Far Cry Primal Info: Release Date, Screenshots, Trailers

Ubisoft attempted to announce Far Cry Primal [official site] with a tantalising livestream, which was rather spoiled by a brief leak of the game’s name and basic details. Now we know more, including proper trailers, screenshots, and a release date… which will see the game land on PC the month after it’ll arrive on console.

First, here’s the reveal trailer:

Gosh, Far Cry is quite pretty, isn’t it? My favourite parts of these games are always the bows and arrows, so a game primarily about those and spears seems very appealing. More broadly, it seems as if the game is taking cues from the recent spate of survival games. From the press release:

Gamers play as TAKKAR, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of his hunting group. Arriving in the majestic and savage land of Oros, players will pursue one single goal; survive in a world where humans are the prey. They will meet a cast of memorable characters who will help them push back and tame the dangers of the wild. Players will journey as the first human to tame the wilderness and rise above extinction. Along the way, they will have to hunt for food, master fire, fend off fierce predators, craft weapons and tools partly from the bones of slain beasts, and face off against other tribes to conquer Oros.

I’ve become lukewarm on survival games due to the shear number of them in early access, but I’m interested in how a comparably big budget series like Far Cry might absorb some of those ideas and make them palatable to what surely must be a larger target audience. Or maybe it’ll be the same old thing – sabertooth tigers delivering monologues about the human condition in carefully mocapped scenes – but with the merest hint of, ‘Yer cold meter is low, find a fire to stand nearby for a bit.’

Worse news might be that the game is releasing on February 23rd 2016 for PlayStation 4 and XBone but won’t come to PC till March. Hopefully that means only a delay of a week-and-a-bit, but it’s a shame there’s any kind of delay at all.

Here’s another video, this one featuring talking heads from the development team:

And here’s a set of screenshots:


  1. Lobotomist says:

    So basically Far Cry Ark Survival evolved

    Great, the more the better :)

    • Vodka, Crisps, Plutonium says:

      >>the more the better

      I believe, something once similar was addressed towards ARPG (after Diablo). And then to world war, historically accurate shooter (after MoH). Then there was massive craze among big publishers around zombie games after whatever the f*ck was made them think so.

      No it’s Ubisoft with FarCry, Sony with that thing where you’re playing a post-apocalyptic / alien world tribal (where the normal fauna was replaced with robots.. just like in Resistance they had a WW2 setting, but replaced nazis/soviets with a sentient cholera)

      Whatever primeval horrors will come up with Activision or EA? Because I can just sense that pattern with having ALL AAA publishers getting crazy about just ONE theme at once.

      • LexW1 says:

        No-one ever said that about WW2 shooters, dude. There were complaints that were too many from pretty much the second one. Seriously, you can go back and find the “OMG ANOTHER GRIMY GREY WW2 GAME!” (not all of them were shooters).

        With ARPGs, sure, people said that. Guess what? There weren’t enough. There were barely any. We’d have been better off if there had been more.

        I think we’ll be fine with a few extra caveman survival games in the world.

    • fish99 says:

      …but without the dinosaurs.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      F’Ark Cry? Farkry?

  2. Freud says:

    Fantastic idea for a game. Hopefully it’ll leave some to the players imagination and natural exploration instead of being the usual icon hunting.

  3. jonahcutter says:

    Looks intriguing. But they’re definitely hopping on The Forest and Ark trail. Indies, cutting path.

    Here’s hoping they do something creative gameplay-wise to match the unexplored (hur hur) setting.

    • BillyBumbler says:

      Well, there’s one thing AAA developers can accomplish that all these clunky survival genre games can’t, which is polished gameplay and animations.

      Every survival game I’ve played on Steam has weird quirks to it.

      • UncleLou says:

        “Well, there’s one thing AAA developers can accomplish that all these clunky survival genre games can’t, which is polished gameplay and animations.”

        Uh, I am not quite sure Ubisoft is a good example for “polished gameplay”, nor for partiuclarly great animations most of the time.

        The Forest is, even in its alpha state, a more accomplished (even technically) game than, say, AC: Unity. It also has pretty great animations, for what it’s worth.

        • BillyBumbler says:

          Okay for argument’s sake. Lets compare Far Cry 4 to DayZ, Rust, ARK, or H1Z1. As far as I’m concerned, those games are janky to the max. “Blah, it’s in early access, they’ll get fixed eventually”, is the typical forum response. DayZ and Rust have been in development for awhile, and the gameplay and animations are still broken.

