Minecraft: Story Mode Unearths Episode 1 Trailer

En garde! Touché!

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month – and no returns. Now we’ve dispensed with the formalities, OH GOD it’s October where did this come from I’m not ready for this did you know it was coming how could they let this happen? While October for me mostly means sudden dread of everything I thought was far in the future, it also means games that were due in the distant Earth month of Oct-tober are almost here. Such as: Minecraft: Story Mode [official site].

Telltale’s episodic adventure about a gang of building chums wanting to become like their heroes will start in a fortnight, as a new trailer reminds:

It’s a kinda cute concept for a story-driven Minecraft game, mirroring how tadpoles watch their Minecraft heroes on YouTube and want to follow with their own adventures (oh my stars you should see taddies mob ’em at conventions). Having not played or seen much of it myself, I get the impression this is like those movies aimed mostly at kids but with a voice cast of people I understand growed-ups are fond of (including Patton Oswalt, Billy West, and Paul Reubens) to placate ma and pa. It’s not going to be The Walking Dead, but of course it wouldn’t be.

Anywho! Episode 1 is due on October 13th for Windows and Mac.


  1. Synesthesia says:

    herobrine will remember that

  2. MrFinnishDude says:

    ughhhhhhhh. Fine, fine, it’s all for kids it’s fine.

  3. Robmonster says:

    Tadpoles?!? Is this a Minecraft term I’m not aware of or are you just being rude about children?

  4. Nat be at says:

    Never buying anything telltales uncompleted. As in not until its actually finished the ENTIRE SEASON. As I am still waiting for tales of the borderlands season 1 to finish. God it feels like its been an entire year. RPS can you please do a hard hitting interview with Tell Tale and nail them to the cross a few times? Or at the very least slap them very hard a few times?