Rainbow Six Siege Beta Extended Till October 4th

Rainbow Six Siege [official site] is a game about breaching into factories and planes and houses and clearing out the terrorists who wait inside. Its closed beta, meanwhile, is like the terrorists instead; it’s come to visit and now it won’t leave. It launched on September 24th and now it’s been extended through till October 4th.

Aside from giving you more time to play, an update on the Rainbow Six Siege site also explains that anyone who played the beta before September 29th will have an extra code for the closed beta that they can share with a friend. This is the beta’s second extension, the first extension having taken the beta up until today.

I wonder if this means the game is struggling to get player numbers, which would be a shame. I played an earlier beta back in May and enjoyed it a lot, and this new beta includes a new version of Terrorist Hunt, a co-op mode that was great to play with friends in the Rainbow Six Vegas games.

Siege is due for release on December 1st. Here’s the closed beta trailer in case you missed it last time.


  1. Richard Parker says:

    If anyone’s interested, I got a few new beta keys (which, I recognize, are flowing like water at this point):


    • neems says:

      Thank you very much, I took the third one, the fourth one was already gone.

    • int says:

      And from me, here’s four more for sure:


  2. AlienMind says:

    No dedicated servers guys.
    *drops mike and walks away*

    • Nokturnal says:

      It has dedicated servers. This is a common complaint and it’s simply wrong.

      If you are referring to the host migration thing, yeah that’s the voice comms. It’s been said numerous times, a quick search would have cleared that up for you.

      *picks up mic and hands it back* (I left Mike on the floor though, he’s DBNO, wait for DOC)

      • AlienMind says:

        “Here are a few issues I have encountered while playing the Siege beta on PC.: Peer 2 peer hosting
        Related to the issue above, this will eventually kill the PC community. Dedicated servers prolongs the life and allows users to customize their own game.”
        link to forums.ubi.com

        either you or kanoohto is wrong. fight!

        • Nokturnal says:

          Well his comments are based on his (angry) opinion, whereas I have information from developers, forum managers and even various websites posting about status of the game.

          link to forums.ubi.com

          “[Multiplayer] Connection Problem / Voice Chat Host Migration [Reported]

          This does not mean the gameplay is P2P. Gameplay is hosted on dedicated servers, but the team connection and communication is P2P, hence the host migration message ”

          He was told – right away – that it was the voice chat using P2P and decided to ignore it in order to not let it derail his argument. :P
          His other comments were more or less spot on though. Although a couple can (hopefully) be expected to be fixed post-beta.

          Even his comment on AI is already acknoweldged by Ubi.

          “We’ve identified an issue with the AI in Terrorist Hunt where sometimes the last terrorist can be hard to find… because they’re looking into a corner or trying to run into a wall. Some of the White Masks are new to this whole terrorism business and they will receive a little more training before launch.”
          From that same known issues page.

          In his defense, he may be talking about third party dedicated servers, as it seems most people eventually realise they are not asking simply for dedicated servers, but instead servers they themselves can tweak….
          These will not be available at time of writing but I believe it was rumoured somewhere that it may be possible for custom and unranked matches. However further rumours suggest any unranked matches will have to rely on P2P…Which is fine for people playing in a group of 10 in the same town I guess!
          Lan is also confirmed…somewhere.

          Raven Shield servers have been in operation for 13 years, so the argument about Ubi one day pulling the plug seems highly unlikely too.

          To be honest I don’t get the issue. If you want to play competitively, you get a non-biased server from Ubi where raging kids can’t ban you and your clan or get any big advantage. If you want to play around, settle for P2P because you’re not playing competively anyway…

          • AlienMind says:

            Thanks for clarifying. Won’t believe a word from game creators anymore, though. I guess we’ll see. I can confirm that nobody in my vicinity wants to play a skill based game with a playing field which is not level (i.e. unlocks only some have) and with arbitrary pings (i.e. no pingkick on e.g. <80ms).

