yet I do find myself with 350 hours of mentioned Terraria, and even more on Factorio, because they offer an unique way of play.

      Also, this “First wonder” nonsense better have a topless mermaid and a little midget called “Borjoyzee” (With saggy nuts) or it’s JUST NOT THE SAME

      • socrate says:

        VR/AR the future of gaming…ffs you sound like the people that thought that the kinect was the future of gaming and the next best thing in the history of gaming.

        Oh and just to be clear the game you mentioned are all based on already existing extremely popular game and mod…so yeah nothing really innovative or new about all this sorry,they also are all 2d which btw is about 100000x less work,money and problem then anything in 3d…but then again i doubt you have any technical knowledge about that either

        its actually funny that you whine about nothing being new then complain about open world survival game…i think the problem is that you just hate what new game and dev are coming up with because it doesnt fit your gaming preference more then anything else…oh and making fun of CoD and making fun of their player base while acting like a spoiled 12 year old that then get excited and overhyped about the remake of a old game…really smart i have to say…and while i don’t particularly like CoD i do understand why people play and like it.

        Im actually starting to hate old gamer more then the new one because they actually think their better yet act in the same dumb way and look down at younger gamer as if somehow they were the problem yet they will jump in the hype train as soon as some “famous” dev that hasn’t done anything interesting since forever come up with a kickstarter project that look worst then what ive seen some student do…i hate the fact that a dev can have actual fame…to me its beyond stupid..older gamer keep whining about the “golden days” of gaming yet all they want is more of the same and yet ask for innovation…ffs what is wrong with people…i guess whether you are young or old stupidity doesn’t limit itself to any ages.

        Im just tired of these old dev and indie remaking old stuff and using kickstarter because its a safe thing to do unlike in the actual old days of gaming when people actually risked their own house to actually create something they did believe in enough to actually risk their thing on it…they live on the hype of old retard that wear rose tinted glasses…

        So for the game itself this is just an horrible demo and the humor was never that funny in Giant citizen kabuto im sorry but it was not..not to mention it failed for alots of reason and while it still old up today,the req we’re brutal back then and it was unstable,buggy and badly optimised on alots of spec and lets not forget that the kabuto part of the storyline was really bad and uninteresting compared to the reaper and the mek…monstro?cargonaut?…really…no reaper…everything about this just seems half assed just like every “homage” and remake so far…im tired of people not understanding the point of an homage…kickstarter destroyed already tons of my old childhood memory with bad remake that were half assed…and yet old gamer never seem to learn.

        There is a reason why game back then tried tons of thing and alots of people also lost tons of money because of that and other gained tons also….it was the beginning of true gaming were idea were still new and experimenting was new and fun…today its harder…its how life work and how every domain work..if you can’t understand that you need to go back to school and get “real” history lesson…even console did tons of breakthrough back then…what older gamer are asking though is not improvement,quality or new thing its basically remaking old stuff back.

        oh and “But, you ask, is there anything worth living for at the moment?”….please dont ever say that again im a really hardcore gamer and even i find that to be the most depressing thing ive read from a gamer

  10. Urthman says:

    “But it doesn’t seem to have any Sea Reapers, booo!”

    I feel the same way, but I’m also glad to see them limiting their scope. I hope they save Sea Reapers for an expansion after their game does really well rather than let it be a feature-creep stretch goal of the Kickstarter.

  11. The_invalid says:

    While I love that Nick Bruty is back doing cool videogame stuff, I’m actually kind of bummed that they’re choosing to rehash Giants. Not because I don’t like Giants, far from it, I absolutely adore Giants.

    But the game has aged really, really well all things considered. Anybody who’s signed up to GOG and doesn’t already have a copy should totally go hit that link up there, download and play it. It still looks great. The art direction was fantastic, and it was one of the first games to attempt bump-mapping.

    It seems almost a bit sad that with all the talent, imagination and madcap humour that Bruty brought to the table in MDK, Giants and (I think he also did) Armed And Dangerous, that he’s limiting himself to a pretty straight-up remake of an older title here.

    • Frank says:

      It hardly looks like a remake to me. It shares movement and equipment mechanics, setting and characters, but the player objectives are quite different.

  12. ChromeBallz says:

    Honestly, MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto were the best games since Sliced Bread Simular 95. Serious!

    Just the line: “My name is Akhmed, but you can call me Timmy” brings back so many good memories XD

  13. islipaway says:

    I loved Giants and MDK, I want to love and support this but it’s not ready for kickstarter. I can’t back what I see here because I see kids on the UE4 forums putting out stuff that looks more profession as their first attempt at gamedev.

    In some parts of that ‘cutscene’ you can see the axis you use to move the components around in UE4, you can turn that off by just pressing g!

    It just doesn’t inspire any confidence in the dev team if this is the quality level they think is appropriate to promote their new ip it stinks of pandering to nostalgia and cash grabbing.

    A new idea from the people that made these games would be exciting, a cheap remake of one of them which will just tarnish my memory isn’t.

    • Frank says:

      Boo to this.

    • NomadSoul says:

      I thought that I was alone based on the overwhelmingly positive reception from the comments. Glad to hear someone else was not impressed by this video. The character models look terrible, the jokes in the video didn’t make me laugh, and the dev doesn’t seem to have any new ideas to warrant a spiritual successor to Giants. If this was all the Dev had to show, then I agree that it just seems like cashing in on Nostalgia rather than the want to create a game that expands and improves on the original.

      Let’s be clear, I REALLY want to like this. I was a huge fan of both Giants and MDK (Giants is still one of the funniest games I have ever played). It just seems like what the dev is showing off is a relic from the past that we all loved ported to a new engine. It looks like a poor imitation of what once was rather than an evolution showing us what a good successor could be.

    • Henke says:

      You think the axis being visible on the crappy cardboard cutouts which just hang static in the air while the camera shakes and zooms in was a mistake? Because I’m pretty sure it was done on purpose. And it was hilarious.

      • islipaway says:

        Maybe you’re right, maybe I just missed the whole joke!

        It still looks shit though, if they just had a concept and said “look we made this, we want to make something new like this but we need some cash to get some capable guys together” I’d be more inclined to give it a go but they seem to think what they are presenting is in some way good enough and it’s just not.

        Much better stuff gets ignored on kickstarter just because it doesn’t have the nostalgia factor, giving this a free pass based on your love on an old IP is a mistake. If it comes out and gets good reviews or is on a sale I’ll pick it up but they have done nothing with this presentation to warrant funding and it spits in the face of people who put effort into getting their projects funded on this platform.

  14. DarioL says:

    So much potential! let’s support this!!!

  15. Recurve says:

    I’m definitely backing this but I’d love to see the original get the HD treatment (and have a quicksave added in).

    One of the greatest games ever made in my opinion.

  16. Bugamn says:

    I felt tempted to back it, but 25 dollars? This inflation is hitting my pockets hard.

  17. shagen454 says:

    Out of 66 games I own own on Steam, Satellite Reign is the only one I have refunded.