Fun Times: The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Is Out

“It’s like a virtual box containing all the entertainment you need for a party but the evening goes a bit awkward when someone keeps cracking boring ‘edgy’ jokes but look you’ll all have a load of fun but oh you do also need to provide your own booze and Twiglets.” You can put that quote on the box, Jackbox Games. Two Ns in O’Connor.

The folks behind You Don’t Know Jack have dropped another collection of party games of words, drawings, and noises, intended to be played with folks in the same room (but working fine online with screen sharing). It is unimaginatively named The Jackbox Party Pack 2 [official site].

What’s in this one? Well! You’ll find the sequel to original Party Pack game Fibbage, a filling-in-the-blank game about making folks laugh at silly answers which comes with more than twice the number of questions in the original. Also familiar is Fibbage XL, another give-a-silly-answer-to-this-prompt game, which is the original Fibbage plus its DLC and another load of new questions.

Then the pack has three newcomers. Bidiots has folks draw pictures and then bid to win them at auction, while Earwax will have you put two stock sounds together to create the noise of things like “The craziest football halftime show ever”, while Bomb Corp. is a co-op bomb disposal game – a bit like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Mostly, they’re games about making each other laugh. They’re made to be played locally, with folks looking at the same screen and inputting their answers on phones and tablets and laptops and things, but you can also use Skype screen sharing or something to play online. Some games are also intended to be watched by spectators, who can vote on winners.

The whole shebang is out for Windows and Mac on Steam for £18.99.


  1. cannedpeaches says:

    I really really dig the original party pack. Although there are definitely two games which for me, were non-winners: WordSpud and Lieswatter. The former we could only abstractly figure out. It seems like it would be pretty hilarious… if you were high. Lieswatter was just uninteresting. If this pack is similar, you’re still getting a great value out of just more Fibbage, even if you never played the rest. I do wonder if they’re interesting though.

  2. whydidyoumakemeregister says:

    Not a lot of love, eh? I had never looked at this game before because I figured it was just online multiplayer with everybody needing a copy of the game. In fact, this is meant to be played in person- you just run your copy as a host, it gives out a URL that everybody loads on their smart phones, and it’s all done through the browser. It’s very clever and works way better than I imagined!

  3. Robmonster says:

    Hopefully there will be a discount for people who bought Quiplash separately when it was released not that long ago. I also bought the original Party Pack fairly recently.