    • Cinek says:

      FYI: Noone even heard about Ark by the time they started developing this game. Forest? Sure. But Ark? That’s way too new title to affect this one. Games are not made in a few months time, which is pretty much the period of Ark popularity (Ark was released on Steam barely in June).

      • jonahcutter says:

        Good point.

      • islipaway says:

        While I’m not arguing against your point exactly (I don’t imagine they saw ark and said I want a bit of that) What’s presented in this trailer wouldn’t take very long to create with ubi’s amount of staff, it’s basically just a very short animation and some new 3d assets all the foundation for what you see already exists within farcry 4 It’s definitely realistic for ubi to have created this trailer within 4 months.

        • Cinek says:


        • Darth Grabass says:

          It’s not at all realistic to think that they have created a game that comes out in February in the last four months.

  4. Megarlin says:

    As with every Farcry game after the first i shall expect the return of the mutant monkeys.

  5. Ootmians says:

    Ah, there’s the announcement. I’ve been really surprised that Ubi hasn’t turned FC into an automatic annual franchise like AssCreed. They held off until *just* over a year! Still, this at least looks a little different this time. We’ll be collecting cave paintings all over the map instead of letters.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      It actually looks like it sticks to only the good things of the latest Far Cry, as in the bow and throwable stuff, without the rest of the boring crap which would be guns and enemies with guns.

  6. Zenicetus says:

    “survive in a world where humans are the prey.”

    That’s good marketing for the game, but I’m not sure that’s an accurate description of this setting. By the time humans had the weapons and social organization show here, they were the alpha predators. Unless you were unlucky enough to be alone and surprised by a Smilodon, I guess.

    With that minor quibble, I think this looks very interesting. With other tribes as the enemy, we should still be able to do the classic Far Cry scouting of an enemy base, picking off sentries, maybe starting fires or stampedes as a tactic. Looks good.

    • Cinek says:

      Funny thing is that humans lead most of the Megafauna into extinction. Either directly (by killing off the animals) or indirectly (by killing off their prey). Makes that tag line a little bit… sarcastic?

    • cpt_freakout says:

      I don’t think they’re aiming for (pre)historical accuracy or a comprehensive look at the setting here, and if FC3 and 4 are anything to go by, it’s probably for the better.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I guess it just means that there’s a way stronger imbalance than what it used to be, afterall you’re still supposed to find a way around that “problem” and end up as the alpha predator, so we could say it was implied.

  7. seroto9 says:

    I was hoping Rex Colt would be involved again. Imagine a lazer-toting robo-elephant – far better than boring mammoths.


  8. Dudeist says:

    Hunting mammoths with bow! I’m so excited, can’t wait! Wait??? I it was not in Skyrim already????

  9. NathaI3 says:

    Yes yes yes it looks awesome BUT as shown in the video the only way neolithic man stood a CHANCE against large prey animals such as the mammoth was by working as a group – basically pack hunting. Hopefully they can implement your AI “pack” in a convincing and fun way, but I remain to be convinced

  10. tomimt says:

    It does look pretty, damned pretty. I do wonder though if they have the balls to dub the whole game with some made up primal language, or do they opt to go english with some gibberish thrown in the mix.

    • MarcoSnow says:

      I’m assuming they’ll have the characters speaking the tribal language and throw some subtitles on the bottom of the screen so that the player can follow along. Another option would be to have characters communicate information through basic, universal gestures in addition to the tribal language. The latter seems much less likely, however.

  11. craigdolphin says:

    I like the game concept and the setting. Not overly impressed with the graphics but at least they’re not awful.

    However, Ubisoft? Nope. Maybe a secondhand copy for console someday, but Ubisoft are on my permanent DRM-wankery shitlist.

  12. Fade2Gray says:

    Love the concept and setting. I’ve always felt that this era is an underutilized setting for games. My big concern here, and maybe this is just me projecting, is that I’m already getting an anachronistic bro-dude vibe from the hunters we see.

    • SuicideKing says:

      I thought at least one of them was a woman? But yeah, hunter-gather societies used to have an equal sex ratio from what I remember.

      • Cinek says:

        That tribe is: player, one other dude, one woman, one elderly man with a bow. Kudos for not making it a classic with a female using the bow.

