Batman Returns: Arkham Knight Due End Of October

Bam! Bif! Pow! Those noises and more may finally emerge from your computer at the end of this month when Batman: Arkham Knight [official site] finally really for real reals will be fixed enough to be re-released. Its delayed DLC will arrive then too.

This isn’t much more specific than the last update from Warner Bros. on their broken game, but it’s at least a relatively firm time. Just in time for folks to be distracted by shiny new end-of-year mega-franchise releases like Fallout 4, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Cod Blops 3, and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

For those who’ve been in a Batcave or under a Batrock, Warner Bros. released Arkham Knight on June 23rd then pulled it from sale on June 24th. The game had terrible performance for many players, and clearly shouldn’t have been released in that state. Folks who bought it in time could still play, mind, and developers Rocksteady Studios have been releasing performance-boosting patches to bring it up to scratch. Another is planned for the end of the month, and that should be the point when the game goes back on sale.

Warner Bros. say over on Steam:

“As many of you know, we released a major patch for Batman: Arkham Knight PC a few weeks ago. While there were significant performance improvements made to the game, the teams are continuing to work on the additional updates that were outlined in our previous post. We expect these updates to be ready at the end of October, at which time the PC version will be made available for purchase. In addition, support for all DLC that has been released for the console versions will be in place.”

I wonder how much they’ll charge for it. Had the game stayed released, it’d probably be hitting half-price in Steam weekend sales by now. I wonder if they’ll give folks apology presents too – the game’s hardly short of DLC trinkets they could shower folks with.


  1. Lars Westergren says:

    I am surprised at how much I’m looking forward to this and Fallout 4. Don’t even care if the plots are poor, I just want to explore great looking environments filled with secrets.

  2. ran93r says:

    The last patch did fix a great deal of issues for me, it’s playable at least and summoning the BatmanMobile doesn’t crash the game.
    I found though that in my time away waiting for the fix, my hype to actually sit down and play has just died.
    I already have the season pass so I don’t quite know what I would get in the way of compensation at this point but I’m really not bothered any more.

    I guess they won’t be either, they already have my money and I have the whole thing sitting here taking up disk space.

  3. dethtoll says:

    It’s become a tradition that when there’s a new Batman game I get it for Christmas.

    It looks like I’ll have a very merry Christmas.

  4. bulletfacepunch says:

    Am I the only one who the latest patch did nothing for?

    • Tinotoin says:

      I upgraded my GPU recently (pre-patch) and the game ran better – obviously.

      However the last patch hasn’t improved things from what I can tell.

  5. Masked Dave says:

    As someone who had zero problems the first time around, I have no reason to be showered in DLC flavoured gifts when they pre-release it. But I do still hope.

    • orbit_l says:

      Agreed! Even if I just got it for free with my GPU.

      Just finished the entire story two days ago, really enjoyed the ride. Wasn’t even bothered by what most people dislike about the game: too much Batmobile.

  6. MadMinstrel says:

    After they release it I’d be extremely interested in reading an insider post-mortem about what the heck happened there.

    • Asurmen says:

      I doubt we’ll ever know.

    • Perkelnik says:

      Id say it is pretty obvious: rushed release to match it with consoles (although I dont understand the reason for that, PC players are usually pretty cool with waiting a couple more months, as long as they get a decent port). WB obviously had to know about the problems, but were hoping to patch it in a few days, weeks max, when all their manpower will focus on PC version.
      But that wasnt the case and they started to bleed money, thanks to Steam refund policy. So they pulled the plug.

      I highly doubt anyone would ever admit that.

    • DanMan says:

      Yeah, me too. Get on it, “journalists”!

      I mean that in general.

  7. Suits says:

    shower me

    • DanMan says:

      Careful. You didn’t say with what. I’ve got a few cans of Sauerkraut standing here. Just sayin’

  8. Xzi says:

    Of those listed, I only care about Fallout 4, and I have a feeling it’ll be a relatively short game prior to DLC releases. So I’m still looking forward to playing Arkham Knight minus the brokenness.

  9. spudthedestroyer says:

    Will be buying this when it’s discounted. I have waited this long, I might as well wait until its half price. I am sure its great, but the hype has been missed. Morale of the story is don’t be utter dick splashes and try testing before launching.