Humble Indie Bundle 15: Gang Beasts, Skullgirls, More

Gang Beasts alone is easily worth £6.50, so the fact that the Humble Indie Bundle 15 will give you another six-plus games on top of the silly local multiplayer brawler for that price is… yeah, it’s quite the bargain. Also in the pay-what-you-want prize packet are X-COM ’em up Xenonauts, girl-puncher Skullgirls, and oh hey it’s RPS co-founder Jimmy Ro-Ro’s Sir, You Are Being Hunted. The bundle’s not all sunshine and roses, but dang, it’s still a fine deal.

HIB 15 runs on the usual scheme: name your own price, divide it between developers and charity and Humble as you see fit, and receive games in tiers depending on how much you pay.

Paying anything will get you the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-inspired stealth FPS Sir YABH, first-person puzzler Q.U.B.E., a money-off coupon that’ll bring Planetary Annihilation: Titans down to £10, and… ugh, Goodbye Deponia. See John’s review for thoughts on why Deponia is awful.

Anyway! Beating the average price, which is currently about £4.50, will also get you fighting game Skullgirls with all its DLC, the RTS Planetary Annihilation, X-COM clone Xenonauts, and some extra mysterious games they’ll reveal later.

Finally, pay more than $10 (£6.50) and you’ll get Gang Beats. It’s currently in Early Access, but our John already declares it one of the finest action games. We’ve shown Gang Beasts at The Wild Rumpus, where it drew a huge crowd of folks cheering for cutesy clayfolks tossing each other into fires and shoving chums off high buildings.

As ever, they come DRM-free for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with Steam keys thrown in too if you pay at least $1 – with a few hiccups. Mac and Linux versions of Xenonauts are still in beta, so they may be a bit ropy, and the DRM-free version of Gang Beasts will come once the game leaves Early Access.


  1. jezcentral says:

    Gang-beasts was The Game of LeachLAN 12 this summer. It spread around like wildfire, and there was an audience for every game. We were all giggling like schoolgirls the whole time.

    • povu says:

      It’s a shame their Unity 5 revamp has been painfully slow. In my opinion the the paid product offered on Early Access wasn’t really worth it over the free alpha for many months. I still wouldn’t pay its full price right now, but it’s good enough for the Humble Bundle price.

    • caff says:

      Is it fun in single player?

      • Jad says:

        I can’t imagine it would be. Maybe in the future, but for right now it would be entertaining for no more than 5-10 minutes against just AI.

  2. RogerMellie says:

    Steam is telling me that Xenonauts is Mac compatible now as well (though with a wine wrapper)

    The dev site is telling me that an unwrapped version is coming to Stram ‘shortly’ for both Mac & Linux:

    link to

  3. rymm says:

    spiffing of you to point this out to me, HIB15 thanks you for your contribution. a good day to you.

  4. mpk says:

    “Jimmy Ro-Ro”

    That would have made EVE comms a bit wierder.

  5. Wowbagger says:

    I had been meaning to play Sir and gang beasts, so a good deal I feel.

    • Rizlar says:

      Don’t dismiss Skullgirls either, it’s brilliant fun even for a non-fighting game enthusiast playing through all the story modes solo.

      • pepperfez says:

        Even someone who hates fighting games should appreciate the music and art in Skullgirls. It’s really a beautiful, aesthetically-cohesive game (and pretty satisfying even as a button-masher).

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        It’s also I believe the only fighting game that includes a training mode that actually teaches you how to play fighting games.

        • SuddenSight says:

          I think that is a bit overblown, to be honest. It does have an excellent set of tutorials that (unlike most fighters) are designed for a COMPLETE newb. It explains very basic mechanics like how teching works and walks you through it slowly so you know you can do it. That is nice.

          However, unlike games like Street Fighter IV and Blazblue, there is no “challenge” or “trial” mode. In other games, these “challenge” you to pull off a certain combo. They are a nice way to introduce you to combos, because the game immediately tells you if you fail.

