Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide Trailer Intros New Powers

Here’s the latest Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide [official site ] trailer talking about hybrid affinities, overthrowing dictatorships, and combining harmony and purity in a part faux-propaganda, part technical rundown of what the upcoming expansion has to offer.

Lest I bore you with meager words, watch this here video:

If you’re more fond of the written word, however, the takeaway line from all of that is probably this:

“In Rising Tide, factions are now able to merge affinities to further specialise their units and structures, and provide access to additional traits and cultural benefits that ensure each game experience is unlike any other that came before it.”

The video introduces us to The Chungsu, a stealthy bunch from the Korean Peninsula, who mark the fourth and final group the expansion will bring us, behind the previously announced Al Falah from the Middle East, the North Sea Alliance from the British Isles and Scandinavia, and the Integr from Germany. Speaking to the nuts and bolts of Beyond Earth, Rising Tide will allow players to manipulate new combinations of once-opposed affinities, tweaking the base game’s ‘Hybrid Affinities’, allowing players to produce more new units and societal boosts.

The RPS general consensus of Beyond Earth almost a year ago was in essence ‘wait for the expansion’. We’ll have word as to whether now is the time to strike with a review next week.

Civilisation: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide is set for release on October 9 on Steam for £24.99.


  1. MiniMatt says:

    Pre-ordered Civ BE and have to say I found myself somewhat disappointed. Will definitely be holding fire on the expansion until reviews come in. And likely until the price drops a bit – 25 quid is a bit steep to fix a game I already paid full price for.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Wow yeah, unless they’ve completely redone the game 25 pounds is a bit of a steep ask. (And they do need to overhaul a bunch of systems, really)

      Combining affinities is a decent idea, in practice I ended up having a basic level in all the affinities. Probably not anything approaching Paradox’s approach to ideologies, but still.

      • gou says:

        yeah, the worst thing for me and my friends was you can’t play any team games properly because you share the techweb, so you’d have to agree on which affinity you were going for. But since your most effective affinity was largely dependent on what resources spawned around your start it’s not something you can really plan out.

        also, I don’t think even a steam sale can help that price :/

  2. Zenicetus says:

    A new stealth-based faction doesn’t exactly scream “sci fi” to me. Any strategy game can do that. Combining affinities and better diplomacy might add something to the game, but we all want better diplomacy in any generic strategy game. I’m still not getting a strong feel for imaginative sci-fi content here, which was my main complaint with the game. Seems like just more dry mechanics that could apply to any game.

    Why couldn’t they have redesigned the alien and biome interactions, so it felt like an actual alien planet instead of reskinned Civ? Dealing with the aliens should have been much more challenging than a Civ-style faction conflict.

    I wish they had just gone straight to a sequel and done a better job of it. I could get interested in that. Not sure I’d ever buy this DLC, since I’ve already spent full price for the game.

    • Distec says:

      It will be interesting to see how expansions and DLC will shape this title. Civ V had a lot of holes that were eventually filled in (I wouldn’t know since I got the complete release). But you can’t fix the lackluster design and feel of BE without significantly scrambling some of its fundamentals. Otherwise it still looks like a re-heated serving of the previous meal.

      My feeling is that BE will definitely get better, but there’s no way it’s going to evolve into the product everybody wanted it to be. That fat was sealed the moment it released.

      • Xocrates says:

        Depends on what you consider “scrambling some of its fundamentals”, a lot of what we now think as core features of Civ V were only introduced in the second expansion.

        World Congress? BNW.
        Tourism and archeology? BNW.
        Caravans? BNW.
        Ideologies? BNW.

        I certainly do think there is enough room to significantly improve the game on its expansions.

        That said, I’ve gone on record as quite liking BE, even if I find it a bit bare bones in places – particularly the diplomacy which thankfully seems to be addressed this expansion – and I do find it quite different from civ V, although it does this by using the same mechanics for slightly different goals, so you can play it like civ V – and get a crap civ V – or play it like BE and get a flawed but interesting game.

