Sirs, You Are Being Hunted: Multiplayer Added

When I pop open and drink bottles I find in bushes, people gasp and scuttle away in horror. Yet it’s cause for celebration when we virtually get together with pals to drink cyber bushbeer. Go figure. The point is: steampunk countryside survive ’em up Sir, You Are Being Hunted [official site] has finally added multiplayer.

RPS co-founder Jimmy Ro-ro is one of the folks behind Sir, I should of course mention, but I’ve only met him a few times myself and certainly never when sober so I couldn’t tell you much about him. He’s shorter than me, and I don’t care about the rest.

The multiplayer sees Sirs and Madams competing to escape the countryhell, dodging robots and each other. I suppose you and your chums could work together, but only one can stand in the end. Here, look at this to see how to start playing.

Multiplayer was a stretch goal on Sir’s Kickstarter back in 2012, but (unsurprisingly) took longer than expected. Devs Big Robot said back in September 2014:

“While initially we’d made great progress, things ground to a halt as we disappeared down a rabbit-hole of networking issues and we ultimately didn’t get to where we’d hoped to be in the weeks and then months after launch. Consequently we’re going to bring in another developer to help get it across the finish line, and that’s going to take some additional time and resources to do.”

Ah, hope! I remember hope. Never hope, but always persevere. Multiplayer had been in public testing for a few months, but as of Friday is properly out. Have a peek:


  1. Michael Fogg says:

    It would be nice to have some info on how the multi acutally works. From what I’ve seen it’s L4D style co-op, but I wonder how it fits a predominantly stealth-oriented game.

    • unguided says:

      I think it works well, being someone who always wanted a multiplayer Thief and Stalker. I would definitely not compare the current multiplayer build with L4D.

    • jonahcutter says:

      I suspect it would fit rather chaotically. Which would be the attraction.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      As in the single-player, you have to return all 16 fragments to the standing stones to reassemble the teleport device. The catch is, only the player who inserts the final fragment gets to go home. Everyone else is trapped forever.

      So it’s a game of very uneasy alliances. Early on, it’s to everyone’s benefit to work together to fight off robots and gather fragments. But the necessity of returning that final piece yourself is always in the back of your mind. Sometime before the end, you will have to turn on your fellows. But when? And what if one of them decides to go for it first?

      It all sounds absolutely brilliant for fans of the social tension of, say, Diplomacy. Personally that stuff gives me hives. :-/ But this is definitely the sort of thing you’ll enjoy if you enjoy that sort of thing.

  2. Arexis says:

    I only just picked this up from the recent Humble Bundle, and it was a definite highlight. Sorry I didn’t grab it earlier. Still not bored of it, and this may extend how long I play it for by quite a bit.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    Still a day to grab the humble bundle!

    • pepperfez says:

      And it’s worth it just for this and Skullgirls, even if having all the Deponia games in your library is a little embarrassing.

  4. Unclepauly says:

    Definitely not many games like this. If there is even another game like this? I’ve never played one like this. Like. This.

    • steves says:

      There really aren’t many games like this. It’s not a great ‘game’ (well, not for me anyway), but atmosphere & sounds are incredible, the low-fi graphics do nothing to harm that, and it just oozes a dark & disturbing ‘Britishness’.

      Closest thing you’ll get is probably one of the STALKER games if you want that relentlessly grim & oppressive feeling, but with a Ukrainian vibe instead. And better weapons!