          • AlienMind says:

            Can’t edit my post.. well I’d like to add I just started that Beta and did not find any server browser. From my experience the final game will be exactly as the beta, as were all games. Meaning:
            I drop the mike.

  3. Blacksilver65 says:

    I imagine the extensions are because it’s broken as hell. It took a friend and I 40 minutes just to successfully get to the point of searching for a match, which takes another 10-20 minutes for us to find one. Once you finally get one everything seems to go smoothly though. The squad system is terribly broken though.The game itself is crazy fun but the systems behind it barely work.

    • Nokturnal says:

      The extensions are more likely because they messed up big time with the keys. Trust Ubi to fumble with something as easy as sending out lines of text….

      I’ve not had much problem with finding matches myself. It does help to have a more full group though.
      With two it’s difficult, solo it can be a test of patience…
      But I’m constantly running with 3-5 in a squad and we find matches quickly.
      Unfortunately so few people are willing to rematch even though when they do it means instant game, no waiting, no bugs etc..

      The squad system is about as user-friendly as anything Ubi touches.
      But a couple of things that are not explained do help.

      Firstly go to options and the first thing at the top will be something like ‘open to friends’. This means you can skip the invite nonsense, they just join direct.
      The other issue is who starts the game. It seems the squad leader is best to start or the hamsters get confused and the MM crashes.

      • Blacksilver65 says:

        We’ve got the privacy setting to open to friends, I found that suggestion on read it. We’ve had worse luck with more than 2 people, we usually can’t even get the squad system to let us all group up. At least one of 4 people always get Error failed to join session when joining a squad. Even when we finally all do get in, it usually forgets one of us when it starts finding a match.My favorite bug however, is when uplay kicks us all into offline mode and we have to restart everything…Thanks for the tip though, glad to hear it’s working well for some at least!

  4. Pulstar says:

    Insurgency 2 if it includes barricading will be the best thing ever™

  5. airtekh says:

    I’m having great fun with the beta at the minute, enough to think about plonking down some cash for the full game. It feels kind of a halfway house between the older Rainbow Six games and the newer Vegas-style ones.

    The multiplayer mode is decent, but I imagine it’s much better with a dedicated team over voice comms, rather than dropping in against randoms.

    Terrorist Hunt though, is super fun. Really enjoying it.

  6. James says:

    I’ve been playing this for about 10 hours, and it just feels like a limp CS:GO with better ballistics. I can see why some would enjoy it, but it seems very slow beyond being tactical – a lot of set up for not much payoff, there’s no moment where shit hits the fan – just little 1v1 or 1v2 skirmishes happening at various points of the map on most games. I would not pay £60 for it any day. Maybe £10.

    • Pulstar says:

      It’ll drop in price soon enough.

    • Richard Parker says:

      It’s just under $40 US on GMG right now (with their coupon). Not cheap, but not that much.

      Also, I had a similar thought about the CS comparison. But then I returned to CS and reminded myself that the speed of that game is on another planet… and I’m too old to live there.

  7. Syra says:

    I’ve been playing the hell out of this and it’s quite good when it works.

    I say playing the hell out of it. I’ve been waiting the hell out of it. Matchmaking is slow and broken and there’s no hope if someone drops the whole game unbalances and becomes shit.

    Talking of balance, the riot shields make you invulnerable and are stupid as heck because you end up with teams full of them. Otherwise it’s pretty okay.

  8. Richard Parker says:

    I’ve really been enjoying it, technical issues notwithstanding. At first I was resistant (“this isn’t Rogue Spear!”), but then I started accepting it on it’s own terms and I’ve had some great matches. Shot-gunning a hole in a bedroom wall and ambushing the last member of the opposition is a great, unique feeling.

  9. Fellhuhn says:

    Played it for about two hours yesterday.

    First I wanted to try the Lone Wolf thing to get a hang of the game: was always insta-killed by a suicide bomber. So no fun there.