  3. racccoon says:

    I chuck o over HEx.. no thanks

  4. Dman says:

    I always love the entire Civilization Series games! Everyone of them, at their time, I loved! When expansions came out, I thought they improved the game that much more… When new titles we’re released, I was glad, and pleased, to move on leaving the old title behind!! Except, BE! It lacks, that jena-se-qua of previous titles in Civ… that start in prehistoric times and play til the end game kinda feature!! Every other Civ Game has had that, and that was one thing I liked. Playing new titles with their new features, starting in the all time beginning of time according to the game, and playing on til Future Tech.

    However, even though current title expansion is coming out, I still think they can INCLUDE that original flavor, the jena-se-qua of previous Civ titles, back to Civ BE! They can Even call it Civilization BE; Returning Home… or something!

    Allowing you to play on a map, consisting of a couple different randomly generated Planets, with Civ’s on all planets, vying for the same thing; Island Domination, World Domination, Galactic Domination. As any civ, not knowing what’s out there in the beginning, you start in prehistoric times of your planet. Like normal Civ has been, you research, build, expand, conquer… eventually you’ll discover your not the only one on your island. Than you discover your not the only Island on your planet, and even more Foes exist. Til you eventually discover Space travel with proper tech, and you discover there are more habitable planets with more life across the universe.

    In this, any game play before the discovery of space travel takes place on a 3d map of the world just as it is (Civ V style) now, with the Hex grid and the round world. When you reach tech for space travel, and manage to go into Orbit, your map changes to some kind of 4d Space map, where all Planets exist as a 7 tile block, with the outer tiles being the orbital layer played from space. If unit moves to the inner tile of planet from space map, it moves them to the planet map, and still plays on the planet surface with the 3d world map! From within each World map, the Orbital layer could be played as the Orbital layer on BE plays, still controlling Orbital structures only.

    • Dman says:


      In this, any game play before the discovery of space travel takes place on a 3d map of the world just as it is (Civ V style) now, with the Hex grid and the round world. When you reach tech for space travel, and manage to go into Orbit, your map changes to some kind of 4d Space map, where all Planets exist as a 7 tile block, with the outer tiles being the orbital layer played from space. If unit moves to the inner tile of planet from space map, it moves them to the planet map, and still plays on the planet surface with the 3d world map! From within each World map, the Orbital layer could be played as the Orbital layer on BE plays, still controlling Orbital structures only.

      Building this expansive link in the next Expansion, they could keep most of the futuristic traits of BE as they have now. For travel between planets, everything takes place on a 4d grid map like that other Space conquest games (ie Sins of a Solar Empire) but a grid map between and around the worlds. Other spacial bodies could take up 1 tile, like comets, ion storms, black holes, or whatever their sci fi minds can come up with. Even include various sources of resources that also be found in space and on various planets, as well as discrete resources found only in space; Uranium, alluminum, etc maybe could be something mined on planet surfaces and on asteroid/comet surfaces, vs Anti-matter and dark-matter, only found in space.

      Can create various space traveling vehicles in 3 classification as well; Range ships can use high tech missiles to attack, with high tech anti missile defenses; Melee ships can use high tech beam weapons for attack with shields as defenses; and boarding ships can be used as high tech take over ships of weaker enemy ships, and use projectile cannons as weapons, with armor… or something along those lines. All ships no matter their classification, could have cargo space to carry something, but some have more room than others, but weaker weapons… and should a boarding party combat take place, a sub window opens with a mini map to include the insides of one of the ships, with certain inpassable tiles looking like falling debree and damage ship components, and both sides start with pre determined combat parties, to fight for said ship, either defending, or trying to take.

      When any said Civ makes it across space in their ships, and finds new planets, they could be met with hostile forces ships, and orbital structures defending, or friendly alien races welcoming them onto planet; either way, certain ships capable of orbital landing can enter orbit, taking turn. Next turn, enter the planet tile, taking them to planet map, taking another turn. And said ship, depending on various features and type of ship, can either unload units on planet surface, or ship itself can start a city, with prebuilt structures build with city from ship as it settles.