          This is especially problematic for Skullgirls because the game itself is designed along the lines of marvel versus capcom – lots of character switching and 10+ move combo strings. There is no way you can go from the last tutorial (which just introduces things like how to switch characters) to throwing out combo strings (which is pretty much necessary to compete online).

          It is still a fun game that I would recommend, but after finishing the tutorials you should definitely turn to youtube for some basic combos.

      • Apocalypse says:

        Skullgirls is imho secretly the better-than-street-fighter-game.

        The tutorials are better, the game itself is newbie friendlier and overall the mechanics seem to be a little more streamlined without really losing depth, just a little bit of complexity.

        A really brilliant game. A shame that skullgirls 2 seems unlikely because of the lacking commercial success. And a shame that sony is blocking the fully voiced version of the game for PC. For this I have to say to sony: Fuck you.

        • pepperfez says:

          The 2nd Encore stuff is apparently coming to PC after Lab Zero gets their next crowdfunding project underway (Indivisible, starting Monday, get hype!).
          And I’m not sure Skullgirls can really be compared to SF. I’d definitely call it the better-than-Marvel fighter, though.

  6. Baines says:

    I’ve seen complaints elsewhere that this is a pretty weak bundle line-up, and I tend to agree with that sentiment.

    Dollar tier is a bit of a non-factor, but this bundle isn’t exactly amazing even there. Sir, You Are Being Hunted appears to have been met with a “meh” attitude outside of RPS. Q.U.B.E. has arguably drifted into bundle fodder territory. Ignoring John’s hit piece on Deponia (and Deponia does have some legitimate story issues), Goodbye Deponia has the issue that it is the third game in a story-driven trilogy. The Titans coupon is a coupon, and only matches the current deal on Steam. (To be fair, I don’t know if the Steam deal is only for current PA owners. If it is, then I guess the coupon is viable for non-PA owners that really want Titans.)

    For the tiers that sell the bundle, or at least sell it above $1, this bundle still has some issues.

    Skullgirls is a solid game. But by this point, the audience of the title should already own it. That leaves Skullgirls largely as a sweetener for non-fans, and it is debatable how a non-T&A nearly-all-girl fighting game will function in that regard.

    Xenonauts is another now niche genre title, made to appeal to classic X-Com fans.

    Planetary Annihilation was met with disappointment at release, is a rebundle, and has been replaced by a standalone expansion that sees improvements and additions that people had wanted in PA.

    Gang Beasts is an Early Access title, and is local multiplayer only in an era where people want online multiplayer. It is something of a weird choice for the top game tier.

    Which I guess is why Humble threw in two higher non-game tiers to draw higher donations, with the $25 and $70 vinyl figure tiers.

    It feels like it really needed another BTA tier title, or maybe a different or separate top-game tier game, even if that meant a higher top-game tier price.

    • rcguitarist says:

      I think the $1 teir is the only one that is worth buying. Gang Beasts just isn’t much fun. I found it to be boring. However, I loved “Sir…”. It is suspenseful all the way through and has several “oh sh*t” moments as you are playing and get yourself into dicey situations. I also liked the strategy element to it. You would often encounter several robots of different types guarding a piece of the time machine and need to think about how you can take them out or get around them. It was a very good game.

    • Smion says:

      Did you ever actually buy a videogame at full price?

      • Baines says:

        I’ve bought plenty of games at full price. And continue to buy games at full price, as well as buying games early enough in release that they’ve barely seen a discount. There are games that are worth it to me, even if I know that in the case of many PC games it might be available for 50% off within six months. (If you want an example from this bundle, I bought Skullgirls not long after release, probably at a minor discount.) I’ve bought most console games at full price, more than I ever bought used.

        I’ve also bought a decent of bundles. I’ve largely cut back on buying bundles because I hardly ever play the games that I get from them. Why spend even a dollar on games that I might never play at all?

        You might notice that my issue with this bundle wasn’t really price. Particularly since I mentioned adding a different game to the top tier and possibly *increasing* the price.