    Then I wanted to try a regular versus online match. Even though I had a full team nothing happened and I was stuck in some kind of lobby for about 20 minutes. No indication what was happening (or if something was happening at all). So I left.

    Tried the online Terrorist Hunt then. And again about 60% of the time was spent waiting for a timeout because the other players didn’t understand how to select their equipment…

    Regarding the game itself:
    – very stupid AI
    – very repetetive
    – nothing new
    – bad animations
    – bad weapons
    – sub-par graphics
    – plain boring
    – way too much loading and waiting times
    – “Unlock other operators!” … yeah… how about telling me how to do so? Can I unlock during operator selection? No? Why not tell me? Or don’t I have enough Rep? Why no info about that?

    So right now I have to say they have done nothing right. Looks like a CS:GO DLC gone bad.

  10. Nokturnal says:

    I really can’t understand how people, after playing the beta, still compare this to CSGO. Yeah okay it’s 5v5 and you have just one life…But what else is there to compare them?

    CSGO have no classes.
    CSGO has no destructible enviornment (no, chickens don’t count).
    CSGO have no gadgets beyond defuse kits and nades. There is no ADS to have to counter, or enemy shields to flank. There’s no remote detonated gas/explosives. There is no sledgehammer….No sledgehammer!
    CSGO doesn’t even have aiming down sights for goodness sake.

    CSGO is a basic game made easily accessible to the masses, that’s what it has done right. For that it has gained itself a large community.

    Rainbow Six is not competition for CSGO. Not because it’s not as good (though in terms of servers, balance etc.. it most certainly is not as good as CSGO yet) but because it is not the same game by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t see why CSGO players (past or present) feel the need to shit on any other PVP shooter out there as if “there can be only one!”
    Can we expect to see the same to happen to CSGO when the new Unreal Tournament game kicks off? If memory serves they were around the same time and I know some mates were obsessed with CS while I played UT.

    As someone who hasn’t the reflexes to compete in twitch-shooter games, or the patience to practice on the same reptitive maps with the same jumpy kids flicking their wrist and snapping a headshot with a sniper rifle in mid-air, I am very pleased to have a game like Rainbow Six to play with my clan mates.
    I’ve seen many vids from friends on CSGO and most games play out the same way. They buy the same guns, run the same path, hide in the same spots, throw the same grenades at the same places on the wall, watching them bounce like a bouncy ball and do that same standing on each other’s head thing…Rinse and repeat…

    In Rainbow Six something as simple as a grenade thrown into a room can have different outcomes based on where it lands. You might kill the guy in the corner behind the shield, or you might take out the remotely detonated gas grednade placed by a defender.
    You might do neither but instead make a hole in another wall with which your teammate can take out the guy in the corner.
    Don’t fancy grenades? Use your sledgehammer to re-create that awesome scene from The Shining!

    In one match, after we discovered you can actually destroy the floor upstairs in the house to the point where you can fire downstairs we decided to try something new.
    With one of us monitoring drone cameras, we entered upstairs windows. The enemy thought we didn’t know where the objective was….Suddenly, their protection from above was removed and flashbangs and bullets rained down upon them.

    I can’t do that anywhere else.


    I do not hate CSGO players, many friends are long term players. But I am tired of the bizarre comparison and had to rant somewhere and I know the RPS folk (hopefully) can at least have a rational discussion about it with me.

  11. Riaktion says:

    Is it just me that is really excited about this game only after the announcement it will have bot support?

  12. Sinjun says:

    This game is going to die a fast death just like Evolve and to a lesser extent Titanfall did. There isn’t even a fraction enough content to justify $60 and the PVP is too technical to jump in and play (clans and coordinated groups will completely dominate the scene and drive out casual players), which only leaves Terrorist Hunt – unless I’m missing other game modes they have planned. Terrorist Hunt is pretty fun for a $15 game. It gets repetitive quickly but I can see myself playing it a bit here and there for a month. But that’s one game mode.