      Some space ships only be built in orbit structures. All orbital structures start off from certain orbital command cities with proper orbital building structures. Other space defenses can be built on planet surface in cities, like entry defense missile base, or something! Some smaller space ships could also be built on planet surface, but can not go beyond planet orbit, so they can exit planet map, and remain in space map on Orbit tiles only, but not exit. Maybe surface to orbit transports, to load larger transports in space, or various orbital combat ships, mining ships for orbital mining, and orbital constructor ships to build the larger orbit structures, defenses, and facilities.

      If this would be built in next Civ BE expansion as I mentioned, maybe titled “Returning Home”, I think would revive the original Civilization Jena-se-qua that was lacking in Civ BE, and I would totally support the game… I don’t care how much the game would require for performance, I’d go buy a whole new computer if I had to, I would totally support this!

      Civ BE without including any of the previous tech ages before space… is not a Civilization game. Might as well called it Sid Meier’s Beyond Earth… but not Civilization Beyond Earth! Because it is nothing of the previous Civ flavor, and that’s what I liked about Civilization!

    • Dman says:

      What else I’d like to see, as improvement in next Civ (considering I have not played BE at all)…

      Improving diplomacy! Diplomacy with CS was almost right on. You do things for CS, and they improve how much they like you! You do things against them, and suddenly they don’t like you, both with relations always swinging toward nuetral unless something effects the influence. They could maybe add more options for diplomacy with CS. However, Diplomacy with other Civs’? SUCKS (in Civ V). They should include a similar influence bar with actual Civ, with greater range of influence between Civ’s and much more list of actions to sway the bar either way. How you act with one civ will sway other Civ’s influence towards you. What you do with CS’ will sway other Civ’s influence toward you. How you communicate with them, and make or break trades, and diplomacy actions on a world wide stage, etc… will effect the influence of other Civ with you. And like CS, Civ’s Diplomatic Influence will always work to the Nuetral status, unless you work something to change the influence. If Influence gets high enough with a Civ, than your able to declare alliance, which will stop (or maybe slow down) the drift to nuetral, so it does not move anymore, exept yet by your own actions that effect them. Same thing on the hatred side; if War is declared between either Civ, influence will not move toward nuetral at all, even by your actions, until peace declared. Once at peace, influence will not move automatically until it hits a certain level, but can change with actions.

      Just like with CS, and quests being asked of Civ’s… they should include diplomatic missions, which will effect influence with other Civs, asked among Civ’s. And Diplomatic Influence could be effected depending on how you respond to the quest from different Civ’s. Say your America, and France asks you to attack Germany; if you comply, you obviously lose influence with Germany, gain with France. Have option to respectfully decline with a very small drop in influence; also an option to refuse losing big influence with France, and advise Germany, gaining with Germany. Or maybe another option would be instead of agreeing to war, you provide France with some troops, firepower gaining some influence but not as much, with France, and if Germany gets word of how you responded, you lose with Germany (say they have spies among one your cities, when decision made). These just examples. Make a long list of possible quests, of various sizes, only available at various levels of Influence, and effect Diplomatic Influence among other nations in different amounts.

      Also allow all sides to be able to insult or curse, as well as compliment or Bless other Civs… all with various amount of effects to Civ’s Diplomatic Influence.

      Further more, CS having more diplomatic options. Maybe allow CS’ to grow enough, they could become their own nations (new birth Civ). Maybe when they meet a certain amount of Civ’s on map (including new Civ born same way), and request the right to declare their own Sovereignty on a Global scale, if they get enough votes for Yes, they become a Civ, no longer a CS, able to grow as any other Civ. Also, a CS can request to become apart of a Civ, as a Puppet State, or Vassal state (like previous Civ games). Maybe a CS wanted to become it’s own soveriegnty but didn’t get enough yes votes, so he asks to join another Civ, be apart of a greater Civ for Survival! Bonuses and penalties can be included for both if so.

      Also asking CS to do things for Civ’s! Can invite them among your Civ in same respect as a CS can ask to join. Can ask a CS to go to war for you. Also, make it where allied CS don’t automatically go to war with you, but when you Declare war, you automatically ask any/all Alliances (CS and Civ’s) to join you. It’d be up to them.