        When it comes to PC games, sales and bundles are a reality and a concern. In a way, rebundles *are* less valuable, and are less of a draw in future bundles. And if you ignore that PC games see multiple big sale events per year, then you are pretty much throwing away money. The sheer volume of cheap content available through numerous bundles as well as steep holiday sales is also a factor, simply whittling away at time that you might spend on a new game. I’ve at times held off on PC purchases that I know that I want simply because I know that I won’t even have time to really play them for months, so I might as well wait and save at least half the price in the process…

        • Gnoupi says:

          “I’ve at times held off on PC purchases that I know that I want simply because I know that I won’t even have time to really play them for months, so I might as well wait and save at least half the price in the process…”

          Yeah, that’s pretty much my current position as well. I’m done buying games full price if I’m not sure I’ll be playing a lot of it instantly. For example, I bought Rocket League on release, this year, and that’s pretty much my main game since (the short matches help a lot in that matter).

          But I’m done buying a cool new game that I don’t have the time to play it that much directly, and to find it half price a month or two later, or 75% off on the next season sale. Or worse, bundled in less than 6 months (it happens more and more, especially on early access games).

          I don’t have the time for every new fun game I’m interested in, so I put them on a wishlist and I will see later when I have more time or when it hits maximum discount (usually 75%, but I start seeing 80 and 90% off, recently, jeez).

    • epeternally says:

      I mean, getting more people to buy your game at the point where everyone in your core audience already owns it is kind of the point of putting it in a bundle. I do agree that it’s a very weak roster for a full blown Humble Indie Bundle though.

      • Baines says:

        Yes, I’m not saying that it doesn’t make sense for Lab Zero to want to include Skullgirls. Particularly since they are apparently officially finished with new development. The only thing left for the PC release to see is the porting of previously PS4-exclusive content, which has been delayed due to work on Indivisible.

    • pepperfez says:

      For whatever it’s worth, it’s also the first DRM-free release of at least Skullgirls, which is a strong pitch to the purists out there.

      • Apocalypse says:

        Good point, on top of that skullgirls with all DLCs is worth the money, even when you ignore all other games … which you kind of should. ;-)

    • Timbrelaine says:

      Perhaps the as-of-yet unannounced games will add some value; I don’t really understand why they hide them for the first however-many-days of the bundle. I agree that it isn’t the strongest offering, but Gang Beasts is already an excellent, excellent local multiplayer game, well worth $10 for those with a couch and at least two friends attached. In fact, that may make the bundle worth it to me by itself.

  7. LogicalDash says:

    Gang Beasts is on the $10 tier, not merely the Beat-the-Average tier. Even with the exchange rate I’m pretty sure that’s more than 6.5 pounds.

  8. heretic says:

    Seems like a lot of people are lukewarm to this bunble, not owning any of the games it looks good to me though.

    Sir, been meaning to pick it up so this is a good chance.

    PA, skipped after the not so great reviews but interested in giving it go.

    Gang Beasts I’ve heard a lot of good about and this could be good fun with my girlfriend on local multi :D

    • Timbrelaine says:

      I don’t think it’d be as good with only two people, but maybe I’m wrong. It’s an incredible game with friends and SOs.

  9. Person of Interest says:

    Is this the first Humble Bundle where HB lets buyers “choose your own charity”? I’ll buy more bundles for sure if they keep that option, especially weekly bundles: it’s hard to say no to free stuff, for the “price” of a charitable contribution to my preferred cause.

    • Jalan says:

      I believe so – the pick a charity option is not a new “feature”, as it was started on the Humble Store but I think this may be the first actual bundle where the buyer can use it to be certain the charity portion of what they pay goes somewhere they’re okay with it going toward.

  10. Josh W says:

    QUBE is really weird, it’s a straightforward puzzle game, with a lot of familiar parts (lazer puzzles, push block puzzles etc.) but then it keeps alternating between transparently pulling heartstrings and shouting “wake up sheeple, your playing a puzzle game”. I know I’m playing a puzzle game, it’s what I bought!

    I’m thinking of checking in the options if there’s a way to turn off the voice-overs.