  13. SuicideKing says:

    Wait, why are we the last surviving member of our group? What about the others in the video? Would have been much more exciting to have them along.

    Anyway, looks good, much interest.

    As a bonus, Ubi doesn’t have to try and write intelligible dialogue!

    • Cinek says:

      That video is most likely from the intro section.

      Bla bla bla, then they all die, bla bla, you fight for your survival, bla bla, you end up being chief of a tribe, bla bla, you save the world from evil blue-painted cultists. Did I guess the storyline already?

  14. TehK says:

    That tree in the last image looks suspiciously like a prehistoric radio tower.

  15. karachokarl says:

    Setting looks good! It feels fresh in comparison.

    The trailer very much reminds me of The Forest (which is a good thing I reckon).

    I wonder if and how they will implement the typical Ubisoft tropes this time around. Climb a tree to scout and “liberate” outposts of opposing clans I suppose?

    I am also very interested to see how they implement a plot and story arch into this setting. Tribal politics? Romance? Maybe just grim survival stories?

    Crafting mechanics might turn out really great or really dull. I mean how many types of spears can one craft, before it gets boring?

  16. NicholasTimothyJones says:

    If there is no easter egg with Manny, Sid and Diego, I will be very disappointed.

  17. Marblecake says:


    Sorry, couldn’t help myself…

  18. Rumpelstilskin says:

    well, I can see weapon variety becoming somewhat of a problem. “Huge variation in the types of spears and bows” doesn’t sound all that exciting tbh (and no vehicles either).

    • Zenicetus says:

      There are things they could to make weapon upgrades interesting, like a range of different poisons for arrowheads. Crafting and setting traps might extend the range of things you can do, and it would fit the setting.

    • Raoul Duke says:

      If it’s set during the ice age, then there shouldn’t be bows and arrows at all IIRC. Just spears and variations on spears. And rocks. Maybe you can get a rock, then gradually upgrade your rock throughout the game.

      Also the characters shouldn’t have extreme sports hair dos and hipster beards.

  19. Synesthesia says:

    That’s pretty bold, no firearms, no flying, i guess. Looks fun!

  20. Shazbut says:

    Apparently the protagonist is from modern day Brooklyn or thereabouts.

    In fact, is it Adam Jensen? Is this what happened when I pushed that button in Panacea?

  21. MadMad118 says:

    Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: February 23rd 2016
    Deus Ex Mankind Divided: February 23rd 2016
    Far Cry Primal: February 23rd 2016

    Well, knowing the videogame industry at least one of these games is gonna get delayed, but for now, we’re screwed.

  22. fish99 says:

    Gamers play as TUROKAKAKAR…

  23. Stevostin says:

    Yeah, stone age, because that’s such a good setting. Look at how much stone age movie, book, comics were memorabl… oh wait.

    Shitty setting. Let me explain something. One of the base of FPS is to shoot human and feel them die, if possible painfully. That’s not something you do IRL, that would be horrendous, but it’s basically the core of the reward of playing FPS. Borderlands nailed it with the dying midgets quotes.

    OTOH hunting animals isn’t pleasant by itself (only if the animal annoys you first). Gathering skins is a chore. All the tribal stuff sucks. Mostly everyone wants to play cowboy, not Indians. Do you really want we want to play a wargame with cavemen ? Gimme Civilization with those guys, but not an fps, please.

    • Sin Vega says:

      So play one of the other twenty trillion FPS games where you can do that.

    • Elliot Lannigan says:

      “One of the base of FPS is to shoot human and feel them die, if possible painfully. That’s not something you do IRL, that would be horrendous, but it’s basically the core of the reward of playing FPS.”

      WTF. Maybe that’s the reward for SOME PEOPLE *glares suspiciously* but for people who don’t enjoy other’s pain it’s more like…successfully accomplishing a unique skillful act against someone who is trying to do the same thing to you, and being rewarded with whatever points / light shows / loot accompany the act in the game? I hate the idea of hurting other people and never think about that when playing shooty games. But to each their own I guess. As long as you don’t intend to be rewarded by feeling me die in real life :D

    • lupusamicus says:

      ^this. It’s just sad because it’s turning into Cabellas game( yeah it’s primal, but still), and animal hunting was always the worst part of it.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Wow. “Stone age” = “tribal” = “Indians”. Amazing. But basically, yeah, no one’s going to force you to play it.