      • Dman says:

        Adding to improving diplomacy, though it’s not quite the same…

        Barbarians’… truth about ALL Civilizations through all of time, all started out as very few amounts of people, finding a city, agreeing on ways of governing, and eventually declaring self (if surviving long enough), their own nation. Mongolla was a nation without borders really, often traveling and taking new cities to their liking to support their move forward.

        So… reflecting the same idea. Randomly generated Barbarian camps play by the same rules as barbarians in Civ V… however, if left alone long enough… eventually the Camp is spawn into a small village (pre CS birth), allowing the barbs something more to defend than an encampment, and maybe can settle tiles in/around it in 1 square radius. Once its said Barbarian village, it gains its own identity seperate from Barbarians, though still considered barbarians. You can request simple tasks from these Barb Villages, like hiring mercenaries, to attack other Civ’s etc. If you gain enough influence with these Barb villages, you can hire them pirate for you, so you get percentage of their plunder, at which point they’ll leave you alone. If they get attacked by anyone else but you, than you lose influence with said Barb village, cause your not protecting them.

        If eventually said barb village survives long enough, it can upgrade to a new born CS, bringing in new relations chances tilting the map in new ways, and thus… allow for new Civ’s to birth even from those CS if they grow large enough and get the votes, as mentioned.

        In this, I would change how much land CS could work. Keeping Civ City at 3 hex radius, CS should only be allowed 2 Hex radius to work. As I said about Barb Villages, they can work upto 1 Hex radius, with only Barb encampments taking any 1 tile, not working any! CS culture can grow beyond, if not already a Civ. Barb Villages would not have any culture, or culture growth, would just have the adjacent tiles to the Encampment.

        Other options for CS diplomacy… instead of JUST giving gold, or units, or building strategic tiles… should allow you to build certain buildings within CS city. Same with Civ, if your trying to help Civ grow. Maybe include option for Civ’s to ask for Building loans. Civ agrees, contributes certain amount of production, gold, or both to another Civ, and the Civ getting the help is in debt, owing certain amount of gold per turn til loan paid off. If Diplomatic Relations reach certain lows while loan is still in dept, maybe the percentage owed increases or something, or if the ultimate worse case senario happens, and war erupts between two, the building built by the one Civ is destroyed.

      • Dman says:

        Furthermore… for Different Diplomatic options… Buying/Trading various Tiles of land! All throughout history, Land grabs we’re often traded between nations, and at times, declared in Peace Treaties! Even temporary Cease Fire agreements (gives new idea).

        So your at war with Civ, going on for 10 turns now. You offer a Peace Treaty with Civ, and demand they give you select tiles. If agreed, those tiles are yours. No change in amount of culture between Civs despite tile ownership changing. No later disputes can be done to gain tiles back, unless new deal, or a later war peacetreaty agreed. Any improvement on land is also handed over, except for Great Tile Improvements (from Great Peoples), which are destroyed “I want your land, not your petty Temple” or “You get the land, but not the Academy on it”, etc. Also, if city isn’t captured, but land around city burnt (pillaged) while in war, an option can be agreed (traded) in diplomacy, to fix any Land (tile) improvements.

        Repair land, in peace.
        Traded in diplomacy as a resource “Repair Land” with number near it like trading Iron, who ever agrees to Repair, has to choose Which tiles pillaged to automatically fix. Any gold taken from than tile is also given back (like your giving up the gold to repair). This can change how wars are fought, and peace declared, through out the game! So your America owning City Washington, and Germany has been attacking, pillaging Washington lands, and their attack is thwarted, Washington Survives as America; now Germany wants peace, and fearing retaliation from America can offer Repair Land 3x to America, with other options on table as well. If America agrees to the peace deal, than all the tiles Pillaged by Germany are Highlighted, and Germany goes and selects which ones to repair, fixing automatically, and losing any gold gained for pillaging each land. Can also be demanded of by America.

