Giveaway: 150 Star Wars Battlefront Closed Beta Keys

Star Wars: Battlefront [official site] is land speeding towards release, but the game’s first beta starts today and runs over this weekend. If you’re interested in trying out Dice’s take on a Star Wars FPS, we’ve got 150 beta keys to giveaway below which will get you into the beta instantly.

The widget below will dispense your key in exchange for your email address. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but you might also need to authorise a voucher app on Facebook. It’ll only see the elements of your profile that are publicly available (so to those who aren’t friends with you), and is used to confirm that you’re a real person and not a spiderbot come to steal and sell all the codes. You can remove the app again afterwards via your Facebook app settings.

The giveaway is first-come, first-served and the widget below will close down once all the codes are gone. If you do get in quick and receive a key, it should be dispensed to your email address. That email may come from “Gamer Network”; they’re our cousins at Eurogamer and your email address won’t be used for anything else ever again. The key will get you into the beta immediately, which means you’ll get a headstart before it opens to others ahead of the weekend.

How to redeem your code

1. Head to the EA Origin site and login or create a free account.
2. Enter the code you received in the ‘Product code’ box that appears after you’ve logged in at the above link.
3. You’ll need to download and install the Origin client in order to download and install the Star Wars Battlefront beta. Once that’s done, you’re ready to play!



  1. magogjack says:


    I think I got in!

  2. Jeeva says:

    I seem to have a voucher but have not touched Facebook, unless I’m missing a crucial step.

    Not complaining, just worried I missed something crucial here.

    • magogjack says:

      You got a response already?

      • Jeeva says:

        Happened immediately, after clicking Go. Got an e-mail 30 seconds later, voucher has redeemed correctly. All good, no need for Facebook (it seems).

        • magogjack says:

          Oh maybe I didn’t get one then, thought I did since I clicked it a couple times before the widget disappeared just in case…

          …sigh back to the backlog….

  3. Kemuel says:

    Gone already? Wow.

  4. ran93r says:

    Huh, it’s open from tomorrow anyway?

    • Creeping Death says:

      Yeah, I don’t get the point of this. Any one can get in from tomorrow onwards anyway.

  5. MrTweaks says:

    I`ll never shower again! Q_Q

  6. orionite says:

    Ah gone, but I don’t facebook, so that was not gonna happen anyway.

    • Thurgret says:

      Facebook as a verb? That’s novel, and I like it. I don’t Facebook either, so this one wasn’t going to be for me.

      Part of me wants to say “It would be nice if these things were offered first to RPS supporters”, but then I think “There are plenty of people who read RPS who have obligations and families and stuff and can’t throw money at their screen”, and then finally I think “Going by the comments from a medley in previous RPS giveaways, the people who come and snap up these keys aren’t even RPS readers to begin with”.

      I’m indecisive. I guess I’m just saying it would be nice to have a way to distribute these to regular RPS readers.

      • youwerelucky says:

        “[facebook] is used to confirm that you’re a real person” Re-captcha does the same without oneself being facebooked (or faceboted in case it is an irregular verb). As an alternative a confirmation through Tim Stone’s Flare Path Foxer would not only prove you are a person but also an über-person.

        • Jeeva says:

          Almost makes sense to use Steam accounts to verify, given the site purpose – having said that, there’d probably be a similar amount of folk complaining that they don’t use Steam as there is for Facebook.

  7. caff says:

    Question: are you ever going to give supporters priority access to these giveaways?

  8. Arthur ASCII says:

    Heh, thanks for the offer but it’s quite amusing (if not concerning?) that your article is coyly worded in the style that “everyone here uses TwoFace”, which is clearly false! Or are you saying that RPS readers are nothing more than a load of dumb f***s?? Obviously, many of the most intelligent and successful people and families in the world don’t use TwoFace (other than fake accounts) and and have no intention of ever doing so. I say obviously, because as we all (or don’t?) know, Mark ZuckerberK (sic) was infamously caught calling his users “dumb fucks”. And yes, that’s an exact quote. Please Google it if you actually didn’t know. Now, if anyone here is still continuing to use his wonderful TwoFace “service” after his brutally honest revelation, then you know what you are, don’t you? Or does RPS management use different secret swear words for your readers? :)