    • onodera says:

      What about braining them with a handaxe, watching them die and eating the best parts?

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Lecture us some more on the essence of the FPS, please. Let me just get comfortable in my seat. Can I turn the lights off on my side of the room? Excellent. Do continue.

  24. Jackablade says:

    Naaw, Mesolithic. I’m never going to meet a baluchitherium =(

  25. Spacewalk says:

    On the upside, since there’s mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers it’s likely there’s not going to be any dinosaur rights management attached to it.

  26. Superpat says:

    I love the idea, but why is this called Far Cry again?

    • yeahdirk says:

      They’re going to reuse the hell out of assets from previous Far Cry games, so why not reuse the name? FC3 and FC4 both included a good bit of fauna, which is in for a “prehistoric” reskin. The flora, they can just leave the same. Undoubtedly we’re in for some new animations, although the knife-wielding assailant at the end of this trailer seems to have a remarkably similar gait to his kukri-wielding brethren in FC4.

      Though all that’s not to say I’m not excited for this. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be as cynical as the next guy when it comes to AAA game development, but if Ubisoft can recreate in-game the atmosphere of this trailer, we’re in for one hell of a game. The aforementioned bit at the end, with the blue tribe attacking from the shadows, looks like it could entail some exhilarating gameplay. Here’s hoping that the developers can nail down satisfyingly visceral first-person melee mechanics (which many have tried and failed), as ranged combat in this game will be limited to spear/rock throwing and archery.
      That is, until TWIST TIME, when we find out that our protagonists are the playthings of some shady corporation, our short and brutal lives merely part of some science experiment (perhaps studying our oddly familiar, tattoo-based supernatural powers). Hell, maybe we’re just a tourist attraction. A conflict from the outside world has reached the doorstep of our habitat, and isolation is breached, alerting us to the exterior world. Firearms are introduced! Perhaps our tribe discovers them first, and we are presented with a quandary. One of our charismatic companion warriors, who has been with us through thick and thin, will URGE us take the initiative and mercilessly slaughter our enemies! But our attractive female companion may encourage temperance, pleading with us to unite with our former foes to face the unknown challenges the outside world will bring. Maybe we’ll find that one of our tribe members has known of the outside world all along, no true brother of ours, but merely an agent placed in our midst to keep an eye on us; still, this old sage has grown fond of us and warns us what is in store now that our habitat has been breached. How will it end? Buy Far Cry: Primal in March 2015 to find out!

      Woo, my imagination ran away from me there.

      • Tourist says:

        Loved what you did there yeahdirk. If you will permit me to riff on your idea a bit. Lets say Ubisoft want to make a grand statement on humanity, the twist would be that its the future not the past (don’t ask how mammoths are back…. something something…. science … something something… cloneing) end of the third Act there is a grand reveal of a ancient building (from our era) you find out the world was destroyed in a holocaust of war… humanity has been reduced to the state of nature, because of our warlike natures…. and… ah .. I don’t know, they give up their weapons and become vegans or something.

  27. Noodlemonk says:

    You kids with your midday suns and your dark nights. Back in the ice age, we survived on either dusk or dawn. Nothing so shiny nor so dark you couldn’t catch a glimpse of what’s coming for you. And don’t even get me started on your so-called pollen allergy. Man up!

  28. Walter J. Holloway says:

    When I watched the trailer I had a feeling like I was there! Great! The graphic quality is fabulous! I wish I could try it on my PC but obviously I would need to wait for a few months till the time when the PC version of Far Cry will be launched. I would include this game into the list of 10 Things Students Can Do To Survive An All-Nighter. Thanks for posting.

  29. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I feel like the frame the dev team video is sitting at before you start watching and the first screenshot are “before and after” pictures.

  30. suibhne says:

    Their attempt at a coherent “prehistoric” language is likely to be awful, linguistically as well as aesthetically. Ugh.

    • Zenicetus says:

      There’s one way around that, although I can’t tell if they’re using it in the trailer. It looks like the geographic setting might be North America, during the first human migration (which conveniently explains the skin pigmentation). So they could use voice acting from speakers of a surviving First Nations language, as a stand-in for something much older.

      It wouldn’t be 100% historically accurate, but at least it would avoid sounding stupid.