        Another option for ending a war, temporarily… Cease Fire. Only land can be traded in a Cease Fire, and considered temporary. Cease fire is still considered state of war, so all combatant units are not forced from borders, however, just forced 2 tiles from any Enemy city. During a Cease fire, any units of enemy can move freely about, 1x tile/turn but can not fire upon enemy! Though one’s own friendly units can move about regularly. This can allow attacking Civ’s to heal and gain reinforcements for his cause, as well as get defending reinforcements in to the battlezone. Can be agreed upon any number of Turns, not preset depending how long game is (like Peace Treaty in Civ V). For 80% of the Ceasefire, nothing in hostile nature can happen for either side. However, if last 20% of the agreed time, either side can prematurely break Ceasefire agreement, causing massive diplomacy penalty among other known Civ’s, and be considered War Crime, and also auto return to War.

        When Cease Fire comes to end, all land in ceasefire agreement is return to rightful owner, unless Ceasefire ends with Peacetreaty agreeing to same land deal. When Ceasefire rightfully ends, before any chance for any Civ to open fire, both sides return to the Diplomatic table to potentially agree on Peace treaty. If so, both get a small diplomatic influence bonus upon each other, and a larger bonus to other Civ’s, but if they can’t agree and return to war, their is a greater Diplomatic penalty among other Civ’s with both sides involved.

        • vlonk says:

          Some good and some really great ideas in there Dman! I fear though that your approach would produce a completely different game that is closer to “Hearts of Iron in space” then it would be Civ. Average game length will be in the dozens of hours, because the spacegame starts AFTER a full game of Civ has completed on the map.

        • SirRoderick says:

          Many long posts that were interesting to read. But I HAD to log in to say it’s written “Je ne sais quoi” because you hurt me deep inside with your phonetic spelling. I am sorry :P

    • Unclepauly says:

      Jenny says what?

  5. bill says:

    So everyone complained the game wasn’t very sci-fi or imaginative, and was more like regular civ. And they are fixing this by adding Korean, British, German and Middle Eastern factions and the sea?

    Not what I would have chosen, but…

    … I’d probably have gone with alien cyber monkeys with laser jetpacks and vortex manipulators…

    • Unclepauly says:

      or tears… in rain… with neon lights.

      • Replikant says:

        You’ve seen things those people at Firaxis will never see.

        • guygodbois00 says:

          Attack “sheeps” on fire off the shoulder of Orion?

    • LionsPhil says:

      If anything, it was too much like that, taking the Star Trek technobabble approach to “look, it’s the future”. SMAC was much closer to proper sci-fi, and actually understood the words it was using.

      • Jeroen D Stout says:

        I came into the comment thread purely to find the person praising SMAC and agree with him. Intellectually SMAC is ages ahead of the others.

        Do you still play SMAC? I am looking for people to play by e-mail with.

  6. NephilimNexus says:

    Wait, I thought Beyond Earth was the expansion? You know, a mod-pack for Civ5? Or did I miss something?

    • vlonk says:

      It is a standalone product, a spin-off like Colonization or Alpha Centauri.

      • Ufofighter says:

        Are you sure? :p

        • vlonk says:

          Going by the mediocre reception I would assume that Firaxis surely wants to spin Civ:BE off to the horizon like a blue-green frisbee.

  7. pizzapicante27 says:

    Id like to see less western factions next time please Europe accounts for like half of the factions by this point.

  8. v21v21v21 says:

    i. Bla bla bla, bla bla bla, bla, bla.

    ii. Free advice: Dude. You don’t put an Asian and shrewd in the same sentence. Yes, still.

    iii. “Never at a loss for military might”. Smack! The Sound of Facepalm.

  9. FireStorm1010 says:

    Well it seems i will be the first one here but i actually liked Civ BE. Yes most of the concerns i read are valid , and its nowhere near AC, but for me its a solid 4x game in its own right and i had tons of fun with it. I am a Sci Fi fan , so this setting is much prefferable for me to standard Civ. Also truth is i bought it during the free weekend, after trying , with 50 % discount and this price seemed right.I think if it cost around 25 Euro from start it would be more fair and maybe would recieve less hate.

    • Chufty says:

      Love doesn’t pay bills. Releasing a half finished, poorly-balanced and shallow game to then finish off later with a couple of expansion packs worked for Civ V, so why not this?