Darkest Dungeon Adds New Region Called The Cove

Darkest Dungeon‘s [official site] recent updates have divided opinion with their new features and then made those features optional in response. Its latest Early Access addition seems more straightforward, adding a new dungeon region, new monsters, bosses, art, music and more to be traumatised by.

The update is called “Those From Below” and introduces The Cove, the game’s fourth dungeon. The region comes with seven new monsters, who are said to “fast and bleed resistant, and also have many bleed-causing attacks,” as well as two new bosses. These monsters will also apparently use mechanics the foes the game has included before don’t bother with, such as healing and guarding. It’ll be interesting whether that increases the difficulty, or the time each fight takes, which were the key complaints after the recent addition of corpses.

If you’re in the middle of a campaign, you don’t need to start over in order to experience The Cove areas, since “Cove quests will spawn alongside quests from other regions.”

The hook of Darkest Dungeon is that aside from fighting through monsters and make tactical decisions about how to use your squad’s abilities, you’re also dealing with the physical and mental maladies that befall your troop as a result of prolonged adventuring. The promise of an RPG not just about combat stats, but in which your favourite fighter could be struck down by paranoia or fear, earned the game more than four times what it asked for on Kickstarter.

Despite enjoying the early version of it I played shortly after release, I haven’t been back to Darkest Dungeon since. That’s partly because I found it hard enough at the time that the addition of complexity in each new update puts me off, and partly because I liked it and would rather experience it when it is balanced and at its best, rather than a work in progress.

As always, the update comes with a number of other tweaks to game balance, small additions and fixes, which you can read about here on the game’s Steam update page.


  1. mouton says:

    Wait, they still haven’t added all the regions? Well, I wish them luck in not staying in early access hell forever.

    • Jeremy says:

      This was the last main region in the game. There is still the final Darkest Dungeon to finish up, and they’ll probably tune that a bit.

      • SomeDuder says:

        If it gets any darker, it had better have a [Night vision goggles of dexterity +1] item or something, cuz I can hardly see anything as is

    • bobmcjohnson says:

      iirc the 1.0 release is planned for late october.

  2. Joe The Wizard says:

    I played with it when it first came out too, but put it down quickly in the fear that I would burn out on it and not be able to enjoy it when the full release came out. I think it was a smart move.

    I am still excited to play once it leaves Early Access.

    • xyzzy frobozz says:

      I’m exactly the same, and it is pretty much the reason why I don’t “do” early access anymore.

      I’ll play the finished game thanks, before I get totally jaded with the mechanics.

      • mouton says:

        I do early access sometimes but I treat it as a demo. If the game looks good, I put it away ASAP and wait for the final version.

        Well, sometimes I don’t. Playing Nuclear Throne forever and ever in the never ending loop of spacetime.

  3. jasta85 says:

    yep, I occasionally hop on after a major update just to get a feel for the new mechanics but never go beyond the first 2 bosses so I don’t end up going through all the content before the finish the game. Will be diving back in one they release it

  4. Captain Joyless says:

    Meh. The core mechanics need a lot of work.

  5. Wowbagger says:

    Fishy, fishy, fishy, fish.

  6. Morph says:

    Some of the base mechanics changes in this update I definitely approve of. Time to get back into it I think.

    • teije says:

      Many sensible changes indeed. But will wait for full release to play, already hit the self-imposed 20 hours limit for an early access title.

  7. Wonderboy2402 says:

    Yea i am not playing anymore of this until release!

  8. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    A firehose of blackened bits, from unspeakable places on the Internet, infiltrating and infesting my hard drive.

  9. NephilimNexus says:

    The need to be careful – they’re getting very close to the thin line of bloat. If they add too much more it will start putting people off.

  10. Enkinan says:

    I enjoyed Early Access and am just waiting for final release to get back into it.

  11. xyzzy frobozz says:


    I’ll have to give NT a go!